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Best Tote Bags for School According to Celebrities

Priscilla Greene |

best tote bags for school

Tote bags are a staple of modern fashion and style, offering the wearer plenty of comfort, versatility, safety, and cool, fresh looks every day. Despite some misconceptions, tote bags can do a lot more than just carry your groceries in an eco-friendlier manner.

Some of them are reliable companions for work, while others make excellent choices for school. Actually, some of the best tote bags for school are the canvas ones – as they are spacious, sturdy, and generous in terms of styling and personalization.

You may wonder what celebrities have in common with the best tote bags for school. We will find out immediately! Today, we will show you a handful of famous young and stylish women wearing tote bags in the streets, to go to school, to work, or on vacation.

Therefore, if celebrities wear them on a daily basis, you can wear them to school as well! Let us get some inspiration today from amazing female celebs to create school outfits complete with tote bags!

1. Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried carrying green tote bag

This young gorgeous woman wears a vivid green tote bag, matching her light and neutral summer outfit. If you want to follow this laidback summer style for your school outfit, you need a heavy canvas tote bag with full gusset.

Since school equals a ton of books, lunch, indispensable personal items, gadgets, and more, we recommend you pick a tote bag that is sturdy, featuring a full side and bottom gusset for support and durability. The carrying handle has to hold plenty of weight, as well.

2. Emma Watson

Emma Watson carrying felt tote bag

While not a teenager anymore, this young and lovely woman never let fame get the worst out of her. In fact, our beloved Emma received a European Personality of the Year nomination, but this does not seem to shake her stylish modesty, kindness, and spirit.

Emma Watson still seems to be a bit of a Hermione at heart, as she matches a large sturdy tote bag with a boyish, yet subtly feminine outfit when she travels. This makes a lovely combo for all high school and college young women who feel that both Hermione and Emma are their role models.

3. Sasha and Malia Obama

the Obamas wearing tote bags

When you are the daughters of the former POTUS you probably do not worry a lot about getting the best and the latest clothes and accessories. However, Barack Obama’s daughters have always been a model of refined taste and modesty, demure and natural looks, making them veritable role models for young girls and teenagers everywhere.

This is why nobody is truly surprised seeing the Obama girls and First Lady Michelle Obama wearing tote bags for school, work, and leisure, respectively. While Michelle Obama carries a large vibrantly colored leather tote bag, the older daughter seems to be very happy with her neutral large canvas tote to carry her books to school.

4. Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg wearing a personalized tote bag

This gorgeous American actress has not aged a day since her role in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Still looking like the young heartthrob we all loved, Michelle wears her tote bag in a laidback and casual manner, just as all college girls should.

Slim and skinny black trousers, a funky top, an oversized scarf and a sweater are almost all the things you need to recreate this stylish and discrete celebrity outfit for school.

Do not forget about your jumbo canvas tote bag to carry around your books, laptop, favorite gadgets, some makeup, and all other personal items you need for a busy day. If you want to go full Michelle, you also need to personalize your neutral canvas tote bag with a cute screen print, a message, or a motto.

5. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez carrying two bags
Many people think that Selena Gomez does not age, as she can always look like a sweet teenager just getting ready for school. In the last years, Selena toughened up her soft and mellow look with boots and oversized bags. While nobody says you should wear a military-style enormous olive duffel bag to school, you can definitely wear a two-tone travel tote bag with hook and loop closure.

Just like Selena, you can play a little with colors and contrasts and match the bag with your jeans or boots, for instance. The reason why these travel bags make the best tote bags for school is the fact that they feature plenty of color combinations and contrasts, so you can wear a different one every day of the week to look fresh and fashionable without spending money on expensive purses.

6. Emma Stone

Emma Stone carrying canvas tote bag

Who would not want to be college mates with Emma Stone? This amazing woman and actress has a powerful personality, brilliant acting skills, and looks to melt our hearts.

Looking herself like a college student during her relaxation days, Emma Stone is often times spotted wearing oversized tote canvas bags, slouchy shirts, skinny jeans, and flat shoes. This is the perfect outfit for college busy days or casual office days.

If you want to follow in Emma Stone’s footsteps, you need a large canvas tote bag, which can carry a heavy load and last years of usage with its reinforced stress points. She seems to like printed and styled-up bags, but this should not be a problem, as we offered you plenty of personalization and styling ideas for bags.

7. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba wearing canvas tote bag

While not in school anymore, Jessica Alba still looks like a college student we would all love to hang out with. Jessica also wears tote bags on her casual and daily activities, using it besides another purse or backpack. Her personal style speaks about comfort and femininity, with a dash of simple elegance. The rugged jeans and the thin blue feminine sweater are styled up by the high-quality designer bag.

As canvas tote bags go, Jessica likes a sparkle of glam with her casual accessories, as the sequined linen shopper bag really stands out from the crowd. We have plenty of ideas on how to accessorize your canvas bag if you want to inject a bit of glam in your own casual school look.

Wrapping up…

Whether you prefer the oversized heavy canvas bags as some celebrities do, or you prefer to stick to the simpler designs and casual sizes, one thing is for sure: the best tote bags for school are stylish, sturdy, incredibly useful and endorsed by celebrities of all ages.

Do you wear tote bags for school? What types do you prefer? Do you favor them more than backpacks?