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All Purpose Tote Bag Which Is Going To Last Long

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Jumbo Tote Bags,Large canvas bags

Jumbo Tote Bag with Extra Long Web Handles

An all purpose tote bag which is going to last long  

You can buy these bags for personal usage and also on wholesale basis to be given off as the welcome gift at a part or a thank you gift to your loyal customers. There are different discofunts on offer on the basis of quantity of bags ordered. If you buy a single bag, it will cost you around 2.69 USD but if you buy these bags on wholesale in numbers of more than 1000, then you can buy them at a discounted price of 2.06 USD per bag.

The best thing about these canvas bags is, one, they are fairly large sized with the dimensions of 20 inches width by 15 inches height by 5 inches depth which lets you to carry almost all the necessary stuff in one bag, two, these are very comfortable to carry with the extra long handles. This carrying handle makes it easier to carry on your shoulders rather than having to hold with hands all the time. So it makes it easier to carry and lets you carry more stuff.  

Generally when you are going out with your kids to a picnic you need to pack a lot of stuff that you might need during the course of the day. You need a bag which can fit in all the necessary things for the picnic, say a sheet, snacks for the day, some beverages, and bottles of water among other things. You need something which is big enough to carry all this stuff and is string and sturdy at the same time so that it does not rip apart after being used a few times. 

Although there are several options available online, there are these jumbo tote bags on offer by which come with the extra long handles which make it easier to carry this huge bag around. The bags are made of canvas cloth and thus are very strong and durable and they are big enough to keep all the necessary stuff during a family outing or may be for the time when your kid wants to sit in the bag and carried around. 

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