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How to Wear Tote Bags and Look Chic

Priscilla Greene |

Summer is here and women cannot wait to wear their gorgeous, lightweight, and fun outfits at work, at school, or on casual occasions. Let us not forget that beach days are coming soon as well and we all need to be prepared to embrace summer in all its glory. If you liked our fashion challenge dedicated to drawstring backpacks, you will love this one, as it focuses on femininity and romanticism. Let us not waste time and learn how to wear tote bags and look chic no matter the occasion!

1. Bohemian like You

outfit with denim tote bag and white dress

Summer and white long dresses are a match made in heaven for casual wear, picnic wear, beach wear, a walk with your friends, a trip to the countryside, or a visit to the local library. This outfit is as simple and stylish as it can be, also offering color, contrast, and a dose of summer night’s romantic flair.

  •       Long white dress, which leaves your back bare and enhances your silhouette;
  •       The cutest straw summer hat adorned with flower details;
  •       A pair of white, lightweight (and waterproof) snickers;
  •       A blue denim tote bag that brings contrast, color, and practicality to the bohemian attire; the canvas denim convention bag is large and sturdy, perfect to carry your books to school, your beach accessories, or your groceries without chipping a flake away from your feminine, gorgeous look.

2. Hepburn in the Office

outfit with white dress and jute tote bag

This outfit compliments any woman of any age who wants to make a long lasting impression with very little effort. Playing a powerful retro card and bringing everything a vintage flair has to offer to a modern look, this outfit will surely make you stand out of the crowd in any formal environment. As an added bonus, the outfit gives out an eco-friendly vibe.

  •       Retro knee-long cloche dress in white to add glam in a subtle manner;
  •       A fashion jute tote bag in a heavy duty cotton and a blend of subtle retro colors; the bag is large and solid, allowing you to carry both work and personal items without a problem;
  •       Leather brown sandals with wood-like retro soles and heels;
  •       Wooden-detailed retro wristwatch;
  •       Glass and cork eco-friendly coffee cup with a vintage flair.

3. Pretty in Pink

pink tutu and tote bag outfit

Besides being the title of a famous movie, pretty in pink can also be a staple outfit for young, lighthearted women with a panache for quirky and sporty outfits, which are also street-smart and feminine.

  •      A timeless denim boxy jacket that works with any summer skirt;
  •      A pink summer cap to bring out the ghetto-feminine style look up front;
  •      A slouchy white summer t-shirt;
  •      The piece de resistance – the tulle knee-long dust pink tutu skirt;
  •      The bright pink tote bag in cotton to carry your books, work items, and personal belongings;
  •      A pair of sporty sneakers for those who love to walk for miles;
  •     To top it all, a cute and fun rose-gold pinky ring to balance the sporty flair with the romantic look of the skirt.

4. Rock the Streets

outfit with large tote bag and high waisted pants

Summer fashion is all about innovation and bringing forth your wild side. If you want a practical, stylish look that speaks about the rock star in you, this is what you are looking for:

  •     Slouchy gray sweater for chilly morning and evenings;
  •     A black and white two-toned large tote bag to carry all your items to school or work (together with your groceries and personal belongings);
  •     Black high waisted skinny jeans with all the right rock star rips and cuts;
  •     White short-sleeved top;
  •     Leather choker with metal detail, a must-have item for every self-respecting fashionista;
  •     A pair of comfy black and white sneakers.

Don’t forget about a hot pair of sunglasses to complete your outfit and add just the right amount of mystery to your look!

5. Fashion at the Disco!

outfit with jute tote bag and flared pants

You know how fashion trends come and go upcycling old ideas into new statement outfits. Well, for our fifth entry on the how to wear tote bags and look like a diva, we have the new take on disco, but this time in a beach-style attire.

  •         Start with a white top that leaves your back and most of your belly bare, waiting to be sun kissed;
  •         Strong pink straw beach hat in a slouchy design to hide half your face for a mysterious retro look;
  •         High waisted white silk trousers in a disco-large design and flower patterns;
  •         A natural large jute tote bag for your beach items;
  •      Sand-colored string sandals on high platform sole for a feminine, natural, and exquisite look.

Flared pants are a must-have in 2018, so you can wear this outfit confidently both on your way to the beach and for a girls night out. The jute tote bag is versatile enough to make you stand out both on the beach, but also at a romantic cafe while sipping a cold drink.

6. Summer in the City

outfit with canvas tote bag and denim dress

Summer in the city requires lightweight clothes, comfortable shoes, protection for your head and eyes (never forget about sunscreen as well), a large bag to carry your items and that famous joie de vivre we all have in the summer, especially when we are about to meet our friends for lemonade or brunch!

  •        Start with a denim thin dress which generously exposes your arms to the sun;
  •        Add brown suede string sandals with a high and comfortable platform sole;
  •        Style things up with a straw man-inspired fedora but adorned with a black lace border for a more feminine touch;
  •       Add the comfort of a white canvas tote bag with contrasting black handles (add symmetry and balance with the fedora adornment);
  •         Finish off with a pair of round sunglasses in brownish-pinkish-bluish tones.

7. Fearless Adventurer

outfit with denim shorts and camo tote bag

The sporty girls who have an attitude and a taste for men-inspired clothes with a feminine touch will love this last outfit entry in our how to wear tote bags guide. It is chic, simple, and speaks of summer on any occasion, no matter if you are getting ready for a walk downtown, a road trip with your friends, or a visit to the local market.

  •         Denim shorts with a black leather belt, because you cannot go more timeless than this in the summer;
  •         Large white (long sleeved) male-inspired shirt; you will, of course, roll those sleeves and look ten times cooler;
  •        Army camo tote bag in canvas for sturdiness, comfort, and even more attitude;
  •       Classic army green sneakers for those long walks or adventures in the city or out there in the wild.
  •         Black square sunglasses, of course.

No matter if you like your fashion street-smart, ghetto, Goth, free-spirited, practical, stylish, bohemian, or sporty, tote bags can blend in any outfit and exceed the expectations of any woman.  

Few things beat a tote bag when it comes to looking chick no matter the occasion. Now that we showed you how to wear tote bags and look chic and very seductive, tell us which is your favorite attire on our list!  What tote bags do you wear with your summer outfits?