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The tote bag revolution is here! Mind you, it’s been here for about a dozen years now, but it’s a gift that keeps on giving, and who are we to argue? If anything, we’re huge tote bag fans, which is why you’re able to read this right now!

“That’s cool and all,” I hear you say. “How does reading this help me, though?” Boy, are we glad you asked! We understand that getting into the tote bag world can be scary and difficult. Between the canvas bags, the Jute bags, the cotton bags, and the handful of other bags, figuring out what type you need can be surprisingly daunting.

It doesn’t need to be rocket science. Here’s a quick breakdown of the world of tote bags as well as which type might fit you best depending on your need.

What Is a Tote Bag?

To keep it simple, a tote bag is a large and unfastened bag that has been designed to help you carry around all of your daily essentials while looking good at the same time. While the popularity of tote bags tends to fluctuate, recent changes in legislation in several US states have led to a surge in their prevalence.

The main marketable advantage to tote bags is that they are traditionally made of organic materials. Consider your typical plastic bag, which is made in a factory that consumes thousands of liters of water per produced bag. Furthermore, it also emits indescribable amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, effectively killing the Earth at no slow pace.

A tote bag, on the other hand, is generally created from materials that are biodegradable. Most tote bags are made from organic plant materials, which means that they decay at the same rate as food waste, although some unique exceptions exist, such as biodegradable trash bags made from biodegradable plastic.

Another benefit to using a tote bag is that its design allows for the easy carrying of bulky and voluminous items. The original tote bag created in the 1940s was called the “ice bag,” and it was made for lugging around blocks of ice. Surprising, but also not, right?

Although few people carry ice in their tote bags, they are particularly popular with mothers, students, bookworms, couriers, and almost everyone in states where plastic bags have been banned or are being taxed.

Where Are Plastic Bags Banned?

The use of lightweight, single-use plastic bags has been banned in several states so far: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon, and Vermont. If you live in any of these states, then tote bags are essentially a necessity.

We have a wide collection of eco-friendly tote bags for a plastic-free shopping spree, so please take a look! We’ve made an effort to gather a small, curated list for you to enjoy, describing the features and advantages of our most popular tote bags.

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Our transparency towards our materials as well as our highly competitive prices would not have been possible without an obsession with tote bags. That’s exactly why we want you to share in our tote bag madness!

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Tote Bags by Material

Not all tote bags are made the same. Although they mostly serve the same purpose, there are a number of small differences between tote bags made from different materials. Here’s a quick explanation of tote bag materials.

Canvas Tote Bags

The most common type of tote bag. Made from cotton and spun using a plain weave technique that allows it to develop an unbelievable degree of strength, canvas tote bags are arguably the most well-rounded type of tote bag.

Canvas tote bags are durable, easy to clean, and last for a long time, but there is a downside: producing them isn’t as easy on the environment as we’d wish, and they’re typically more expensive than their counterparts.

If you’d like to purchase a tote bag that you explicitly plan on reusing for a long time or are looking for a good chassis for a branded tote bag, then our recommendation would be to go for canvas.

Jute Tote Bags

This is a lesser-known textile material in some parts of the world, so for the people who don’t know, Jute is a tough fiber woven from a species of flowering plants that is mainly present in different areas of Asia.

Jute is quite iconic due to its unique texture, which feels rugged to the touch. It is more durable than the other materials commonly used to create tote bags, though this is also a disadvantage since it decays faster and is also much harder to clean.

If you want a ruggedly handsome look coupled with some serious durability out of your bag, then our recommendation would be to opt for a large burlap shopping bag or a heavy fashion tote bag.

Cotton Tote Bags

If canvas bags are the middle ground and jute bags are rough, then cotton tote bags must be soft to the touch and frailer. If that’s what you guessed, then you’re absolutely right! Cotton tote bags are preferred because they have a much more plushy texture and are not as damaging to the environment as their counterparts.

Cotton isn’t the most durable material, however. So while cotton tote bags can’t be called weak, the truth is that they break apart faster than canvas or Jute bags.

If you’d like your hand and fingers to feel nice when you’re carrying around your items or if you care so much about the environment you’d go an extra mile to buy the product that emits the least greenhouse gases, then go cotton bags go!

Sell Me on Tote Bags!

Tote bags are sturdy when compared to plastic bags. They don’t break and tear whenever they come in contact with the sharp corner of sausage packaging. While plastic bags are transparent and soulless, tote bags have a beautifully varied texture and have a certain character of their own.

They’re also far larger than plastic bags as well. In a plastic bag, you might be able to hold a carton of milk and eggs, two bags of chips, a loaf of bread, and a handful of sweets. A tote bag, on the other hand, can hold all of that, your Corgi, four baby bottles, a pack of Pampers, and the t-shirt you stored at the bottom and forgot about some months ago.

Let’s not forget about style, either. Tote bags can come in vibrant colors and highlights that give them a lot of flairs. No matter how colored a plastic bag is, it just doesn’t look that pretty. You can also brand your company logo on a tote bag, which makes it stand out a lot more than on a single-use plastic bag.

And how could we forget about the environment? Tote bags are superb because they make an extraordinary difference when it comes to the environment. Climate change is real, and it’s affecting us with each passing day. Believe it or not, a single, reusable tote bag is what will help save our planet in the end.

Your New Friend, the Tote Bag

We know, we know. We’ve been talking your ear off about tote bags, and at this point, you probably want to see what’s so amazing about them. If the links in this article didn’t help you find the type of bag you were looking for, then please feel free to browse the website at your leisure! Our collection is large enough for everyone.

Oh, yes - we almost forgot. We’re happy you’ve read this article and even happier that you have an interest in tote bags. Therefore, let us formally welcome you into the Tote Bag Family - we’re glad to have you with us!