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12 Festival Bags That Will Make You Stand Out in the Crowd

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An artistic tote bag is a must-have item for the festival season. Having the right bag is not only about making a stylish fashion statement; it is also about being practical. Consider your comfort for the duration of the event. Go with a festival bag that not only complements your outfit but also allows you to jump around, dance, and fully be in the moment.

1. Mini Neon Messenger Festival Bag

girl wearing a neon fanny pack at a festival


One effective way to get noticed at a festival is to wear bright neon colors. This fresh lime green will easily pop, especially if you match it with contrasting colors. What is more, also consider the season and try to reflect its tone. While lime green will blend perfectly with spring and even summer, it might be a bit out of place during autumn.

What makes this outfit so successful is its simplicity. Anyone can easily replicate it. All you need is a neon-colored crop top, some dark short pants, and a fanny pack to match the top. Choose the color of your shorts wisely to help your festival bag stand out. White, black, and other neutral colors are usually safe options.

2. Clear Vinyl Drawstring Tote Bag

durable clear drawstring festival backpack

Clear bags are a love or hate fashion trend. If you are in the latter category just skip this entry. However, if you have a weakness for transparent backpacks, stick around. For starters, see-through bags are a great way to speed up the security check at festivals. The staff might even usher you right through, seeing that you have nothing to hide.

Vinyl festival bags are also very clean, crisp, and fresh. They fit great with every season and any outfit. What is more, if it starts raining, your belongings will stay dry, as the fabric is waterproof. However, you should be careful when packing. Bear in mind the transparency. If you have any highly personal or valuable items, consider packing these in separate small pouches or wear a fanny pack.

3. Vintage Leather Festival Bag

vintage leather festival bag


This amazing vintage leather tote bag is a show stopper at any festival. While it will blend in more with folk or bohemian festivals, it can be a great addition to any event, as long as you accompany it with the right styling. Since the colors are pretty neutral, you can easily match them with almost any outfit. However, it fits perfectly with a light white summer dress or a full-on steampunk outfit. 

Yes, you can purchase the bag online, but you can also try making a similar one yourself. You will need the base, a simple leather tote, and the items for decorating it, a piece of lace, and an old key. Once you have everything, you need to piece it all together.

4. Small Burlap Bag

red jute tote bag

This color-blocked burlap bag is a perfect addition for a summer festival where you can just sit and relax on the grass. The pop of cherry red adds a deliciously sweet note to the bag. You can further highlight the freshness and innocence of the accessory with a complementary outfit. Or you can go a different route with a contrasting look.

Our festival jute bag is a perfect blend of 25% cotton and 75% jute. This blend combined the strength of both fabrics, leading to a durable, smooth, and easy-to-clean tote. What is more, there is ample space for a unique printing opportunity. Consider personalizing your festival bag with a favorite image, band name, or message.

5. Bohemian Crossbody Festival Bag

colorful bohemian festival bag


This festival bag is for all our bohemian readers. The color combination of this item makes it ideal for spring/summer festivals. Since the bag already has plenty of vibrant colors, you can wear it with a more faded or simple outfit. A simple pair of denim shorts and a white tank top will do the trick. 

Of course, you can spice things up a bit with a vibrant outfit. However, if you wish to try this bold option, consider limiting the chromatic range of your clothes. Pick one or two colors featured on the bag and use these as inspiration for your clothes.

6. Transparent Three Zipper Fanny Pack


If you want to stock up on transparent festival bags, consider adding this fanny pack to your arsenal. This is a high-quality item that comes in two shades, clear and black. The latter one is less transparent, and it has more of a grunge vibe. The fanny pack has three zippered compartments where you can store your belongings and keep them safe. 

What is so great about this product is that it can be worn by both men and women. If you are interested in the topic, check out our previous article on How To Wear Men's Fanny Packs in Style: An Easy Fashion Guide.

7. Small Decorated Festival Bag

girl wearing a small black festival bag


A small decorated bag is a must-have festival accessory. This can easily bring out of the ordinary any plain outfit. Regardless of how bejeweled your purse is, feel free to go as bold as you dare with your look. A festival is the perfect setting to experiment with your image.

As you can see in the photo, the decorated bag perfectly complements the similarly bejeweled black skirt. Try to find common elements between different items. Focus on these to bring cohesion to your final look.

The only bad news is that when opting for a small purse, you limit how much you can take with you. No matter how well designed the bag is, the small size does not offer ample space for your belongings. Therefore, you will need to give careful consideration to what you take.

8. Zip-It Drawstring Festival Backpack

limeshock backpack with zipper

An increasingly popular option for a comfortable and practical festival bag is the drawstring backpack. Unlike purses or fanny packs, it offers plenty of space to take your belongings. The adjustable shoulder straps help to distribute the weight equally. However, you should not pack it too heavy, as it will strain your back after a while. Bear in mind that you will be likely standing hours on end. Plus, you want to have the energy to dance and jump around to your favorite songs.

The bright bag is made from polyester, which is very easy to clean. You can enjoy the concert and not worry about keeping your festival bag clean. Besides the main compartment, there is a zippered pocket to store a few items to which you might need easy access.

9. Indie Floral Festival Bag

floral embroidery festival bag


This floral embroidered drawstring bag is perfect for spring/summer festivals. The fresh color combination is easy to match with outfits, as long as you keep the look within the same color palette. With the bag from the image you could go for: red, pink, green, purple, white, or any neutral color. By playing on a shade that is featured on the bag, you will make this fashion accessory truly pop.

Embroidery is a great way to express your unique style. While flowers translate very well in this technique, you can also add text or other designs. Try to use the available space on the tote strategically.

Also, embroidering bags is a great DIY project. If you are in search of a new hobby, you might as well give this a shot. For starters, you could try out something easy and impactful, like this DIY Stitched Vegan Vibes Burlap Tote Bag.

10. Stylish Colorful Mesh Festival Tote Bag

pink reusable stylish colorful mesh shopping tote bag

This colorful mesh tote bag offers plenty of space to take anything you might need at a festival. The wide shoulder straps help distribute the weight to prevent any aches. However, try to make the load as light as possible since you will likely spend hours at the location.

The bottom of the tote is covered with thicker fabric (just like the straps), which offers it more support. Also, if it gets dirty from sitting on the ground or on other surfaces, it will be easier to clean. 

What makes this product so intriguing is the semi-transparent fabric. This gives off a very fresh and crisp vibe. If pink is not your color, we also have blue, green, and black versions. Surely you can find a perfect fit for any type of outfit.

11. Burning Man Outfit With Simple Black Leather Fanny Pack

burning man all black outfit with festival bag


Burning Man is a world-famous festival with a huge base of avid followers. The unique setting invites people to live in a magical community fueled by creativity for the duration of the event. Each year there is a different theme that will shape the décor and outfits. Past themes included Da Vinci’s Workshop, Rites of Passage, and The Wheel of Time.

If you wish to attend this festival, know that esthetics is a big part of the event. People spend a lot of time and invest resources in creating an outstanding look. Carefully read the description of the current theme and translate it into your outfit. Use the festival tote bag as part of your look, integrate it to create a cohesive style.

12. Bright Red Multi-Pocket Festival Backpack

red festival backpack

A bright red backpack will always make you stand out in the crowd. This item has a classic and practical design. As you can see, each element of the bag is in the same color, which elevates the product. This solid color backpack will go great with a more formal festival look.

Besides the main compartment, there are also two front zippered pockets and two side pockets. These will allow you to easily compartmentalize your belongings. If you prefer a darker and less risky color, you can go with light or deep blue instead of fiery red.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Going to a festival can be a fun but draining activity. Having the right festival bag can help you avoid shoulder pain, making the experience more comfortable and allowing you to fully enjoy the show. What is more, as long as you plan out your outfit, a tote can be a great accessory that brings your entire look together and makes you stand out in the crowd.