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7 Best Summer Tote Bags

Robyn Wike |

Warm-season has finally arrived. It is just the time to complete preparations for the sunny days and vacations. Going to beaches, having parties, attending weddings, and taking a walk in the breezy evening were missed throughout the whole year. While your mindset is ready for the busy and fun days, we just wanted to remind you that your wardrobe should be prepared too. 

In this article, we listed the sort of bags you will need in the summer of 22. You may find the perfect fit for your chic outfit, luxury beach bag, and light tote bags for your necessities. Let's begin with this year's summer fashion trends if your wishlist is ready to be filled with excellent options.

2022 Beach Bag Fashion Trends

‘Summer’ and ‘vacation’ words give us “sea” and “sunscreen” kinds of vibes. They just go together! To enjoy the moment you are spending in your hot season, you should have your essentials ready. Therefore we are presenting you with this year's significant fashion trends.

Yes, 2022’s fashion keyword is big. During spring 2022 runways, we saw a lot of large beach bags and totes. Oversized bags were everywhere in the photoshoots as well. Therefore having maxi-sized totes will keep stylish eyes on you. Moreover, 2022 beach bag fashion included lots of jute material. With the recycled fashion industry finally rising, it is possible to see recycled tote bags in lots of shops. You can keep being chic and also nature-friendly with these fashionable bags. 

Please look at our stylish and practical tote bags without further due.


Customized Burlap Bags

We just mentioned jute material as a trend this year. Therefore burlap bags were an excellent choice to start the list with. 

Since burlap bags have a laminated PVC inner coating, they become perfect candidates for carrying your essentials anywhere. You can take them to your vacation destination as a beach bag or even to a picnic with your friends. With its great durability and chic look, burlap bags will fit every occasion.

In 2022, it is all about customizable fashion products. We say, grab your favorite burlap bag and customize it the way you want. Put some personal touches by printing, embroidering, stitching, patching, or even painting. This way, you will not only be stylish in your own way but also will be able to make your tote stand out among others. 


Clear Bag

Clear bags are perfect for you if you are one of the neat and organized people. With its transparent PVC material, this bag will be able to show your cool goodies and keep them safe at the same time. For icons who have nothing to hide, clear bags will be one of the top items of 2022. 

Unlike in past years, the variety of clear bags is on the rise. Nowadays, you are able to find these fashionable fun bags in almost every form. We mean zippered pouches, messenger bags, fanny packs, drawstrings, travel bags, and all. So yes, you can carry your book, magazine, lunch, smoothie bottle, and personal necessities in a very chic style. 

Here is a fun tip, you can actually print on these clear bags as well. By customizing it beforehand using, you will definitely be braver in putting together the fantastic outfit you always wanted.

We love the most about transparent bags because you can always see what is inside without diving into a bag. Hence clear bags become an excellent option for vacation uses. Let’s imagine spending your weekend in a cute hotel near the beach, but you have to rush to get ready for dinner. We know those crowded makeup bags can be a nightmare in those moments when you lost your eyeliner and do not remember if you even brought it or not. You can always check your belongings and keep yourself organized with clear vinyl bags


Maxi-Sized Beach Bag

Congratulations! You deserved this amazing beach time by working hard. Now it is time to celebrate the sun, sea, and sand altogether. Beach shoes? Check. The amazing bathing suit? Check. Sunscreen and sunglasses? Check and check. All you need to complete this look is a large beach bag that can fit all. And this maxi-sized stylish tote bag is all you ever wanted. 

Beach times are enjoyable when you do not have to overthink every situation. With the capacity of these beach bags, you can carry any item that would make you relaxed. There will be enough room for your children's necessities, the book you have been wanting to read by the sea, the snacks, towels, and much like. Therefore a bag that can carry and transport all your needed essentials will be a life saver.

This double-colored chic tote bag has a fantastic feature, in addition to all the space— it has pockets! So you will have easy access to credit cards, cash, or any small item. This is actually what makes this bag an excellent choice for a beach bag because it will carry your items safe in the zippered pocket without you losing your small goodies in the crowded bag.

Recycled Cosmetic Travel Bag

Small bags are beneficial for various uses when packing up your bag for vacation. You can pack your self-care products in cosmetic travel pouches such as medicines, toothbrush kits, and cremes. They will prevent your cosmetic liquids from leaking to your entire league and, most importantly, keep them categorized. 

Another use of these practical and fashionable bags is you can carry a whole make-up set with them. You can place your colorful make-up products, cleaning kits, nail polishes, or even hair products. This way, when getting ready for the night, you will be able to pick your favorite products without causing a mess.

Since we are wholesale to the public with every single product on our website, it is these cosmetic travel bags can be considered perfect wedding gifts or event giveaways. You can customize your logo, artwork, or event dates on the bag and give them to your guests. With these amazing gifts, you can promote your company and slogan in a very unique and practical way. 

As we mentioned in 2022 fashion trends, ethical and sustainable manufacturing techniques are being taken into consideration in modern fashion industries. Correspondingly to that, we do care about recycled materials as well. Our cosmetic travel bags come with recycled fabric options. Therefore, if you prioritize ethical manufacturing and consuming ideologies, you can check our durable recycled fabrics.

Fanny Pack 

Summer fashion trends in 2022 show us that people want to enjoy life by walking, running, and spending time outside. Therefore including fanny packs on our list became a must for us. Fanny packs are not only fashionable but also practical items in everyday life. Imagine carrying your phone, wallet, charger, and snacks on a hike. A backpack would be too big for it, and a classic tote won’t fit for hiking. This is where the amazing fanny packs come in. 

On a fun trip to Disneyland, a hike on the mountain, or going for a run in the park, a fanny pack will be helpful for carrying your essentials. Believe us when we say wandering around with a hand-free bag will be advantageous when walking for a long time. Moreover, these funky fashion items have more space than you imagine. You can fit your essential necessities and keep them safe with the zipper on top. 

Also, you can change the handle/strap of your bag into any color that goes with your outfit. Feel free to experience new colors, patterns, and textures to show your inner 80s spirit.

Drawstring Backpack

One of the popular and cute bag options we will suggest would be drawstring backpacks. The drawstring closure brings a great advantage to the ease of use. It is possible to take them anywhere during summer. You can grab your drawstring backpack, put your essentials and needs for the day and take a trip anywhere.

Drawstring backpacks come with lots of fabric options. Therefore you can find the perfect fit for your occasion and outfit. You can go with the cotton and canvas fabric to carry your books, laundry, or even groceries. They have great durability due to the heavy fabric and will protect your goodies. Also, they are great for promotional uses. You can simply print or embroider your logo or artwork on the bag. They will be amazing for giveaways, wedding parties, church events, and such. 

If you are looking for a drawstring backpack that you can use outdoors and for hiking or running, a polyester material bag would be the perfect choice for you. They are waterproof and, therefore, will be supporting you by keeping your items safe. You can also look for luxury drawstring backpacks that have pockets for water bottles and stuff. These polyester material-based bags are great for gym activities, hiking, running, and sportive occasions. 

The warm season comes with its fun events, such as camping. And if you have gone camping before, you are aware of the things you will need during your stay— and that there are a ton of items you will need to carry around. As they say, better safe than sorry. So to keep your essential needs such as flashlight, snacks, bug spray, compass, water bottle, knife, a compact tool key, medicines, and first aid materials. Therefore keeping everything in a drawstring backpack will be beneficial for your emergency situations. Since drawback closure has an ease of use when quickly opening and getting stuff out of the bag, they are great options for summer tote bags.

Washed Canvas Tote Bag

Let’s talk about some fashion! In the past years, washed types of denim and fabrics, in general, were a big part of the textile trends in the industry. When it comes to the 2022 tote bag trends, we can see a lot of washed tote bags in stores and on the street. The washed fabric creates a perfect texture of multiple colors. Therefore you can create grunge outfits with this chic style.

Our large and yet affordable washed canvas tote bags have a large area to fill with necessities of everyday life and a fashionable look. You can use it as a beach bag for grocery shopping, garment bags, and much more. 

Another great feature of these bags is that them having pockets on the side to place umbrellas or water bottles. So with easy access, you can place your essential belongings in these pockets. Moreover, while you are hanging the bag over your shoulder, you can easily reach every important thing in the bag. No more unorganized and crowded bag interiors!

As in a fashionable look, washed canvas tote bags are colored in pastel colors. With these smooth color transitions, you can make amazing outfits that would be a fit for every sort of occasion. Also, we wanted to remind you that you can constantly personalize or customize your order. You can always use patches, pins, stitching, embroidering, printing, drawing, or painting to create your own desired tote bag look. If there is an artwork you think represents you or from your favorite digital artist, you can print them on the tote bag for a fantastic style choice.