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Wash it and use again! Easy-Care Reusable Tote Bags

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You can replace plastic shopping bags with tote bags. When you plan a shopping trip, take along washable tote bags. The bags belong to you – you won’t have to purchase bags at the store. The tote bags can be re-used, meaning there is a savings for you and the environment. The tote bags are durable. You can use them to store household items, sports gear, laundry supplies, and “under the sink” or “in the car” items, and more.

Easy-to-clean tote bags come in a several fabrics, and fabric weights. Canvas is heavy, for example. The weight of the fabric gives the bag is strength. Most bags can be washed easily in a machine. Canvas bags may need special care, and the instructions will be included with the item.

Low-cost, washable tote bags make it easy for you to shop. Use washable tote bags in different colors to carry groceries: meat and poultry in the blue bag; dairy products in the orange bag; fresh fruit and vegetables in green bags, etc. Washing the bags after each shopping trip means they are already for the next. Washing gets rid of bacteria. Tote bags are great for food, sports, cleaning, shopping, etc, but you want to keep the tote bags separate. For example, you won’t want to take a sports bag to buy groceries.

Caring for your tote bags makes sense. Even if they are the lowest cost, washing them means you get the maximum use from the bag. One key point to note: it’s best tote bags not be left in the truck of a car. Heat builds up in the truck, and any bacteria on the bag will multiply quickly, even if there is no food in the bag.

You can’t go wrong with our washable—and re-washable—tote bags. They make sense for your budget.