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12 Best Travel Tote Bags To Quench Your Wanderlust

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There is no better cure for wanderlust than traveling and living wonderful new experiences. However, part of the joy is preparing for a trip. Gathering travel gear will help you be prepared for anything. A few carefully selected items can take the experience to a whole new level. You can also express your love for a nomad lifestyle by collecting items that mirror this hobby, like a bag with a map printed on it.

For many, the main challenge is to combine fashion and utility in a travel-friendly style. Our selection of travel tote bags will address this issue and offer viable solutions for each type of traveler. Not to mention that a tote is also a great gift idea for friends who love the nomad lifestyle.

1. Map Print Tote Bag for Travel



What better way to express your love for traveling than through a tote bag with a map print? The natural color palette of the bag makes it easy to match any outfit of your choice. Furthermore, the brown leather handles and shoulder strap (designed as a belt) add a cool vintage vibe to the item. For a fresh summer look, consider wearing it with an all-white outfit, or with light-colored clothes (preferably) from natural fibers (as these help the skin breathe).

2. Travel-Size Sling Tote Bag


If you are looking for a cute travel-sized tote bag, look no further. This item has the ideal dimensions (11.5"h x 13.5"w x 4.75"d) for someone who is on the move, whether traveling, biking, or just leading an active lifestyle in general. You can easily fit in all the essentials you might need and have easy access to them. 

A wide over-the-shoulder strap makes sure that the weight is better dispersed. This is a particularly important detail if you wish to wear your tote for longer periods, as it will prevent (or at least postpone) pain from settling in your shoulder. Of course, you can also prevent discomfort by periodically switching the side you wear the strap.

Another interesting aspect is the vibrant color selection in which we offer the product. What is more, the bag comes in dual tones. The interior of the tote and the inside of the strap has a different shade.  

3. Oversized Leopard Print Travel Tote With Sporty Strap



This oversized leopard print tote bag will ensure that you stay fashionable throughout your travels. The color palette makes it easily blend with a wide range of outfits. However, keep an eye on the print, and try not to clash styles. Since the tote is already heavy design-wise, it is best suited with more toned-down clothes. There is no need to worry about dressing too casually, as the fancy bag will naturally elevate any look. Also, the blue and red striped shoulder strap give it a sporty vibe, so you can easily wear it with a sweatshirt as well. 

4. Large Insulated Lunch Tote Bag for Travel


Whether you are going for a picnic or on a road trip, a lunch tote bag with thermal insulation is a must-have. The large size (13" x 15-1/2" x 10") of the bag makes it ideal for longer trips as well and makes it possible to pack food for multiple people. A zippered closure ensures that the goods inside will stay at a stable temperature, and it will also protect items from falling out.

This bag is made from non-woven polypropylene and is well insulated. This gifts the tote with a long life span to be spent in your service. What is more, the materials used in its creation make it easy to be cleaned both inside and out. To remove superficial spots it is enough to use a damp washcloth and a gentle detergent. 

5. Casual Gray Travel Tote Bag



This tote bag is perfect for travel! The neutral color palette offers the bag a crisp finish and a stylish Nordic feel. As you can see, the shoulder strap is designed wider to increase comfort. What is more, this is detachable, which allows you a few styling options. You could either switch it out or take it off and simply use the handles. 

The gentle yet durable material makes it easy to fold, so you can also pack it away in your suitcase and occupy a minimum amount of space. If you are interested in space-saving packing hacks, check out our article!

6. Luxury Fleece Sweatshirt Tote Bag



This easily foldable travel tote bag is a great item to have by anyone who likes to be on the move. The main aspect that sets this tote apart is fabric selection. We used a soft and strong cotton poly Sweatshirt textile as the foundation for the bag. This not only gives the final product an intriguing texture but also makes it highly tear-resistant. 

The sporty feel of the tote bag makes it an ideal travel companion. What is more, we provide a generous color selection to ensure that you find one that will match your favorite travel outfit. As you can see from the above photo, the design offers ample space for a personalized print or embroidery. If you wish to put your own spin on the bag, feel free to explore our customization options. Send us the image you would like to feature on the fabric, and we will be happy to personalize your order. You can also use a beach tote bag for a similar effect.

7. Deluxe Tote Bag for Traveling



This is a more high-end example of a travel tote bag. The product emanates a luxurious feel from each element, texture, design, and color. The dusty gray balances out the vibrant details that adorn the edges of the bag and the cutouts across the front. In fact, Ultimate Gray has been declared one of the colors of the year by Pantone. You can embrace their choice with any item of your outfit, including a tote. 

8. Recycled Canvas Travel Tote Bag


If you lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, you would be happy to discover travel tote bag options that fit your mentality. Unfortunately, the fashion industry plays a significant role in pollution, especially fast fashion. Nevertheless, a more sustainable movement has taken root and is now blossoming. Designers focus more on how to reuse and recycle. However, it is also important to remember that the main driving force behind any market change is consumer behavior. 

This tote is made from recycled canvas and is reinforced at stress points to offer additional tear resistance. Recycled canvas is typically made from scraps of fabric that would otherwise be heading for the landfill. What a great way to offer new life to textiles!  

9. Watercolor Map Tote Bag for Travelers



This artsy travel tote bag is a perfect way to express your love for the nomad lifestyle! All you need is a simple cotton tote and a watercolor map of your choice. In fact, you could even attempt to hand-paint it yourself. You can learn more about different types of paint, how these react with the fabric, and how to prepare the bag to be painted in our previous article. You might also want a canvas tote bag to see which one you prefer for this experiment.

10. Cotton Denim Convention Tote Bag


This trendy denim travel tote bag promises to be a faithful companion in your adventures for years to come. We have used the finest blend of cotton and denim to combine the strength of both. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of color selections, from classic standard blue to bright red. These totes are low maintenance and easy to wash, so you will not have to be too concerned when you take them out for a spin. If you are a denim fan, having a bag from this material can be the (blue) cherry on top of an all-out denim look.

11. Block Print Travel Tote Bag



A perfect bag to take with you to the sunny beaches of Italy, when going on a Safari, and several other adventures. The best thing about the bag? You can make it yourself. Simply purchase a blank tote made from a natural fabric. Select a standard size for daily use, or go for a beach-sized version to secure more space. Then get a dye of your liking and a wood block with a leaf model (if you wish to keep it true to the photo; however you are, of course, free to go with a different print).

12. Travel Tote Bag With Zipper


If you like to go on adventures and keep moving, a travel tote bag with a zipper is a great accessory to have. Our product offers you a generous amount of space (18"W x 15"H x 8"D) where you can store your valuables and close the zipper to keep them safe and prevent them from falling out. The tote is available in several vibrant colors but also a classic black and white version. You can also try a zipper tote bag made from canvas.


How do you attach a tote bag to a suitcase?

There are multiple ways to do so depending on the type of tote bag you have and your creativity. You can also purchase accessories to make this thing a lot easier. We recommend this items or something similar for the best effect.

What size bag will fit under airplane seat?

The dimensions of the under-seat compartment are 18 x 14 x 8 inches, which applies to all cabin and flight configuration.

Are tote bags allowed on airplanes?

Yes, tote bags can be considered hand luggage, and thus you can bring one on the plane with you so you don't have to leave it on the escalator.

Safe Travels!

If you are planning a trip in the near future, you can start relishing the adventure by making sure that you are prepared. You can start by purchasing a travel tote bag as a faithful companion for this new experience. There are many versions to consider, so take into account the destination, nature of your visit, and length of stay to find a tote that is a perfect match.