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DIY Canvas Tote Bag Wood Carrier

Meghan Quinones |


Make life a little simpler when it comes to indoor and outdoor campfires with this DIY canvas tote bag wood carrier!


When there is a chill in the air or the night sky awaits, a fire is the perfect accessory.  There’s nothing better than the warm crackle from a fire whether it’s from a fireplace or from a campfire.  As enjoyable as a fire is, when it comes to fueling it, lugging wood can be a real pain.  It can be time consuming to carry only a few logs at a time when you know you have a long night ahead, or if you could have the misfortune of carrying the wood by the plastic strap wrapped around it only to have it snap, sending wood down your leg onto your feet and the ground.

This DIY firewood carrier and holder makes it easy to bring in large amounts of wood from the outside. It’s the perfect tote bag for moving logs from the log pile to the fireplace or campfire.  Another benefit of this easy DIY canvas tote bag wood carrier is you don’t' need to worry about bringing in a mess of bark and wood pieces.  You also no longer have to worry about the wood coming in contact with your clothes causing possible rips and tears.



Step 1: Take one of the bags and open the side up so you can see the seam.  Then, take your scissors and cut all the way down to the bottom of the bag.  Repeat on the other side of the bag.


Step 2:  Cut open the side seam on the bottom of the bag on both sides.  This will open up the bag so it lays straight. 


Step 3: Open up the bag.  You’ll want to cut both sides so they are even with the bottom of the bag.


Step 4: Take your scissors and cut off the triangle piece left on the bottom of the tote bag.  This piece is no longer needed.  Make sure to cut off both triangle pieces.  You’ll repeat all of the above steps on the other bag.


Step 5: Lay one bag on top of the other bag.  We are using two bags for this project to help reinforce it.  Grab your hot glue gun.  Start by adding glue to the side of the bag.  Make sure to add a nice amount of glue to ensure the bag will be nicely adhered. For this step, you’ll just glue both the outsides of the bag. If you know how to sew or like to sew, this is another great option.  Again, you’ll just sew around the outsides.


Step 6: After both sides of the bag have been sewn, turn the bag so the right side is facing out. Use your hands to smooth out the bag and flatten the sides you glued to make sure they lay flat.  If you sewed your bag, you can use an iron to press the seams to make them flat.  You don’t not want to use an iron on the hot glue as it will warm it up and make come undone. 


Step 7: Time to secure the ends of the bag.  And a line of hot glue to both ends of the bag.  After you add the glue, be sure to press down with your hands to make sure the bag is properly adhered.  If you choose to sew your bag, you’ll just stitch both ends.


A log carrier is a more practical way to haul and carry wood.  It’s a clean and convenient way to transport your firewood. What’s great about this wood carrier is you can easily fold it up and store it away when you’re not using it, making it super convenient.  If the carrier gets soiled or dirty, you ‘ll need to manually wash it by wiping it down with a damp cloth.  If you sewed the bag, you can toss it in the washing machine and let it air dry.  Just load up this DIY canvas tote bag wood carrier to easily bring wood to your fireplace or campfire!