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Best Promotional Products for Small Business

Robyn Wike |

Who doesn’t love freebies? If you were hand-free promotional products, you would probably reach for them. I mean, it is free; what are you losing out on it? —Nothing! 

They are great for marketing purposes and having loyal customers. These small gestures attract people who are already willing to buy your products and let you one step ahead of your opponents in the market. Let’s not forget that people with your promotional products will carry them around and advertise your brand.

 So what are the best promotional products for your small business? What quality are customers looking for? Therefore if you are looking for how to elevate your freebie game, our list is full of tips on promotional tote bags, notebooks, charms, and all fun stuff.


How to Choose the Best Promotional Product

Freebies are budget-friendly advertising tools that guarantee loyal customer feedback. They boost the brand visibility with their unique look and practical use. In simple words, they are excellent in terms of creating infinite marketing. Moreover, they are really fun to design! 

Thus, at this point, it is essential to decide which products are the best for promo. Yes, we mentioned that they are budget-friendly. However, you still need to budget for them. Therefore you wouldn’t want to spend your effort and money on ineffective freebies. So grab your notepad and take notes on how to decide the best options.

When selecting your promotional products for small businesses, you should take usability, valuable, creativity, and budget-friendly criteria into consideration. First of all, for the potential customers to use and carry around your product, you should select a helpful product. Think of everyday life scenarios when you are deciding which promo products you would like to go with. Suppose you give away useful and practical products. In that case, the customers will be already convinced your small business is thriving in practical products.

If you want customers to remember your company, you should give away freebies carrying your values as a business. This way, customers will be able to relate to you and want to support your brand. Therefore you can be brave when selecting the values of your brand character.

Freebies are not a new thing for marketing. And customers are bored of cliche promo products. If you go with anything boring, they will probably put them into their drawers near all of the other products. Therefore we are encouraging you to select innovative and unusual promo products. If you want to stand out, let’s start our inspiring list.

Hologram Stickers

Cool stickers representing your brand are one of the best budget-friendly options for promo products. Customers can place them on their phones, Ipads, Samsung tablets, MacBooks, Kindles, etc. This way, they will be creating an infinite marketing cycle. Just imagine your hologram sticker on a MacBook inside a Starbucks. Anyone sitting at the study table will be faced with your brand. This way, your brand visibility will increase by just people becoming familiar with your image.

Printed Tote Bags

One of the most fashionable and budget-friendly options is printed promotional tote bags. They are useful, chic, and can be transported anywhere. When you come to think of it, tote bags are amazing marketing products since they are perfect fits for everyday scenarios. 

Like let’s picture one of your customers’ day, they get ready, grab their custom tote bag and leave their house. They get on the bus and place their printed tote bag in front of them. They go to class and hang their bag where all class can see them. After class, they grab a drink with their friends, and last, they walk home. What a long road where many people can see your brand and how fashionable your tote bag choice is.

Crocs Pins and Charms

2022 fashion is all about comfy and customizable pieces. Especially when it comes to summer wear, crocses are one of the most popular and cozy choices. Moreover, they provide the chance to customize the product to suit your design style; you can place crocs pins and charms on your slipper. And guess what? This is the time you come in. 

Crocs pins and charms are popular since crocs' design does not differ much. People tend to buy charms they can relate to when it comes to customizing them. And giving away your brand logo or mascot as a freebie would be a fantastic opportunity for your small business. This stylish way of promoting will let customers carry your brand identity everywhere they go to. This option may not be as cheap as other promo products. However, it is a creative one, we promise.

Scarves and Bandana

A great fashion item for all genders is bandanas. You can use them as head wraps, tie them to your ankle as an accessory, or even make a bow to your promotional tote bag to give it a chic look. 

Scarfs and bandanas are great for printing or embroidery on them. Therefore it is time to pick your colors and fabric and design a square-placed artwork for your small business. Since they are both fashionable and functional in everyday life, customers can use them when doing sports, working in the kitchen, at the beach, spending time in the garden, etc. Thus we encourage you to check our fantastic bandana products that can be printed by our company and delivered to your door.

Water Bottles 

Nowadays healthy lifestyle is on-trend, and therefore products of self-care are on the rise. We think water bottles or smoothie mugs are amazing options for practical promo products. If you think engraving your brand name on glass or the plastic of glass is pricey, you can always customize the bag or pouch of the bottle. This way, you can use a more affordable freebie to customize, such as our promotional tote bag for bottles.

USB Flashlights

For tech-people and nature lovers, there are combined products like USB flashlights. These amazing goodies can be used as digital storage and also be practical as a mini flashlight. Moreover, they will be an excellent alternative for keychains. 

Who does not need both in a technology-driven world? Customize this small combined freebie, and we guarantee loyal customers.

Power Banks

Think of the routine bag you carry around. How many technological devices do you carry around? Especially during work hours or classes. Your laptop, tablet, Ipad, kindle, and the most ordinary electronic, your phone. When you come to think of it, going out is a nightmare if you are planning to stay outside for a long time. 

Thanks to power banks, we can prevent these power problems easily. Hence, it is possible to say anyone who will receive a power bank for free will be grateful and definitely use the product in their life. This makes power banks an excellent option for promotional products, even though they are a bit pricey. But if you want to be remembered and your customers to spread the word of your amazing freebies, you can always go with power banks.

Reusable Straw Kits

We talked about promotional products that represent your brand's values as one of the essential criteria in picking your go-to freebie. Having a nature-friendly policy is one of the popular and critical values a small business can have. Trust us when we say this. Customers care about brands they can relate to.

Suppose your customer profile is made out of nature-loving people. In that case, we bet they are familiar with reusable metal straws to prevent plastic use. To support their cause and let people know about your brand's priorities, you can use reusable straws as freebies. The good thing is, you may also help someone wishing to transpose to metal straw use and encourage them by providing the first step!

Caring Everywhere: Umbrellas

Regarding universal practical promos, umbrellas are surprisingly considered unusual freebies. However, when you come to think of it, you can see they are amazing for infinite marketing. Everyone will need an umbrella at least a couple of times in their lives. And why not help them with their need?

You can print your designed pattern, artwork, or logo on the umbrella. This way, you will be able to have free marketing outdoors. Moreover, you can go with recycled material for fabric. This will attract nature-friendly customers, and eventually, they will help you spread the word about your values. We can assure you on a rainy day, and these umbrellas will cause a small talk about your brand.

If you are not sure about umbrellas or if they do not fit your brand identity, you can decide on an umbrella bag to transport the umbrella. Customizable promotional tote bags can be used for this decision. You can check our long-sleeved tote bags or wine tote in our to-fit umbrellas. 

The promotional product list can be extended with fun, creative and practical freebies. We believe in you designing your promotional products and strengthening the bond between you and your customers.