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9 Bridal Fashion Trends for 2022

Robyn Wike |

2022 is the year of in-love engaged couples. After 20 months of lock-down and restrictions on outdoor events, it is finally time for brides and grooms to shine. So if wedding arches are decorated with flowers, path candles are lit, and the piano is playing the beautiful choices of the bride, let’s go through what we will see in 2022’s weddings.

We believe couples waiting for their loved ones to be gathered safely in pandemic times are more excited than anyone else. Therefore once the warm season shows itself, the wedding plans they have been waiting for are put on the table. The guest lists, wedding favors, bride tote bags, playlists, themes, colors, patterns, and most importantly, bridal gown designs must be decided. Thus, what should we expect to see in this year's wedding events? 

Second and Third Looks

Weddings are more of a celebration of love nowadays. Therefore we are used to seeing layers of parties during wedding receptions. To start with, obviously, we have the marriage ceremony. For this step, the bride and groom will see each other in their outfits for the first time and read their vows of love. Also, they will be announced as husband and wife in front of their loved ones. Therefore the classic bridal dress and groom’s suit will be worn through this emotional and beautiful step. Long gowns, a bride's veil, and a more elegant outfit will be picked out.

After this pretty and fancy wedding reception, it is time to celebrate love by eating, drinking, and dancing! Now-husband-and-wife’s family and friends will take turns to share the sweet moments of their witnessed love. They will eat and drink altogether, cheering the new family. And most fun of all, they will dance! Slow dances, happy songs, and traditional folklore music will take over the stage. Therefore nowadays, the groom and bride prefer a more fun and comfortable outfit since they will be on the dance floor, having a blast. Dresses without a long tail and bride’s veil, bow tie, or necktie will create the happily married couple a free look.


And last and not least, we have the after-party. The wedding reception guest list may include your family, elders, parents, friends, and so. However, if you are looking for a younger-style party, the night of the wedding is the perfect time to blast the music. For the last part of their wedding day, the bride and groom usually wear club-style outfits—I mean the rhythm will get fast, so they have to dance more quickly. Therefore nowadays, the new-married-couple go with mini skirts, shorts, and sneakers to have the freedom to move.

Sustainable Bridal Gifts

Weddings come with unforgettable memories. Hence it is essential to design and go through every item on the to-do list. One of the things to be decided is the wedding favors. Since every loved one will be there to celebrate your love, giving them simple and elegant gifts will be such a considerate thing to do. 

In 2022 bridal fashion trends, sustainability, and eco-friendly manufacturing techniques are on the list. If you are a nature-caring person, you can go with sustainable or even recycled wedding favors thanking your guests. We believe DIY gifts, candles, wooden coasters, bride tote bags, and even succulents will be seen in 2022 wedding ceremonies. 


We would love to talk more about your tote bag option. It is no secret that tote bags are practical, chic, and affordable fashion items. Moreover, they were a part of the fashion trends of spring 2022 runways. So how about having your personalized wedding tote bags? You can go with our classic and most popular cotton tote bags, which have an amazing quality. Also, you can print your wedding date, initials or full names, or even a picture of you and your partner together to specialize the tote bag for your wedding. You can even put simple roses, wedding photos, or small gifts into the tote bags and hang them on each chair in the wedding hall. 


Recycled fabrics are also one of the most selling categories in our store. You can customize your recycled cosmetic bags for your bride’s maids. You can again print or embroider your initials, full names, or wedding date on the bags and present them to your loyal friends. Moreover, if you want to go full designer mode, you can print out their names one by one to give them something special, just like they are to you.

Sheer Fabrics Everywhere

In 2022 sheer fabrics are one of the main characters of weddings. Their light-weighted yet elegant texture of them gives the possibility to play with patterns and needleworks. There are multiple choices you can make when it comes to sheer and quality fabric. The first example is the most popular sheer and transparent style fabric: Chiffon. It has a light textile which allows it to look delicate. Thanks to the airy structure, they are perfect for spring and summer wedding dresses. However, chiffon material is pretty fragile and must be held carefully when walking or moving for it not to stretch.

Organza is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a more warm-weather fit under the category of sheer fabrics. They are often used for princess-style bridal dresses and are known for giving a romantic look.

Last but not least, tulle material has the airiest structure and can create illusions according to the netting. They come with different weights and levels of stiffness, so it will be your decision to pick the suitable tulle for your elegant dress. They are more lightweight than most fabrics, so they are inexpensive and can be found easily. However, it is essential to keep in mind that tulle is a pretty fragile material that can deform when moving.

If you are going with the clear and chic look of transparent bridal dresses, we have a suggestion for the bride tote bag. As we mentioned above, cosmetic bags are excellent choices when it comes to the presents for bride’s maids. They are practical and can be customized for your special day. To match the look, we do suggest you take into consideration our clear cosmetic bags. They are just the size of your make-up and self-care essentials and practical to use. We believe these transparent tote bags will be amazing with your sheer dress and glass shoes, just like Cinderellas!

Blue is Taking the Stage

Shades of blue are expected to be seen in almost every area of fashion. So why not bridal trends? Blue color can be easily used in decorations and accessories of a wedding ceremony. However, in 2022, especially pastel tones of baby blue will be seen on the bride’s beautiful dress. We are in love with colorful wedding dresses, and blue just goes with almost everything. So if you want to show your unique and delicate side, using shades of blue in your bridal gown, make-up or accessories will definitely light your look.


To match the bride’s vibe, the groom can also go with a blue suit, bow tie, or necktie to complement the elegant color. Blue handkerchieves, brochettes, or flowers also complete details of the amazing choice of color.

Suits for Both

Nothing is more charming than a couple who look strong together. If you think your hubby or wife suits you the best, it is time to suit up together! According to 2022 bridal trends, there will be a lot of suit-wearing couples during the ceremony. With the right cut and fitted suits, it is possible to look the best feminine version of the bride. 


It is possible to go with a onesie suit, or a multiple-parted suit looks for both. To keep things elegant, you can play with the details, such as adding lacework, flare legs, belts, and blazers to show the best version of yourself. We believe you will look amazing without a doubt in your most felt comfortable bridal gown. Therefore who is going to stop you from wearing the chicest pants and jacket on your special day?

3D Floral in Fashion and Decoration

Outdoor weddings are back after a long break of lockdowns. It is time to appreciate nature, the sun, and fantastic daily views. But of course, having an outdoor reception is not the only way to do so. Using natural images and patterns on your wedding details will also look amazing.

2022, loves 3D patterns due to the improvement in the technology of fashion manufacturing. And believe us when we say these words: Three-dimensional flowers. They look so beautiful and delicate on a bridal gown, which seems surreal. Flowers are always related to brides. However, this fashionable look takes it to another level of beauty. Instead of classic patterns of flowers, it is always an option to have fabric flowers to create the most romantic wedding gown for spring and summer weddings.

Bow Details for Cute Looks

Who says only the groom can wear bow ties? Not us! In fact, we encourage you to add small details of super cute bow ties to your wedding dress. The most common places to add bow details are the skirt pleat, belt part, back, or neck. If you want to match your hubby's fashion style, it is time to vibe together with pretty bows.



If you use the bow ties significantly, you can also use them in other wedding accessories. Such as wedding favors. You can always attach simple scarfs to wedding favor bride tote bags to give a bow look. You can even separate and categorize the wedding gifts with the help of the color of these bows. This way, they will be aesthetic and practical at the same time.

Capes for Super Models

Every bride looks like a princess on their wedding day. Thus no one can blame you when you go a little more dramatic with your look. We are talking about the beautiful capes of bridal dresses. Capes can be used as a bride's veils and create an elegant look without even trying too much. We are telling you that in 2022 weddings, most of your friends will wear these chic capes. Moreover, you can combine our previous trend suggestions and go with a baby blue, 3D flower-patterned, sheer fabric cape to match every fashion element of 2022.

Immortalize the Sweet Moments

Photographs and videos taken on wedding days immortalize one of the best days of your life. You can get to see everyone you love come together for your celebration of love. In the past photograph, albums would be full of these special moments and memories thanks to the film cameras. What if we tell you a more romantic and unforgettable way of immortalizing your happiest day?


Hiring a professional painter for your wedding reception is one of the trends of 2022 wedding ceremonies. This is how things work: You can talk with a local artist you love the art style to paint your wedding spontaneously. They will go with an unforgettable and beautiful moment they catch their eyes on and will start to paint your memory on a canvas. Since these all happen during the reception, your guests can watch the artist on work and admire the painting beforehand. Once the wedding reception is done or ready to move on, you can check with the artist and the amazing art of your delightful moment.


We have this amazing suggestion for future gifts. Once the wedding is over, you can obviously hang your painting in your living room to adore the art. However, if you can scan this magnificent piece of art and turn it into a digital drawing, you can use it as Christmas Cards, printed on mugs, or as anniversary gifts. Imagine having your 5th anniversary and a small organization to renew your vows. You can wear your dazzling bridal gown and give gifts to your guests just like your wedding. And as a celebration favor, you can print this painting on a bride's tote bag to let them have this amazing art on a practical and fashionable tote bag.

In 2022 weddings, there are many simple and elegant ways to specialize in a marriage. We hope no matter what they choose, every couple to be happily married after!