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Keep Your Food Fresh With Insulated Lunch Bags

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Most of us like making lunch at home and taking it to work or to school. We pour our soul into a meal we’re sure is going to energize us and make our taste buds sing, only to be disappointed later in the day. It can be very frustrating when lunchtime comes and your food seems cold and tasteless!

Although that sort of situation is close to maddening, it can easily be resolved with a high-quality insulated lunch bag. Losing your appetite is never worth the stress, so take an extra step to ensure your meals are just the way you want them!

You have many choices available at your disposal. Whether you’d like a simple insulated bag that can keep food safe for a couple of critical hours or a fashionable bag that will knock back your peers and accommodate more than just your lunchbox, we’ve prepared a short article for your reading pleasure.

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What Is an Insulated Bag?

Insulation is the wonderful property of a material that reduces the amount of heat transferred from one point to another. The most common examples of insulation we’re exposed to are in buildings. They are made from insulating materials that keep the heat inside and does not let it escape through the walls.

Without insulation, we would be at the mercy of the elements. Our houses, regardless of how much we’d try to heat them, would eventually grow cold during less warm seasons, leading to a whole lot of discomfort and frustration.

Unsurprisingly, the concept of insulation has been ingeniously applied to carrier bags as well. A common complaint throughout the globe is that hot food doesn’t stay warm and cold food rarely remains chilly. The obvious solution? Insulation, of course.

In the same manner that buildings are made from insulating materials, bags can be designed so as to maintain inside temperatures at a satisfying constant. No doubt the average everyday person of the 1940s never would have thought they can take their coffee to work while still keeping it hot.

History of the Insulated Bag

Despite expectations, the insulated bag is a relatively recent invention. Although complex concepts such as refrigeration and electricity were invented earlier, the insulated bag only came around in 1983, when it was created by Ingrid Kosar, who intended to use it for keeping pizzas hot.

Thermal bags, as they are also called, have come a long way since then. Even though the concept is mostly the same, little additions have been made to the insulating technology such as new materials.

Now, insulated bags are most commonly used by food delivery companies and businesses. Think about your local pizzeria, for example, which most likely uses thermal bags resembling a classical cardboard pizza box but instead made from insulating materials.

How Do Insulated Bags Work?

Insulated bags might seem confusing, but they’re definitely not magic. In short, insulation works by slowing the transfer of heat, which is an integral characteristic of a thermal bag. Although the materials used for insulated bags differ depending on the manufacturer, they mostly follow the same concept.

The secret behind thermal bags is multilayered insulation. Almost every insulated bag has three layers, described as the outer layer, the lining, and the middle layer. While all of these are important for the insulation process, it is the middle layer that does most of the work.

The typical insulated bag features a thick layer of foam that is primarily what is able to keep the heat from escaping. The other two layers serve as protection and are usually made from foil, vinyl, or plastic.

A common quality among most insulated bags is that they are waterproof. This quality is attributed to the exterior layers of the bag. Furthermore, some thermal bags are advertised as using heat reflective materials, which means that they’re able to “push back” against any heat they encounter.

Why Would I Need an Insulated Lunch Bag?

To keep your food pristine, of course! The main reason for investing in an insulated lunch bag is to ensure that your food stays fresher for longer. Unappetizing hard and dry food will quickly become something of the past that you will never have to worry about again.

Additionally, there are other advantages to thermal bags that don’t just cover cuisine and gastronomy. If you’re planning on going to a picnic and don’t have a large cooler bag at your disposal, then an insulated lunch bag can serve to keep a couple of beer cans cold in a pinch.

That’s also why they make great gifts. When bought in bulk, wholesale insulated bags are surprisingly affordable, making it a superb idea to give them to your friends and family. After all, the best gifts are the ones you wouldn’t go out of your way to buy yourself!

There are a lot of bags that you can choose to buy at All you need to do is to decide on what style of cooler bag you prefer and what size would be the best for you. 

For example, you can choose a small foldable lunch bag that can be used during the day but can also fold up and be stored with the greatest of ease and efficiency. Gone are the days of not having enough space for your items!

On the other hand, if you are packing a meal for the whole family, you will want to acquire a large rolling cooler lunch bag that is big enough to accommodate multiple lunch containers as well as your drink of choice. If you ask us, these bags are the epitome of culinary traveling convenience. 

Are Insulated Bags Eco-friendly?

Insulated bags don’t decay when left outside, that’s for sure. While they might, we estimate it might take close to about, say, 700 years on average, buying insulated bags with the explicit idea of changing the environment isn’t efficient.

Conversely, insulated bags are able to be used significantly more times than other bags such as typical plastic carriers. They are made from resistant materials that are both waterproof and oil proof, which means that they’re not going to break down as easily when exposed to a spill.

Furthermore, the protection design of insulated bags is more involved than single-use bags since they are not meant to be discarded. While leaving sharp objects exposed is never recommended, a knife sticking out of its sheath isn’t going to poke through the bag and hurt you as with typical plastic bags.

In the long run, a thermal bag saves a lot of fossil fuel. That means that we can keep fueling the planet for more time than expected, which unfortunately is a small amount to begin with. The production of plastic is one of the most energy consuming industries in the world, so avoiding the use of single-use bags is critical to making a difference.

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