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Great Buy! Cheap Laundry Bags

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Wholesale Heavy Canvas Laundry Bags Small-Medium-Large

Great Buy! Cheap Laundry Bags

We all have been using plastic baskets to carry our laundry to wash to community washing machines. But let’s agree that these baskets are highly uncomfortable to carry and are heavy. Instead, using something which is easier and comfortable to carry would be a much better idea. Heavy canvas laundry bags provide you exactly the comfort that you have been looking for in a laundry bag with the added benefit of privacy as your dirty clothes are safely hidden inside a drawstring bag behind your back rather than open in a laundry plastic basket. These backpacks are very comfortable to carry and are completely hassle free unlike the plastic basket which you have been carrying around so far.

These bags come in different size options as small, medium and large and depending upon the load of your wash you can choose accordingly. The bag has a shoulder strap attached to it which makes carrying it very easy and effortless. It has a drawstring opening which lets you keep your laundry safe from the public glare and you can directly unload your clothes into the washing machine without anyone else even having a peek at it ever. These bags also have a fairly large imprint area so if you want a cool message or a picture imprinted on your laundry bag, then you don’t need to stop yourself and express yourself the way you want to with your laundry bag.   

The material of this bag is sturdy and durable as well. Also another great thing is that these bags can be washed to be used as long as you want. So a laundry bag which itself can be washed and reused, seems a novel idea. These bags are available at affordable prices and even have discounted prices for wholesale buying. If you buy more than 1000 bags at a time, then you get the discounted price of 2.45 USD per bag and on buying a single bag you get the price of 3.19 USD. So, these bags are cheap, durable, comfortable and very useful for people who don’t want their laundry seen by others in the community washing centers. 

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