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Welcome to the largest online source of wholesale tote bags

We are a pioneer distributor of Tote Bags and Drawstring bags established in Los Angeles,CA. We are determined to meet your needs by supplying you variety of bags such as wholesale canvas tote bags, cheap tote bag, wholesale backpacks read more..

Tote Bag Factory BBB Business Review

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We provide high quality but affordable tote bags. To ensure that you are satisfied with our products, we provide you with the best quality bags that are affordable and top it up with excellent customer service. The reasons why you should choose us.. read more..


We are proud to announce that we are a verified ASI distributor since 2014. ToteBagFactory is the largest and most reliable online retail store for reusable tote bags. read more..

Buy Blank Tote Bags in All Shapes, Sizes and Personalize Them

You may be a volunteer, planning an event for a cause, or you may on staff, working on an annual conference. You may be expecting a few dozen or a few hundred to show up.

Promoting your event and your agency is important. One way to get attention at the event—and long after—is with a tote bag. Tote bags for printing are an inexpensive way to make a lasting impression. It’s a promotional item that everyone can keep and re-use.



Written by ToteBag Factory — August 18, 2014

Save Your Money Buying Canvas Tote Bags in Bulk

Businesses are in constant need to advertise their products and brands among customers to attract their attention and motivate them buy their products and services. For this several businesses resort to advertising and sales and marketing campaigns including trade shows, conferences and events around their products and services and create a strong market presence. However, all these methods of promotion are very costly and not all businesses can utilize them. Hence, for smaller businesses one of most effective ways of promoting their products has been providing discounts, offering gifts and goodies to attract customers. Canvas bag with engraved name and logo of business along with the contact details are an effective and inexpensive way to promote a company. 

Since, there is a year round need for the marketing effort of any company, it is best that the tote bags are ordered in bulk. Bulk tote bags can very easily be once ordered for an entire year or the duration of the marketing period depending upon the number of customers that a company wants to reach in that duration. If you buy these tote bags in bulk, you will get better prices and you will be able to use the promotion material for a long time. By ordering canvas tote bags in bulk, small businesses will not only save money but also save a lot of time by removing the need to order customized cotton canvas tote bags every time there is an event or a campaign. 

Cotton canvas tote bags are available online in the range of 1 to 3 dollars and can be customized very easily by either screen printing or embossing the logo and name of the company on a bag. These bags can not only useful to customers in daily life but are environmental friendly in comparison to the paper, plastic or leather bags. 

Written by ToteBag Factory — August 14, 2014

All Purpose Tote Bag Which Is Going To Last Long

Jumbo Tote Bags,Large canvas bags

Jumbo Tote Bag with Extra Long Web Handles

An all purpose tote bag which is going to last long  

You can buy these bags for personal usage and also on wholesale basis to be given off as the welcome gift at a part or a thank you gift to your loyal customers. There are different discofunts on offer on the basis of quantity of bags ordered. If you buy a single bag, it will cost you around 2.69 USD but if you buy these bags on wholesale in numbers of more than 1000, then you can buy them at a discounted price of 2.06 USD per bag.

The best thing about these canvas bags is, one, they are fairly large sized with the dimensions of 20 inches width by 15 inches height by 5 inches depth which lets you to carry almost all the necessary stuff in one bag, two, these are very comfortable to carry with the extra long handles. This carrying handle makes it easier to carry on your shoulders rather than having to hold with hands all the time. So it makes it easier to carry and lets you carry more stuff.  

Generally when you are going out with your kids to a picnic you need to pack a lot of stuff that you might need during the course of the day. You need a bag which can fit in all the necessary things for the picnic, say a sheet, snacks for the day, some beverages, and bottles of water among other things. You need something which is big enough to carry all this stuff and is string and sturdy at the same time so that it does not rip apart after being used a few times. 

Although there are several options available online, there are these jumbo tote bags on offer by totebagfactory.com which come with the extra long handles which make it easier to carry this huge bag around. The bags are made of canvas cloth and thus are very strong and durable and they are big enough to keep all the necessary stuff during a family outing or may be for the time when your kid wants to sit in the bag and carried around. 

Shop for "Jumbo Tote Bag with Extra Long Web Handles" here: http://totebagfactory.com/products/jumbo-tote-bag-with-extra-long-web-handles

Written by ToteBag Factory — August 04, 2014

Great Buy! Cheap Laundry Bags

Cheap Laundry Bags Wholesale

Wholesale Heavy Canvas Laundry Bags Small-Medium-Large

Great Buy! Cheap Laundry Bags

We all have been using plastic baskets to carry our laundry to wash to community washing machines. But let’s agree that these baskets are highly uncomfortable to carry and are heavy. Instead, using something which is easier and comfortable to carry would be a much better idea. Heavy canvas laundry bags provide you exactly the comfort that you have been looking for in a laundry bag with the added benefit of privacy as your dirty clothes are safely hidden inside a drawstring bag behind your back rather than open in a laundry plastic basket. These backpacks are very comfortable to carry and are completely hassle free unlike the plastic basket which you have been carrying around so far.

These bags come in different size options as small, medium and large and depending upon the load of your wash you can choose accordingly. The bag has a shoulder strap attached to it which makes carrying it very easy and effortless. It has a drawstring opening which lets you keep your laundry safe from the public glare and you can directly unload your clothes into the washing machine without anyone else even having a peek at it ever. These bags also have a fairly large imprint area so if you want a cool message or a picture imprinted on your laundry bag, then you don’t need to stop yourself and express yourself the way you want to with your laundry bag.   

The material of this bag is sturdy and durable as well. Also another great thing is that these bags can be washed to be used as long as you want. So a laundry bag which itself can be washed and reused, seems a novel idea. These bags are available at affordable prices and even have discounted prices for wholesale buying. If you buy more than 1000 bags at a time, then you get the discounted price of 2.45 USD per bag and on buying a single bag you get the price of 3.19 USD. So, these bags are cheap, durable, comfortable and very useful for people who don’t want their laundry seen by others in the community washing centers. 

Shop for this bags here: http://totebagfactory.com/products/heavy-canvas-drawstring-wholesale-laundry-bag-spb244

Written by ToteBag Factory — July 31, 2014

Strong and Sturdy Tote Bags - Discounted Polyester Shopping Tote Bag

Wholesale tote bags,Cheap tote bags,Cheap totesPeople love grocery shopping but generally it s hassle to carry out all the grocery that you bought in the paper bags or the plastic bags which by the way are not good for environment. If you have to carry your groceries in a number of paper bags from the store to your house, these paper bags generally get ripped apart till you reach home spilling your groceries here and there. So if you are looking for a solution to this problem then polyester shopping tote bags are the exact thing that will solve these problems. These bags are pretty spacious and sturdy and perfect for carrying groceries as well as they can also be carried as a handbag as they come in beautiful colors.

These polyester tote bags are very spacious with the size of 14.5 inches width, 15.5 inches height and 1.24 inches of depth. Also if you plan on imprinting a picture or a message or the logo of your company on these bags to be given as gifts or giveaways then these bags come with huge imprint area of 8 inches width and 10.5 inches height.

Also, since these bags are made of 600d strength of polyester, these bags are very strong and sturdy and can fit almost everything into them without the fear of rupture or damage. Now your groceries won’t drop out of your bags anymore and will reach home safe, sound and clean and you can safely say that these bags are going to last very long as the material used to make them is very durable. 

Ordering these bags from totebagfactory.com is very simple as the website offers several discounts on purchase of tote bags. So people looking for buying wholesale bags in the quantities more than 500 will get these bags at a discounted price of 1.71 USD and those who plan to purchase more than 1000 tote bags can buy them at a further discounted price of 1.60 USD.  It can be easily said that these bags will make your shopping experience completely effortless.

Shop for this bags here: http://totebagfactory.com/products/discounted-polyester-shopping-tote-bags

Written by ToteBag Factory — July 25, 2014

Carrying heavy loads every day? Why not go for light and cheap drawstring backpacks!!

Carrying bags is a necessity now-a-days as we need to carry a lot of stuff every day whether we are going to college or on a short trip. In such a scenario, if you are selecting bags which are as heavy as the stuff that you are carrying, it at times can become very painful and cumbersome for your shoulders. What you need to do is choose your bags carefully so that you don’t suffer from aching shoulders from carrying a wrong kind of bag. The size of the bag does matter and choosing the right size bag along with the material and design is an equally important aspect while shopping for a bag.

Light and cheap drawstring backpacks are a perfect alternative to the heavy leather bags. These bags are not only just light on your shoulders but are lighter on your pocket as well. So you don’t need to shell out a lot of money every time you need to buy a new bag. These bags are available at prices starting from USD 1 and depending upon the design and size of the bag, you can easily get a backpack in the range of 1 to 5 USD. You can buy wholesale drawstring bags at very affordable prices from any online store offering a lot options in sizes and colors.

These cheap daily backpacks are a true savior for the days when you need to carry a lot of books or you are going on a trek and need to carry all the necessary stuff that might be useful on your way. You can carry more stuff in these bags as they are very spacious and at the same time very light weight and comfortable to carry that you won’t ever want to go back to your other heavy bags that have been hurting your shoulders all these years.

Written by ToteBag Factory — July 23, 2014

Comfortable and spacious drawstring bags

Economical Sport Cotton Drawstring Bag Cinch Packs BPK388


Comfortable and spacious drawstring bags

Most people are suffering from uncomfortable heavy bags which leave them with back and shoulder ache and want bags which are not only trendy but also are sturdy and spacious so as to carry all the necessary stuff. So I decided to do some research to find trendy yet comfortable backpacks which suited the needs of people who carry a lot of load on their shoulders everyday whether books or laptop, I reached the website of totebagfactory.com which sold cotton made drawstring backpacks at very economical prices. The economical sport cotton drawstring bag packs offered in various colors are very stylish yet comfortable and are very sturdy.

Also, if someone is looking for buying bags on wholesale to be given as a gift at an event, then the website offers different packages to save money on different quantities of purchase. For example, if someone is buying more than 500 drawstring bags then these will cost only 1.03 USD per bag to the buyer whereas if someone wants to buy only one bag or from one to eleven bags, then the price of each bag is 1.34 USD.

Another best thing about these backpacks is the size and space it has to help carry all the necessary stuff that we might need during the day. The available size option of these cotton drawstring bag packs is 14 inches by 18 inches so you can fit in all your books as well as lunch and a bottle of drinking water and a lot more in your bag while heading out from home. And you will have to agree that you will not get such awesome bags elsewhere for such a less price. You can also get these bags customized by imprinting a picture or a message on the bag as it has a great imprinting area available to the range of 8 by 10 inches.   

What more, these bags are made of cotton and are 100% environment friendly as they are made of cotton. So you can wear your motto of a green earth right on your sleeve, okay on your shoulders. These bags are highly recommended for people who are looking for trendy, comfortable and spacious backpacks and you are ready to flaunt your new found stylish and economical sport cotton bag packs everywhere. Cheers!

Shop for this bags here: http://totebagfactory.com/products/economical-sport-cotton-wholesale-drawstring-bag-cinch-packs


Written by ToteBag Factory — July 21, 2014

Wholesale supplier of high quality Drawstring Bags in Los Angeles, CA

There was a time when drawstring bags were only used by college going students. They were considered to be cool only among teenagers who found them not only easy to use but also as a classic, fashion statement. However, with the passage of time, drawstring bags have entered the fashion scene in a big way and broken into new territory. The new territory has now enabled them to be used not only by teenagers but also by working professionals, travelers and campers alike because these drawstring bagpacks have proved themselves to be comfortable, sturdy and trendy.

Why Use Cheap Drawstring Backpacks?

Drawstring bags not only look super cool, but also are very effective in carrying a number of things in the smallest possible bag. The best thing about drawstring bags is their variable size. If you are carrying only a few things, these bags will actually shrink to the size of those things alone. If you are carrying something big, drawstring bags can easily accommodate them as well. You can buy drawstring bags which suit your need as these are available in small, medium and large sizes. Now that they are acceptable at the workplace and even looked upon as a fashionable thing, you can freely use drawstring bags to accommodate and carry your laptop, purse and other necessary belongings.

Buy Wholesale Drawstring Bags

If you are looking to buy many drawstring bags, it is advisable to look into the area of wholesale drawstring backpacks. You can easily find many wholesalers on the internet which are selling wholesale drawstring backpacks at very affordable prices. You can browse through the vast amount of variety in the collection and after you find the bags that you like, select and order them while paying through the internet and get them delivered at your doorstep!

Written by ToteBag Factory — July 14, 2014

Pink For Girls Blue For Boys. A Great Idea For Organizing Birthday Party For Kids (Girls/Boys)

Tote bags are becoming the in thing and there are so many reasons advocating why you should use them too if you have not joined the bandwagon yet. If in case, the multipurpose nature of tote bags combined with their unique look was not enough for you, you can use tote bags for birthday parties as well.

Tote bags for birthday parties? How is that possible and why should I use them? Well, the answer is simple. Because, the kids getting these tote bags would be more than overjoyed  at getting something so creative and amazing. Let us find out how we can use tote bags for birthday parties:

  1. Use tote bags as welcome bags for birthday parties

This is an excellent and creative way to use tote bags. Be rest assured that your small little guests will have a fun time using them when they go to school or picnics later.

  1. Create a color scheme

Kids are generally very peculiar about appearing different than the other gender and that is why it is a good idea to use different color schemes. Use pink tote bags for girls and blue tote bags for boys. This will not only make them feel more special but also more excited about using them.

  1. Pack little goodies inside them

Which kid doesn’t like bringing some tasty goodies back to home from a birthday party? That is why packing some tasty candy and cake and giving them in a tote bag is a beautiful way to make kids happy and continue the party even when they are home.

The above are just some ways through which you can use tote bags at your kid’s birthday party. Devise your own different ways to use them and be certain that you will make quite a good impression on your cute little guests.

Written by ToteBag Factory — July 11, 2014

Say Thank You With Durable, Reusable Tote Bags for Your Charity Events

Do you want to say thank you to a friend or a colleague for their support when you needed or just want them to know that you care about them? Or you are wondering what would be a perfect gift to the invitees and attendees during a charitable event? Your search comes to an end with the perfect gifts in the form of tote bags which will help you in saying a warm thank you and spreading the message of a charity event.

Tote bags do not only last long but can be used for multiple purposes from using them as shopping bags, lunch box carrying bag, a bag to take to a picnic, a sturdy bag to carry books, or even an umbrella. If you want to buy durable tote bags then check the weight holding capacity of the bag, you will find tote bags are much durable in comparison to the plastic bags and paper bags without any doubt. Also, tote bags can be re-used by easily washing them either by hand or in machine and they will come out as completely new, ready to be used again. These durable tote bags are not only cost effective but at the same time appear very personal and creative in comparison to the other branded bags available in the market.

So if you are considering gifting tote bags as an expression of thank you or to make a charity event popular, you are making a right choice as these reusable tote bags will carry your message wherever the holder of that bag go.

So, you can get a thank you note printed on the tote bags to make your friends feel special. Or you can get a philanthropic note imprinted on the tote bag for charity, and gift them to the attendees to get the word out.

Written by ToteBag Factory — July 10, 2014

Wholesalecentral.com Member

Welcome to the largest online source of wholesale tote bags

We are a pioneer distributor of Tote Bags and Drawstring bags established in Los Angeles,CA. We are determined to meet your needs by supplying you variety of bags such as wholesale canvas tote bags, cheap tote bag, wholesale backpacks read more..

Tote Bag Factory BBB Business Review

Why Choose us?

We provide high quality but affordable tote bags. To ensure that you are satisfied with our products, we provide you with the best quality bags that are affordable and top it up with excellent customer service. The reasons why you should choose us.. read more..


We are proud to announce that we are a verified ASI distributor since 2014. ToteBagFactory is the largest and most reliable online retail store for reusable tote bags. read more..