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A wedding is a magical affair that includes not only the exchange of vows but also gifts. Organizers are always thinking of new and creative ideas to welcome guests in a personal and memorable way. ToteBagFactory is here to make this process easier. We offer a colorful selection of wedding welcome bags that can be customized to perfectly match your event.

Pack these beautiful bags with souvenirs for your guests. To make a great impression, go for something personal and stay in line with the wedding theme if there is one. Also, aim for practical items that can be enjoyed years after the event. The same goes for the bag itself. A carefully chosen gift tote can have a long life, serving the user for their shopping needs and beyond.

Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

Customized Items



Getting customized wedding welcome bags is an easy and great way to put your spin on them. We offer three types of techniques to choose from screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery. When you select a product that caught your eye, simply click the “With Logo” button and choose a method. Make sure to send us the message or image you would like featured, and we will deliver your personalized order before the big day. 

This rustic wedding favor burlap bag is a great piece to customize. Made from burlap jute fabric, this adorable item is durable and strong. The natural material and color selection will make it blend perfectly with almost any wedding theme. We added a clear plastic pocket to the front where you can easily slip in a nametag.

Go for a Bold Print



If you are a lover of print and color, do not hesitate to showcase your passion through your wedding welcome bag as well. Choose a pattern that follows the color scheme and thematic you chose for the big event. These colorful ethnic motifs go perfectly with a boho wedding. Also, your guests will be thrilled to leave with a cool tote bag that will brighten up their outfits.

Keep It Simple


Going for a beautiful solid color is always a safe option. This will be easy to match with any wedding theme, and you will not have to worry about overdoing it. Having too many elaborate elements can lead to chaos, as the parts will be competing for individual attention rather than coming together to form a serene picture. The only thing to keep an eye on is your color scheme. Make sure that everything goes well together. 

Our colorful mini tote bag is a perfect place to hide the presents for your guests. The design is simple yet elegant. The delicate white lace detail on the opening creates a striking contrast with the rich color of the fabric. Don’t be fooled by its size - although small (5" x 5.5" x 2.5") - you can still pack it with valuable items that will lead to a pleasant surprise.

Thematic Wedding Welcome Bags

The secret to maximizing the impact of a wedding package is cohesiveness. Start off with a general theme and a color palette for the event and then try to integrate all the elements, including the welcome bags and their contents.

Going to the Beach



There are a lot of great options for a beach wedding welcome bag. You can go with a simple beach tote and pack it with fun supplies. Keep things light and colorful. You can add a pair of cool sunglasses, a fluffy towel, and sunscreen. All of these items will come in handy for your guests both during and after the party. Consider adding a few seashells, or attach these to the bag to further elevate the design.

Sail Away With Me



A neighboring thematic would be a nautical-themed wedding. To pull this off, just stay within the white, blue, and red color scheme. You can even add a few complimentary shades, like pink, to expand the chromatic palette. These elegant paper gift bags would make a beautiful addition to such an event. 

However, if you want to go a more eco-friendly route, consider our tri-color beach tote bag. It has a white area between red and blue stripes, perfect for printing a personalized image or message. You can add something simple and iconic, like an anchor, and you will have your guests hooked.

Garden Party



To incorporate the garden party theme into your wedding welcome bags, simply add a floral motif. All you need is a plain tote and a fresh design idea. You can go with an artsy depiction of flowers, like in the image above. Add the name of your guest for a more personal version.

Nomad Love



Couples united by their love of travel can showcase their passion in their wedding theme. These cute paper boxes shaped like briefcases are a creative deviation from the standard welcome bags. You can shape the name tags as airplanes or a compass and tie them on with a piece of string.

Tropical Paradise



A tropical wedding is a great way to celebrate color. There are so many fun design elements to incorporate in your event; you can add vibrant flowers or exotic fruit displays. However, if you decide to go all out on décor, reign it in a bit on the gift bags. Go for something simple and small, rather than opting for an oversized item.

Check out our Natural Cotton Drawstring Pouches available in 8 different sizes. A double-knotted string will ensure that the pouch closes securely over the items placed within. Customize it by adding a small design on the fabric like a leaf, palm tree, pineapple, or an exotic bird. Stay within the tropical theme when choosing an image.

Vintage Flair



This elegant DIY welcome bag is a perfect addition to a vintage-themed event. It is a very easy project that will lead to a striking end product. All you need is a burlap pouch and a piece of lace. Gently wrap the lace around the bag and unite the ends at the back or sides, wherever you prefer. You can use a bit of glue to secure the fabric or sow it on. Finally, tie the drawstring in a symmetrical bow, and you are done!

Our burlap pouch made from biodegradable natural jute fabric is a perfect start for this gorgeous project. These are strong and durable, so no need to worry about overloading them. The drawstring closure will ensure that the items will be kept safe. Your guests can reuse these for years after the big event.

Rustic Farmhouse



Burlap jute bags are an ideal choice for a rustic wedding theme. This is a perfect example of just how far a simple but well-thought-out design can go. The artsy details are what truly elevate this pouch. And the best thing about it is that all the natural elements work together in creating a cohesive item. For more great burlap wedding gift ideas, check out this post.

Romantic Picnic



This fresh gift basket is a great alternative to a welcome bag. To capture the romance of a summer picnic day, add a fresh baguette, some lavender, and a few other items of your choice. Finally, tie on the name tag with a delicate pink ribbon. As fabulous as this option might be, there are a couple of downsides to consider. 

The biggest problem has to do with storage. Take a minute to reflect upon just how much space it would occupy to keep the gift baskets for all the guests at a wedding. Also, the price might be an issue. A woven basket is certainly a more expensive alternative to a pouch or tote bag. However, you might balance out spendings, depending on what items you decide to include in the packages.

Whimsical Fun



These whimsical pink pouches will be a great souvenir for your guests. The above example combines a shiny tassel, a double bow, and white lace to create a classy item. If you are going for whimsical, it is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Start with a basic pouch in a color of your choice and add details based on the overall décor of the wedding.

Starry Night



These starry paper wedding welcome bags are a perfect addition to a galaxy-themed event. Include any item that ties to your team. Some celestial candy, for example, is a sweet way to convey your appreciation to your guests for sharing this stellar night with you.  

Happy Ever After

After you put so much thought and care into creating the perfect wedding welcome bags, it is only natural to wonder what happens to them after the event. Is there a happy ever after for them? Well, that is one of the great things about going with reusable tote bags or pouches, your guests can wear these for years to come.