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Cheap tote bags are becoming the flavor of this season. And if fashion pundits are to be believed in, they are going to stay in the fashion circuit for a long time to come. This is an ever-changing and extremely rapid circuit, which makes it a bit demanding to follow. Every single day a new product is introduced to the market. Different styles, colors, functions, and sizes enlarge the competitive scale.In order to be present in this context with remarkable products, one must make them durable, affordable, and appealing to everyone.

Tote Bag Factory’s priority is meeting all of these demands with simple but versatile and durable products. We supply companies, small business and hardworking individuals as yourself, with quality items for wholesale prices. So, what is so special about these tote bags which are surprisingly very cheap to get? The reason we can offer you our hand selected items, for such low prices, is because we didn't just settle for a quick buck, we took the time and effort to make factory direct deals and import our products directly. The cost we save by doing this is the cost you save on our products.  In fact, you can even get these as wholesale tote bags and wholesale canvas bags. Besides, they allow you to customize them with printable textures in appropriate colors to show off your own design. In this sense, they are most preferred as gifts or memorials for special occasions.


Wholesale Tote bags – A Perfect Choice!

 Tote bags are big in the fashion world owing to their great looks, wide range of sizes, and the different and exciting colors available. Last but not least, is the durability factor they provide to the owner. The texture material for each type of bag is specially chosen from the best quality fabric that endures wearings. But most importantly, they are printable, which means that you can easily customize your bag. As the Tote Bag Factory, we offer the opportunity for you to order the image that will appear on your bag. With the help of and collaboration with our designers, you can choose the best type of tote bag and create your unique product. If you are someone who is looking to buy a lot of tote bags, it will make good sense for you to explore the option of wholesale tote bags. If you live in LA or near LA, you can always find many tote bag wholesalers in LA that are sure to provide you with good deals.

Here are the opportunities the wholesale tote bag provides you with:

-   The best part about buying wholesale canvas bags is that you get them at a much lower price. You can give these handbags as gifts to your near and dear ones. Or prepare memorials for your parties, celebrations, special days, conferences, and even make announcements with these pretty and handy products.


-   These bags are trendy, stylish and very useful as they are much more spacious than any other type handbags. The most commonly chosen type, for example, the polyester canvas tote bag can accommodate your books, grocery shopping, personal stuff, and belongings for a short trip. The facric is incredibly light, so you won’t even feel the weight of the bag when it is empty.   


-   The canvas tote bags are way sturdier than those expensive and heavy handbags, which get damaged easily, leaving a dent in your pocket. So they make perfect choices if you are looking for a bag to use over and over. The tight-woven texture can carry up to 20 lbs, sufficient durability for more that daily use. Yet, more importantly, Tote Bag Factory brings a brand new multifunctional product category with the recyclable tote bags! These bags have improved stress points that are able to handle heavy loads. Besides, they are eco-friendly and can be recycled.


-   Another priority of the Tote Bag Factory is your satisfaction with each product and the signature of creativity on your bags. In other words, we want you to be a part of the production and present with your unique touch. The canvas tote bags are designed to be personalized, including getting the bags imprinted or embroidered. You can imprint a motto, an image that defines you, and an event-specific illustration that will make that occasion unforgettable. You can visit our website here to have a look at the thematic tote bags devised for the best occasions. Our designers are available at any time for you to get your product ready in the shortest time. So get a cool or motivating message imprinted on the tote bags to gift them to your friends or family. Gifting tote bags is ideal for they are loved by one and all due to their good looks and the amazing sense of fashion they bring to the owner.



Where can I Use Wholesale Tote Bags?

Now let us get more familiar with our product categories, each of which is designed for different purposes with many functions, yet in the same best quality.


Custom Promotional Tote Bags & Drawstring Bags

 If you are looking for the most budget-friendly product, you can customize as well, here is our guaranteed cotton tote bag. The cotton tote bags are the most affordable products on the market and we offer the lowest prizes with live customer service. After deciding on the illustration that you want your bag to feature, send the file to our designers or give us a call. With the water-based eco-friendly ink, your bags will attract the attention of many! The natural 100% cotton material and the self fabric cotton handles are reinforced for extra durability. More good news, we offer free shipping on orders over 300$.


Promotional Multi-Functional Portfolio Bag / Briefcase

You are an employer that prioritizes the motivation of your personnel and want to make a pretty jest as a promotion. We ensure that the Multi-Functional Portfolio Bag/ Briefcase will be one of the most meaningful gifts for your employee. These wholesale-priced messenger bags come with thick 600d polyester that can carry more than you think. The heavy backing supports the interior, preventing easy wearing and gives sturdiness that makes your bag last for a long time. Besides, the large main zippered compartment gives a considerable space for your files as well as accessories and other items.


Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags

Environmental issues taught us to use our products more efficiently, and delicately, having them last long. Especially the products for daily use are the primary subject of this market for they are most susceptible to wear. With this consideration, the reusable grocery shopping bags offer you more than a simple bag can. The 100 gm non-woven polypropylene texture is reinforced for durability and reuse. Its bottom can stand itself, adding to its practicality. The bags come in 14 different colors at a very low price, so you can have many combinations for each different shopping!


Wedding Favor Bags - Gift Bags Bulk

Here are the most prettiest, memorable, and meaningful gift bags for your wedding and special days. The cotton canvas wedding favor bags appear in several different sizes. So you can use them as wine bags, purses, or burlap pouches in which you may put little surprises for your guests. The jute fabric gives an antique, natural, yet at the same time, stylish appearance. Besides, you can imprint your invitation, or the memorial mark on the bags to make them a part of your ceremony.


Kids Book Bags - Teacher Tote Bags

Learning never ends! And if you are a passionate teacher to motivate your students, invite them to this journey with kids book bags! These products are organic and, therefore, caring for your child’s health. The different sizes enable multifunctional use other than carrying your books, pc’s, files, and other stuff. New pastel-colored products are even much more appealing, being a motivational item when it is time for back to school! Imprint the most influential epigram that will make an unforgettable gift for your students.


Premium Bags

Our brand new Premium bags have the “oversized” quality in every way! These bags are designed to accommodate quite many stuff, offering a large space and sturdy material. Each Premium bag appears with a different function or feature. The heavy cotton denim convention tote bag is a unique design that brings the denim texture to a canvas bag. The heavy canvas twill two tone shopping tote bag is suitable for your summer trips and beach use. If you are an adventurous person, consider the stylish sweatshirt cinch pack drawstring backpack for your team! The multifunctional bag has a front pocket that seems like a complement to your anorak.

These are only the several examples from our large scale for wholesale tote bags. Please visit our website to see the whole catalog!


Our Warehouses

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