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How to Wear Canvas Backpacks and Look Cool

Priscilla Greene |

 canvas backpack

We have talked about canvas backpacks many times before, emphasizing on their appeal as fashion statements and versatile useful accessories for all people. With their stylish designs and their high levels of functionality, canvas backpacks became a must-have for women and men no matter their age. Today, we will offer you a few cool outfits and attire combinations showing you how to wear canvas backpacks and stand out from the crowd!

1. The Casual Sporty Wear for Teenagers and Dynamic Young Women

sporty look

Whether you go to the gym, to the beach, to school, or downtown to run errands, few things are more comfortable than a pair of tights and high-quality sneakers. Nevertheless, there is more to a cool street-smart or sporty outfit than these items, so we will also throw in a backpack and some smart accessories:

  •         Comfortable cotton T-shirt: If you are the sporty type who is always on the run, a cotton t-shirt will take you long way and keep you looking your best from morning to night.
  •         Tights and sneakers: These elements make a sporty outfit, which is universally loved by all dynamic women of all ages.
  •         Mesh See-Through Drawstring Backpack: This backpack is perfect to carry your gym or beach outfit, personal items, groceries, and everything else you want to carry. This style is awesome for the beach, sports or even daily routines, as the large backpack and the front pocket offer you plenty of space, utility and safety.
  •         Beanie: A cute beanie will make any woman look cute, young, and sassy, being perfect for cooler days.
  •         Jacket: A sporty boxy jacket in a vivid color matching the discrete outfit helps you stay warm (and protected against rain) all day long. It matches brilliantly the other outfit elements.
  •         Accessories: Sporty women and dynamic teens do not go out of the house without a water bottle and their smartphone playing their favorite tunes. Do not forget to get your hands on a pair of high quality earbud headphones!

2. The Comfortable Street-Smart Attire for Young Urban Professionals Women

casual look

If you are the type of nonconformist young woman who goes to work or to school riding her favorite bike every day, then we have the perfect outfit for you. Simple, yet stylish, the attire is both casual and street-smart with a hint of eco-friendliness and laid back attitude.

  •         Skinny Jeans: A pair of dark skinny jeans will make a gorgeous contrast with a pastel shirt or tee, mixing a sporty flair with a feminine one.
  •         Pastel Stripes Shirt: Versatile and fun, a long-sleeved shirt in pastel stripes, mixing white with blue and pink adds a dash of lightheartedness to any office our casual outfit.
  •         White Flat Shoes: Flats are great when you ride your bike to work or to school. These white ones will contrast great with the dark blue jeans, while allowing for symmetry and femininity together with the pastel shirt.
  •         Canvas Cotton String Bag: In order to complete and complement this outfit, pick a two-toned canvas sturdy and large backpack in pastel contrasts. Such a backpack blends in perfectly with your entire attire and allows you safety of movement while riding your bike. Pick a resilient backpack to carry all your stuff.

3. Laidback Summery Outfit for Ladies who Dress to Impress

hip look

If you have some errands to run or have brunch with your girlfriends in a spring or summer day, this outfit highlights your sassy personality and taste for clothes and accessories.

  •         The Multicolored Striped Skirt: This is a must-have in spring/summer season, especially since it works incredibly well with most tops, jackets, and accessories. If you feel young at heart and want to enjoy your attitude to the fullest, pick such a skirt to match with other clothes. The main advantage is that the skirt can be styled up for parties or styled down for work and school with no problems.
  •         The Jeans Jacket: Timeless, sexy, and always reliable, the fitted jeans jacket is a staple of modern women who like to look stylish and casual in the same time. A darker jacket nuance will work an amazing contrast with colored skirts or trousers and monochrome tops.
  •         White T-Shirt: These tops will never go out of fashion and they make a nice and feminine contrast against the colored skirt and the jeans jacket.
  •         Black Drawstring Backpack: Sturdy and resilient to wear and tear, this simple backpack blends in your outfit, giving you a street-smart look. Besides being useful for work, school, outings, and errands’ running, it will also add a dash of laid back summery elegance.
  •         Black Loafers: Just as timeless and forever fashionable, a high quality pair of black loafers is everything you need to complete your look and offer you comfort and mobility.
  •         Accessories: Complete your look with a nice pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and style up your entire look.

4. The Sporty Outfit Dedicated to Dynamic Men

sporty look for men

Whether you go to work, school, or to complete your freelance project, this outfit combines comfort with masculinity, mobility, freedom of movement, and stylish accessories.

  •         Dark Blue T-Shirt: Slim, slick, and ready for anything – this is how we describe men wearing fitted and high-quality T-shirts in dark shades of blue.
  •         Beige Army Pants: These trousers are a staple of the modern, young, and dynamic man of our times. The warm earthy beige nuance makes a timeless contrast with the dark blue T-shirt. Such trousers are comfortable and very useful, offering you all the pocket storage space you need, together with mobility and street-smart style.
  •         Boots: For a more rugged, dynamic, and manly look, stylists recommend you wear such comfortable and all-terrain boots. They blend in the general attire and will keep you comfortable no matter where you go.
  •        Camo Backpack: Men know how to wear canvas backpacks to work, school, or business meetings, but do they know what to choose? We recommend this camo canvas backpack – it is solid, sturdy, fashionable, and resilient to wear and tear. It makes a great travel companion, able to carry all your personal stuff, gadgets, gear, and more.
  •         Accessories: Don’t forget about a stylish pair of Aviator sunglasses!

5. The Casual Friday Young Professional Outfit

hip look for men

A casual Friday at the office, a freelance project, or a study meeting require a comfortable cool outfit, together with a secure way to carry your books, office papers, laptop, gadgets, and personal belongings. This attire works best with young and laidback professionals, college students, freelancers, or dynamic entrepreneurs.

  •         Classic Jeans: A pair of classic jeans makes any man look stylish and composed, giving him the opportunity to style up or down his outfit depending on his tastes and occasion.
  •         Red & Black Flannel Shirt: These shirts will never go out of fashion. If you pick one in contrasting colors, such as red and black, you can be sure you will look trendy, especially in combination with the classic jeans.
  •         White Sweater: If you want to tone down your look for a business meeting, the white sweater is your friend, as the white quiets down the red on the shirt. If you want a hip look, wear the sweater unbuttoned.
  •         Sneakers: High-quality sneakers are the trademark of young men who praise comfort and mobility above all else. The jeans and sneakers combo is timeless and forever stylish no matter what color combinations you prefer.
  •        Mesh Drawstring Backpack with added pockets: Matching your backpack with your outfit is a thing of class and style. Fortunately, you can achieve such goal by picking a sturdy, contrasting two-tone black and white backpack. Make sure it holds all your belongings and offers you the freedom and the safety you desire.

These were our five outfit selections to show you how to wear canvas backpacks to look cool in the street, at work, at school, or while you have fun with your friends. Which of these outfits pleased you the most? Which one would you try?