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12 Space-Saving Hacks to Pack Your Travel Bag

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There is no better way to experience the wonderful variety of cultures and the magic of nature than through traveling. However, packing can easily turn into a stressful task. One of the main worries tends to be forgetting something (this, however, can be easily solved by keeping a detailed list). It can also be challenging to select what to take with you and what to leave behind. Space is a constant issue. However, with the following hacks, you can pack more efficiently than ever before.

1. Pick the Right Outfits


This simple trick is often overlooked. Although it is lovely to indulge yourself in multiple outfit choices while on vacation, try to narrow down your selection. When deciding on how many garments to take, keep in mind the number of days. Remind yourself of that over and over again because we tend to forget this detail while packing.

Also, take clothes that are appropriate for the location and activities you wish to do. If you go hiking, pack a pair of reliable boots, comfortable pants, and a T-shirt. However, if your goal is to visit the most Instagrammable spots at the destination, you might want to pack more elegant dresses.

2. Mix and Match Separates


Try to take with you clothes made out of natural fabrics that are not prone to wrinkle. Also, if you are concerned about having fashionable options, consider packing separates. These will allow you to mix and match several stylish looks. You can wear the same pair of shorts with a different blouse and shoes and make it look completely new. Consider adding some basic items as well, since these can easily be combined. Before you pack, play around a bit and see how many fresh looks you can create with the selected pieces.

3. Roll Up ClothesPacking-Travel-Bag

Instead of folding your clothes, roll them up tightly into neat bundles. This will save you plenty of space and can help prevent wrinkles. The secret to this hack is to wrap each item tightly and then stack them very close together. However, you can still fold thick sweaters, pants, or skirts from a stiff fabric or other bulky items the traditional way. Place these on top of the pile of rolls.

4. Fill Up Your Shoes


A pair of shoes can take up a lot of space in your travel duffel bag. Make sure that no space is wasted and use them for additional storage. Pack them with socks, stockings, or other small items that can easily fit. This is a great way to utilize an otherwise empty area. Also, it will help you keep track of your socks since these have a nasty tendency to hide in the most unexpected nooks of the bag.

5. Carefully Lay Out Your Jewelry


Lay out all your jewelry carefully and place these between layers of clothes. You can use bandanas under and over them to protect earrings or necklaces from getting caught in your clothes and pulling out strings. Or you can use a laundry bag for safekeeping. This is a simple and efficient strategy for preventing your necklaces from getting tangled or losing smaller items in your layers of clothes.

6. Don’t Shy Away From Laundry Bags


Laundry bags are your trusted travel companions. These occupy an insignificant amount of space and are a great way to protect your garments. If you are packing fancier clothes, place these in cotton laundry bags. This is a great way to protect silk and other more gentle fabrics.

Our products are made from 7oz 100% cotton, allowing us to bring you a premium and durable item at an affordable price. Furthermore, we have three different size options available, small (18"W x 24"H), medium (20"W x 28"H), and large (23"W x 33"H). Also, you can choose a light or dark version based on the color of your garments or personal preference.

7. Use Travel Shoe Bags


Shoes are a tricky item to fit in a travel bag. They take up a lot of space and might get your clothes dirty. Always clean the pair before packing it away. However, even if you give it a good scrub, it might still surprise you with some stained garments. The best way to transport them is in a travel shoe bag. The additional layer of fabric will offer double protection. On one hand, it will prevent your clothes from getting dirty. On the other hand, it will also shield the pair from any damage during transportation.

Forget about using a plastic bag for this! Instead, try out the more eco-friendly option of a 100% cotton travel shoe bag. The string closure ensures that your favorite pair is snugly wrapped. However, feel free to get inventive and use the bag to store any small-sized goods in your travel bag. Our product is available in different colors (natural, black, navy, royal, red), so you can match it with your shoes.

8. Pack a Drawstring Backpack


If you insist on taking an extra bag with you, a drawstring backpack is a great choice, as it takes up very little space in your travel bag. Yet, once at your destination, you can pack it full and take it out for a spin. You can either lay it out flat or roll it up. Try both options and see which one is more convenient for you. Also, you can use this (instead of a laundry bag) to safely transport some of your most prized belongings.

Our large (16"W x 19.5"H) drawstring backpack promises to be a perfect travel companion. It is made from non-woven polypropylene, which makes it extra strong and durable. Notice the soft shine on the material, especially visible on the white version. This adds a subtle luxurious feel to the product and will elevate any outfit. Browse through the many vibrant colors (natural, black, red, orange, maroon, navy, royal, khaki, green) and select one that will match your favorite outfit.

9. Pack a Microfiber Towel


Towels tend to fill up a bunch of space in your travel bags. Therefore do not pack one unless absolutely necessary. If you are going to a hotel, hostel, or Airbnb they will likely provide you with a clean towel. Whenever you are uncertain of this aspect, ask ahead. However, if you prefer to have your towel or need one, consider taking a microfiber towel. These are super thin and can be packed very tightly. Even if they are not as fluffy as the regular ones, they are still soft and absorb moisture very well. 

10. Use a Travel Makeup Bag


Again, it is important to be selective with your makeup products. Take only what you absolutely need and not your whole collection of lipsticks. Even if one item does not take up a whole lot of room, as you pack more, the available space in your travel bag will quickly fill up. Lay out your outfit choices and select the cosmetics to match each look. Place the selected items inside one or several travel cosmetic bags. Instead of overpacking one pouch, consider using a couple of these. This way you will keep the pouch flatter and can slip them between layers of clothes.

Check out our eco-friendly Mini Jute Blend Canvas Travel Makeup Bag. Although small, it is very sturdy, and the jute blend canvas fabric is tear-resistant. Therefore, this small (5.5"W x 4.5") pouch can accompany you on many adventures. You can use it to store your cosmetics, but it is also ideal for medicine, jewelry, or cards. A zippered closure will keep your possessions safe.

11. Keep Your Travel Bag Fresh


Clothes risk getting musty when they are crammed in a closed space for a long time. To prevent this, add some dryer sheets between the layers of garments, especially if you embark on a long journey. Also, as soon as you reach your destination, air out your clothes and put them on hangers, if possible.

12. Keep Skincare Products to a Minimum


Beauty products can take up a lot of space, especially creams. There is absolutely no need to take a full-sized bottle of body lotion with you for a seven-day trip. Instead, transfer the lotion to a small container or buy a travel-sized version of the product. If you are traveling by airplane, make sure to respect the 100 ml limit and any other restrictions the specific company may have. If you think that this amount is not enough, use two small containers. Store these safely in a travel cosmetic bag.

Safe Travels!

There you have it! These simple space-saving hacks will ensure that you use your travel bag’s storage capacity to its fullest. Make sure to take with you a smart selection of outfits and accessories and stack them up in style. Experience the freedom of traveling, and do not let your travel duffel bag weigh you down!