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16 Sweet Sixteen Gifts for Girls to Make Her Feel Truly Special

Priscilla Greene |

The sweet sixteen anniversary is significant for both a girl and her parents. She will have a party and plenty of occasions to make unforgettable memories together with her family and friends. But what about the sweet sixteen gifts? If you are her parent, best friend, a member of the extended family or a dear party guest, you have to think about a great gift to celebrate the event. Today, we have 16 sweet sixteen gifts ideas for girls to make them truly special and help them build those unbreakable memories.

1. Pearl Pendant


Pearls have something fascinating about them, a discrete shimmer, an intrinsic beauty, and a rich symbolism that will make any girl fall in love with such a piece of jewelry. Pearls are not grandma’s jewelry anymore, as the new trends come with fresh designs and beautiful montages with a modern twist.

You can get her a pearl pendant as probably her first valuable piece of jewelry to hold and cherish as a family heirloom. Some necklaces come with gold or silver chains in demure and feminine combinations, while others play on the wild and rebel side and mix in leather or other metals.

A sixteen-year-old girl is mature enough to understand the value and the preciousness of such a gem, and she will wear it with joy on this occasion and all the future ones. When she grows up, she will know that among all her sweet sixteen gifts, the pearl pendant was (and still is) her favorite present.

2. Canvas Messenger Bag for School

A teenage girl has to have a cute, useful, and trendy canvas messenger bag for school, casual outings, and even short weekend travels. Pick a laptop messenger bag in a denim-like color to match her outfits and her outgoing personality.

When it comes to sweet sixteen gifts, you need to consider the practical side as well. She will probably wear the messenger bag all throughout high school and look modern, fresh, and trendy with no effort.

Schoolchildren usually wear backpacks for school and outings, but the young lady needs an upgrade regarding fashion and practicality.

Make things even more memorable for her and make sure you order the messenger bag with her monogram, a fun message printed on it, a cute hashtag that only teenagers understand, or even a more elaborate design that speaks about her personality or values.

3. A Personalized Scrapbook



At sixteen, a person has the best and sweetest memories, so you can take advantage of that and put together a scrapbook for her, containing photos, tokens, souvenirs, and more. You may need a notebook or a photo album to turn into a collection of great moments.

Write a few words for each photo to remind her of that moment, add your own words for each token or memento, describe things, write lyrics, you know – heartfelt messages that she can keep forever and revisit anytime she needs a walk down the memory lane.

4. A Hammock Chair for Her Room


This idea is more for the parents who want to celebrate their daughter’s sweet sixteen by upgrading her room and turning it from the crib of a child into the nook of a young lady who needs her privacy, her beautiful things, and her corner of peace and relaxation.

If you decide to revamp her room, do not overlook the idea of hanging a hammock chair by the ceiling to offer her a small corner of perfect paradise where she can read, take a nap, dream, and hang out with her friends.

Hammock chairs are easy to install, come in various colors and designs, and you can turn the sweet sixteen gifts quest into a family trip to the furniture store so she can pick her favorite princess throne.

5. Driving Lessons


If the girl wants to learn how to drive and shows an interest towards the car and independent transportation, driving lessons are one of the best sweet sixteen gifts she will ever receive.

Of course, mindful and responsible parents will not give the car to an adolescent, but driving lessons are essential. You can also celebrate together, as a family, the moment she passes her test and gets her license, as this is a significant step towards maturity as well.

6. A Trip Abroad


It is time for the young lady to see the world – in a safe manner, of course! A vacation abroad with the family, a trip with her friends chaperoned by a parent or teacher, a circuit offered by a tour operator or a city-break with older siblings, they are all incredible gifts you can give so she makes unforgettable memories.

Traveling is one of the most entertaining forms of education. Help the girl expand her knowledge, meet new people, discover new places and cultures, see things not many adolescents experience at their age, give her the edge and the leverage to become curious, exploring, and inquiring adult.

7. A Traveling Backpack

Speaking of trips and vacations, you can add a traveling backpack to the mix as well. She will have a sturdy bag to travel with during school outdoor activities, your mountain family trips or your annual family road trip, the vacation abroad you just bought, and even to school.

A camo-style backpack with padded shoulder straps, plenty of pockets, laptop compartment, and a chest strap is an excellent choice for any teenager ready to take over the world. A sturdy traveling rucksack to carry all her belongings and accompany her in her adventures is what she needs if she shows interest in seeing and discovering the world around her.

8. Spa Day with her Friends


At sixteen, teenagers show interest towards makeup and personal care, and they do love some pampering. Mix in a bit of education with plenty of fun and offer her a spa day with her best friend (or friends).

With the help of the SPA professionals, she will learn more about how to care for her skin, what products suit her better, how to counteract the tribulations of adolescence properly, how to apply makeup, how to treat her nails, and so on.

On the other hand, having a day with your friends that includes a massage, pool fun, manicure and pedicure, a new haircut even, sauna, and lots and lots of giggles is an incredible way to spend your sweet sixteen birthday.

9. Name a Star Certificate


Among all the sweet sixteen gifts for teenage girls, this one will certainly make a memorable impression. While not an item she can use on a daily basis, she will have a star with her name on it, and that is amazing in and out of itself.

Some important associations will provide you with star name certificates and elegant gift boxes. While not practical per se, the Star Name Certificate will show her how much she means to you, how much you value and honor her, and how much she is the bright shining star of your family.

The certificate is also a sweet keepsake she will cherish for the rest of her life and draw inspiration for gifts to offer her children when the time comes.

10. New/Upgraded Smartphone


Teenagers these days are tech-savvy and adaptable to any device. Depending on your phone-using family rules, your daughter may already have a smartphone – case in which you may consider an upgrade to a newer make and model.

If she does not have a smartphone yet, her sixteen birthday is the perfect occasion for her to receive her first phone. If you are at it, make sure the phone comes with a reliable camera – it is the age of the selfie, after all, and you should interfere moderately with the trend, it will pass naturally eventually.

Also, get your daughter a glass screen protector for the phone – it is better to be safe than sorry – and a whimsical phone case she will love.

11. Clothing Gift Cards


Buying clothes for a sixteen years old teenager is more difficult than anyone imagines. Therefore, instead of trying to guess her tastes and getting her things that might not suit her body or her preferences, you can offer her some well-chosen gift cards.

Going shopping with her friends is something a girl does and will do throughout adulthood. If you still want to keep some parental control on what she buys and what she wears, get her clothes shopping vouchers in stores that have a reputation of selling high-quality clothes and accessories for young women her age.

She is at the right age to get quality lingerie and underwear, some chic outfits for special occasions, cute shoes for special events, proper makeup, and so on. Of course, mom or her older sister can accompany her during this shopping adventure, but a girl needs a bit of freedom so she can take her best friend and make her independent decisions.

12. Adventure Activity


Speaking about new experiences, sixteen is the perfect age to try new and exciting things, and we talk about activities and adventures that are safe and legal. Depending on the girl’s interests, passions, and hobbies, you can consider one or more of the following:

• Scuba diving;

• Horse riding;

• Some extreme sports such as paragliding or bungee jumping;

• A family day at the adventure or amusement park;

• A VR experience in a professional studio or a session in an escape room;

• Mountain climbing, skating, etc.

Such adventure activities represent a fun way to celebrate a birthday in general. As sweet sixteen gifts go, offering the girl something that she shows an interest in or something she can bring her friends to makes a memorable gift and celebration.

13. A Tote Bag with All the Trimmings

Girls this age wear all sorts of bags, backpacks, messenger bags for school, and tote bags for casual outings, shopping, travels, beach, and fun activities.

For this reason, a canvas two-tone tote bag with zipper (consider a monogram or a fun print/message) is a perfect gift.

Of course, you can insert in the tote bag some other fun items for a sixteen-year-old: the new smartphone or phone case we mentioned earlier, high-quality makeup, a new leather wallet, or the tickets for the trip.

Such a canvas tote bag is a great gift in itself, and it makes the perfect “wrapper” for other small gifts and items you want to give the girl as a cute surprise.

14. An e-Reader


Books are great, and we hope she reads a lot and always keeps a book close. However, we live in a digital era, and e-readers come with many advantages and benefits. For this reason, you can offer her an e-Reader already containing some of her favorite books and author collections.

Having a reading device at hand, she can take it along for the trips, vacations, and travels. She can use it to make notes, save her favorite quotes, and more – a high-quality e-Reader with the proper ink and light will engage her in reading even more.

15. A Hobby Class


Just like the trip abroad or the adventure activity, pick something you know she will love. By hobby classes, we mean everything from martial arts to painting.

If the girl shows talents and interests in specific fields, you can buy her beginner or advanced courses and subscriptions to workshops. It may be music, photography, arts and crafts, dance, even a sport if she has certain inclinations, cooking, design, and more.

16. Tickets to a Cultural Event


It is time for your teenage girl to get her beautiful clothes and her best friends for a night at the theatre or opera. Of course, you can make an entire event or family trip around an attractive cultural event she wants to attend.

It can be a play, a musical, a varieties show, a concert or a festival, an art exhibit at a gallery, a unique book launch party, a geek-centered event, and more. Pick the one that best suits the tastes and personality of the birthday girl.

Facilitate her introduction to higher forms of culture, art, and education. The sooner she gets a taste for the fine arts and the refined events, the more she will want to gain superior intellect and a vaster culture and erudition.


We hope you enjoyed our sweet sixteen gifts ideas for girls. If you have other suggestions or tips, feel free to share them with us!