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9 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Ally Nelson |

Coffee lovers are an assorted lot, coming from all walks of life and probably having different passions and needs. However, they all share a growing love for tantalizing, delicious coffee, and curiosity for everything that involves their favorite drink. If you are on the market for the best gifts for coffee lovers, you will have some trouble finding something that this merry bunch doesn’t already have. We are here today to inspire you in finding the best gifts for coffee lovers, no matter the time of year or occasion!

1. A Book with and About Coffee


It is hard to own a copy of every book written about coffee. It is hard to have every guide, every atlas, or every coffee-based cocktail or cake recipe compendium. For this reason, so we are sure you will find something exciting for your coffee-loving friend to read while indulging a cup of luxurious java, of course. For a genuinely fancy gift, offer the book(s) in a sustainable jute book bag for an elegant, festive effect.


2. Printed Coffee Lovers’ Shopping Tote Bag


Speaking of tote bags, one of the best gifts for coffee lovers is a sturdy shopping bag with a fun print on it. You can personalize the bag with any message you can think of that the receiver would gladly wear regularly. Since reusable grocery bags are all the rage right now, a coffee lover would be proud and happy to wear one with a message on it that helps inspire other people.


3. A Stylish Insulated Travel Mug


True coffee lovers will not defile their taste buds with no-name coffee from the hallway dispenser. Some of them would not even buy coffee from the deli near their office building. Most of them, however, would carry their hot brews or their ice-cold mixes in stylish travel mugs with auto-seal and insulation features. Pick one that can keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for more than 7-8 hours, and your coffee-loving friend or family member will adore you for it.


4. A Manual Coffee Grinder Set


Ask any coffee lover, and they will tell you nothing beats freshly ground coffee when it comes to flavor, taste, and especially ritual. Usually, coffee lovers owning a veritable bar-style coffee maker let the machine ground their coffee every morning, but purists love grinding their beans by hand every morning. You might think there is some extra unnecessary effort here, but true coffee aficionados love the daily ceremony as much as they love their rare brands of coffee.


5. Ethical Coffee with a Touch of Eco-Friendliness


Now that we mentioned rare brands of coffee, next on our list of best gifts for coffee lovers is a pack of Orang Utan coffee with an assorted coffee cup set. As we already mentioned, when we discussed the best gifts for your environmentally aware friends, Orang Utan donates a large part of their income to supporting ethical coffee growers around the world. The organization is also active in preserving the habitat of the orangutans threatened by the expansion of unethical coffee cultivators.

The Orang Utan coffee comes with certificates of authenticity and papers documenting the organization’s efforts to save the gentle orange giants from extinction. Moreover, the coffee tastes fabulous, so your coffee-loving friends will have something to remember.


6. Wall Art with a Pun


Coffee lovers dedicated to their quest to find the rarest, most exquisite brews probably have all the tools necessary to create perfect cups of coffee each day for any occasion. However, they may not have some coffee-related wall art that expresses your feelings for them. It is both one of the best gifts for coffee lovers and one of the fancier gifts for housewarming parties. Any coffee lover with a taste for art and puns will love such a gift, mainly since you personalize it depending on the receiver’s tastes.


7. Bourbon Infused Coffee


We said that hardcore coffee lovers indeed probably already tried and tested most coffee brands (common and specialty) on the market. Still, no one can say no to bourbon-infused coffee for a fabulous pick-me-up in the morning or a delightful companion to a good book during a lazy Saturday afternoon. No matter the occasion, this gift should come in a refined gift pouch with a memorable message printed on it. It makes an excellent unisex gift – just like all we have presented you with so far – in case you are preparing a birthday gift or a Christmas stocking gift.


8. Potted Coffee Tree


Plant AND coffee lovers will adore a potted coffee tree. This evergreen plant does not shed its leaves, making it a perfect choice for an indoor garden. It is not likely it will yield a crop of coffee while beautifying a living room, but its gorgeous green foliage and its flexibility make the coffee tree a lovely houseplant.

Coffee lovers who have a house and a garden can grow the plant to become a 5-8 feet tall tree or “train” it to turn into a 3-4 feet tall bush. Other than that, if they are lucky, your friends will enjoy mind-blowing sweet coffee tree flowers’ scent and even gorgeous coffee cherries. It makes an excellent eco-friendly gift idea for people who love coffee and the environment, just like the Orang Utan coffee.


9. Coffee DIY Gifts and Decorations


If you are the type of person that does not like to buy gifts but make gifts for the closest people in your life, you will have it easy with coffee lovers. All you have to do is pick small to medium glasses or jars, fill them halfway with well-roasted coffee beans, and place a vanilla candle in the middle. These decorations are among the fancier, sweet wedding party favors of recent years, but it doesn’t mean you cannot offer them as DIY gifts for coffee lovers.

On the contrary, such ensembles make excellent choices. When the candle gets hot, it will also warm up the coffee beans in the jar/glass/bowl, and together they will spread an aroma of vanilla late. It cannot get better than this for Christmas or an autumn celebration.


Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers: Bottom Line

Which of these best gifts for coffee lovers would you get for one of your friends or family members? Do you have other ideas and tips to share with us? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!