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Buy Blank Tote Bags in All Shapes, Sizes and Personalize Them

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You may be a volunteer, planning an event for a cause, or you may on staff, working on an annual conference. You may be expecting a few dozen or a few hundred to show up.

Promoting your event and your agency is important. One way to get attention at the event—and long after—is with a tote bag. Tote bags for printing are an inexpensive way to make a lasting impression. It’s a promotional item that everyone can keep and re-use.

And everyone appreciates having the tote bag to carry pens, paper, a bottle of water, and handouts and other “freebies.”

Tote bags are versatile. They come in a range of fabrics, colors, and price ranges—plus there are options for designing a bag to meet your needs.

When you shop for tote bags for printing, you want to start with the blank tote bags. These come in a range of prices, suitable for every budget. Your company’s name, logo, and the name and date of the event can be printed on the bag. You can print in black & white, or color. Adding one, two, or four colors adds to the cost. However, using your company’s colors on the tote bag means people recognize it right away.

What if you want something different from printing? Try embroidery. We supply tote bags for embroidery as well as printing. Embroidery offers a more expensive but also a more distinctive option than printing. Your company’s name and logo really stand out on an embroidered tote bag. Embroidery is often the choice for sports teams and events, charitable golf tournaments, and anniversaries. For example, your company’s 25th of 50th anniversary would use silver or gold embroidery.

For stand-out promotions that are practical too, consider tote bags for printing or embroidery.