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What Can Promotional Backpacks Do for Your Company?

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Have you ever thought about outfitting your company with a collection of the coolest bags on this side of the Pacific? Whether you like it or not, there is a large variety of promotional products that have been done to death and back - and you want to avoid them.

Among the untapped, however, lie promotional drawstring or cinch backpacks. At least once a month, we find ourselves having to carry our items from one place to another. And feel free to tell me otherwise, but more often than not, it’s inconvenient, annoying, and downright tedious.

The problem, though, doesn’t really lie in the concept of, well, carrying. It’s rather that most of the single-use plastic bags sold at corner stores and supermarkets just haven’t been designed to offer any comfort.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Not many people know how significantly more comfortable and effective a tote bag is. Perhaps you should take this as an opportunity to show them!

Marketing Yourself Through Bags

Although promotional tote bags are one of the well-known marketing products, promotional drawstring backpacks are as just as effective as wholesale tote bags - if not more so. Tote bags have become very popular as of late, and with this new spotlight shining on them, we also have our attention being distracted by the other types of bags out there.

That’s where drawstring and cinch backpacks come into play. They are, of course, made from the same durable cotton material as tote bags, which allows them to print even the most complicated company logos. A lot of lines? Many, many colors? Some obscure hieroglyphs in a forgotten language? Compared to plastic bags, your dream of creating the wildest tote bags can easily come true.

The convenience factor of drawstring backpacks is what attracts most business owners to elect a more unique gift for their employees. Because, as suggested above, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and branded towels are a horse that’s been beaten out of this dimension. Besides - who wants to be gifted a towel, out of all things?!

If some of your employees are used to frequenting the gym or are clearly proponents of undertaking daily activities, then offering them a bag to carry their essentials could be among the best gifts you could make.

It doesn’t stop there, either. These types of backpacks are commonly seen on beaches and during sports activities, festivals, fairs, and other such events. Wherever there are scantily-clad people lazing about their day, there’s a high likelihood you’ll encounter someone wearing a drawstring bag as if it’s a showpiece designed by Michael Kors.

Aren’t Drawstring Bags Feminine?

That is among one of the most absurd things we’ve ever heard! Apparently, some avoid drawstring bags on the idea that they’re “too feminine.” We’re not even sure what that means - I mean, how can a bag display these characteristics?

Is it, perhaps, the fact that women also use drawstring bags? Well, that’s to be expected - they’re really convenient! Just as women use these bags to lug around groceries, clothes, books, shoes - and more - so do men. There is nothing drawing a line between the genders that specifies, “Thy shall not sport a drawstring bag - ‘tis too girly!” Imagine saying men can’t shave because that’s too womanly!

Promotional Value of Bags

Giving your employees company swag so as to better integrate them in the workplace family unit, show them you care, and let them know their efforts are appreciated are all the reasons you need to do it.

But if you notice one of your employees struggling with carrying their goods up the stairs every morning, then a conscientious and well-above-average employer will take a step to address that and order a branded promotional tote bag for them. Make their day easier and lend them a whole lot of style, too!

There are a lot of reasons why promotional bags are surprisingly helpful. Let’s say, for example, that you’ve gifted an interviewee that has left an amazing impression on you, or that you’ve given away a couple of bags to visitors who come to see your corporate headquarters.

Besides being a gesture of kindness and friendliness, that promotional bag will also serve to remind these people you and your business exists. Of course, they might throw it behind the couch as soon as they get home and forget about it - but when they finally do pull it out, their mind will instantaneously make the connection: “Ah, I got this from X!”

Just like it’s a good idea to occasionally reach out and “throw the ball in their court” when applying to a job, it’s also a good idea to perpetually keep yourself at the periphery of your customers’ and clients’ lives.

Because the more they are exposed to your brand and concept, the more likely they are to become loyal customers.

Tote Bags, Drawstrings, Cinch Bags

If bags are what you need, then we’ve got thousands upon thousands of them. Additionally, you can either choose to opt for different bags and containers than the traditional ones. We’re not quite sure if you’re potentially interested in white elephant gifts, so we’re instead going to suggest a very simple alternative to making your employees’ day:

Buy them a laptop messenger bag!

As of late, it seems as if the world is embracing the concept of working from home more and more. And most of us who work in the office have been given a company laptop so we can do our job properly, which makes a messenger bag designed to hold it probably one of the most convenient gifts you could make.

If not, then take another look at our website. We are absolutely sure you’ll find something you like!