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Hello there! Glad you've stopped by. Welcome to, the one-stop-shop for all of your carrier bags and organic basics!

We are a pioneer manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler of various bags established in Los Angeles in 1984.  Since then, we've come a very long way, as tote bags have fortunately become very popular!

Not that we're taking credit, but we like to believe we've contributed a lot to the tote bag cause.

We opened our online retail store - the website you're on right now - in 2014 when we realized we could supply and satisfy the greater, wide world out there as well, and not just our local community.

It seems the whole planet has discovered the joys of high-quality carrier and specialty bags. It's about time - we've been waiting for you!

Please, Take a Seat

We're happy to have you here. Ever since the opening of our online shop, a huge amount of our purchases have been made over the internet.

While we're happy about that, we also love interacting with our customers. The fact that we're all here for the same place - tote bags - is what binds us together. And maybe it might sound funny to you, but bags have been our passion for a long time, so we can't help but swim in them.

To that end, we've opened a blog section. We might not be able to have a chat with you while you pick your bag, but if you're interested in lining our thoughts and opinions together, then we're utterly ecstatic at having this opportunity.

Not only does the blog offer a wonderful chance of discourse with you, the reader, but we're also glad to help explain a lot of various concepts related to bags.

Among the topics we've covered, for example, are the differences in tote bag materials - and even the history of tote bags! Because they can be confusing, you know. I mean, “What’s Jute?” is a common question. If you don’t know, then you’re definitely in the right place.

Therefore, please take a seat. Let us talk your ear off. Maybe you enjoy reading, or maybe you've got nothing to waste your time on while you wait at the dentist. That's fine. We like chatting with you regardless of the situation.

Because you're here, and that means you're awesome.

Love and Passion for Bags

What makes us special when compared to other retailers is the fact that we are truly, genuinely, and uniquely in love with carrier bags of all shapes and sizes.

Although our name might suggest specialization in tote bags, the truth is that we have a huge range of different bags, from backpacks, to laptop bags, to specialty wine bags.

We understand that lugging your items and essentials around can be a chore, especially if you're in the habit of using plastic bags. After all, they're prone to breaking, cutting your palm open when used too much, and, in the end, killing off the environment due to being made from toxic materials.

For this reason exactly, we're not so much involved in the greater "tote bag business" as much as we are outspoken proponents of making a global change from using non-renewable resources for everyday tasks for a better future.

Because believe it or not, a single organic tote bag could make the difference between the critical point of climate change and the potential to recover!

Besides the fact that they're made from natural materials, our tote bags (and every bag on our website) are much more comfortable and ergonomic than their store-bought plastic or brandless alternatives.

Save Money Wholesale

Purchasing a tote bag from a nearby store is liable to put a small dent in your pocket. It might not seem like much, but it adds up, especially since most people don't reuse tote bags as much as they should.

That's why we've gotten some great wholesale deals ready for you! You'll no longer have to plan your finances around bag purchases since buying them in large stock from us is likely to cost you even less than buying plastic bags.

In the end, that's going to save you a lot of money. And that's good because we can keep the organic bag world going! Less oil and petroleum spent on plastic production, less energy expended, less money spent, and a much higher likelihood for an organic future.

Only High-Quality Materials

Quality always beats quantity! We know first-hand how frustrating it can be to acquire a tote bag that seems both stylish and sturdy only to have it break apart after a couple of trips to the supermarket.

That's why we've labored hard to contact and gain contracts with the highest-quality material suppliers and bag manufacturers from across the globe. All of our products have a tremendously high standard to meet before being presented in-store (or online).

We are fully aware of the fact that the quality of our merchandise determines the trustworthiness of our brand. With that being said, we've been in business for the past 50 years - and we have no plans of stopping.

If anything, it seems like the tote bag revolution has just started.

Variety For Your Pleasure

Tote bags are awesome, but the truth is that they can get boring. It's taken us about half a dozen years to finally consider anything else but tote bags, and boy, are we glad we've done so!

Part of our greater, extended family is an immense variety of products, ranging from colors, to materials, to designs that allow you to show off your character and personality. Cosmetic bags, wine bags, drawstrings sacks, we have them all.

Odds are if you're looking for a reusable, organic bag with which to replace your plastic repertoire, then there's no better place for you than, a veritable warehouse for your most exquisite tote bag needs.

Tote bags aren't just for the environmentally-conscious. While they're very useful in helping stem the exhaustion of non-renewable resources such as oil, they've almost become a necessity in some states that have banned single-use plastics.

At one point or another, we're all probably going to start using tote bags. That future is long ahead, but we're already preparing for it by constantly expanding our collection - because showing off your tote bag swag is important and diversity is key!

Protect the Environment

Single-use plastic bags require a lot of oil for their production. What's worse is that recycling them, despite common belief, is almost impossible to do. We can't keep using them forever and we're probably going to stop far earlier than expected.

Tote bags aren't as harmful to the environment. They're made from natural, organic materials, and many of them have been made so as to decompose as the same rate as food waste.

That means that they break down quicker than plastic and also don't pollute the earth when they do so. If every person in the world started using recycled tote bags instead, then we'd probably add a really good amount of time until we run out of non-renewable resources.

Support For the Country

We love everyone equally, whether you come from across the pond or the Ozone layer. But we also operate our business from inside the United States, where we've grown up, learned to love the industry, and came to meet millions of extraordinary people.

Among our core values and ideals is the belief that we have to give back to the community in some way. Besides the amazing deals we have on display, we've also made a point to work closely together with national bag manufacturers to create a product that is truly and uniquely American.

Our "Made in the USA" range of bags can be considered as being the lovechild of creative minds from across the states. Made by American hands, from American materials, with American designs.

In the end comes a product that is clearly, indubitably unique: a work of love, labor, and passion that will significantly lower your burdens.

Not only that, but our bags are here to stay. They last a very long time and will not let you down.

Welcome to the Family

We hope this short blog has helped explain a bit about what we are, what our vision is, and what world we hope to live in.

Business is business, money is money, but what makes us smile at the end of the day is a belief that our line of work does more than putting bread on the table: it creates a close-knit, like-minded community that we can pour our heart and soul into and appreciate.

It’s said that doing what you enjoy is the key to a life lived in happiness. You like bags, we like bags, and we both have a vested interest in keeping the planet alive. It’s only natural that we become friends, right?

So thanks for stopping by. Maybe read another blog when you have the time? We’re always happy to catch up with you.