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DIY Burlap Plant Container

Meghan Quinones |


Give your plants a pretty and sophisticated home with this easy DIY burlap plant container!

Burlap has become very popular over the last serval years with the trend still continuing today.   The look of burlap has made its way into weddings as a way to cover bridal bouquets and adorn centerpieces, and into our homes as décor to complete the farmhouse look. Burlap sacks and baskets are also useful for storing odds and ends, but I love the look they have when they are used as a planter whether to add some pizzaz to a plant or just hide an unsightly planter.  

This fun and stylish DIY can be completed in less than 10 minutes.  That’s right, 10 MINUTES!  With a snip here and a snip there and a stitch from a sewing machine (a hot glue gun could also be used!) you’ll be left with a super cute plant container out of a burlap tote bag!  What makes this project even better is the fabric liner already sewn inside of the tote bag.  It gives the container a finished, more polished look.  Whether you prefer a farmhouse style or an arts & crafts bungalow vibe, a burlap plant container is just what your plant needs!

Check out the full video tutorial below to see how you can make your very own DIY burlap plant container!


Step 1: The first step to making your own DIY plant holder out of a burlap tote bag is cut off the handles.  You are going to cut off both handles. 


Step 2: Find the center of your bag.  You can either eyeball it or use a ruler to find the center.  Once you figure out the center, use your scissors to cut through the bag.  Make sure when you’re cutting you go through all of the layers.  This particular bag has a canvas liner on the inside so it will be on the thicker side.


Step 3: Use your ruler to mark 5” down from the top.  If you want a shorter plant bag, you can cut more from the top.


Step 4: After your mark your burlap, go ahead and cut a straight line to remove the top portion from the bag.


Step 5: Open the bag up and turn it inside out.  Align the cut sides of the bag.  Be sure the liner is flush against the edge of the burlap.  You’ll want these to be nice and smooth.  If they bunch up, your plant bag could be bumpy on the inside.  Once everything is aligned, secure the ends with push pins.  As you place the pins in, be sure to push them in horizontally so they can be easily removed when you sew the bag together.  


Step 6: It’s time to stitch your bag together.  Run your bag through a sewing machine with 1/4” seam allowance.  If you don’t have a sewing machine, you could also hand stitch it with a needle and thread.  If you don’t know how to sew, you could also use hot glue (or fabric glue) to secure the sides.


Step 7: After the sides of your bag have been either sewn or glued together, flip the bag so it’s right side out.


Step 8: Use your hands to press the bottom you sewed (or glued) in to form a triangle.  If you look at the finished side of the bottom, you’ll see how the corner of the bag is pushed it to create a flat bottom. 

Step 9: Starting at the top of the bag, fold it over.  Try your best to make sure the fold is even all the way around.  Then, fold it over one more time.  Again, make sure the fold is even.

See, I told you this project was super quick AND beginner friendly!  There’s nothing better than a DIY that’s not only easy, but it also super cute!  I love how the look of the fabric pairs perfectly with the burlap.  If you wanted to, you could also take this DIY one step further by adding paint to the burlap plant container.  You could paint just the top of the container or just the bottom.  You could get really creative and paint a playful design with a pop of color.  This is such a great project to customize for any room in your home or a as gift idea for a friend of family member!