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7 Embroidery Letters Font Ideas for your Bags

Priscilla Greene |

Your tote bags and canvas zipper bags deserve some styling and some personalization. We have talked about using monograms for your party favor burlap bags and accessorizing your casual totes, but when it comes to embroidery, sky's the limit.

You can decorate your bags with dozens of embroidery types and styles: monograms, mottos, messages, modern hashtags, and more. In order to achieve veritable works of art, however, you need some cool embroidery letters and font ideas to jumpstart your creative projects.

Today we will browse some amazing fonts and embroidery letters you can use as inspiration to personalize and accessorize your bags. Here are our top 7 favorite ones!

1. Harrington

canvas drawstring bag with embroidery

Harrington is a very decorative font created decades ago. Its round lines and feminine curves makes it perfect for monogram embroideries. It works great if you want a subtle, stylish, designer-like embroidery on the side of your bag.

If you want to personalize wedding favors burlap bags with the bride and groom’s initials, you can pick it without a second thought, because Harrington is easy to read and elegant. It also works great if you want to use embroidery to personalize your bridesmaids’ beach tote bags.

2. Book Antiqua

book antiqua

This font is a good friend of graphic designers, publishers, and writers, as it gives a vintage flair to any text. If you use your tote bags for school, for instance, you can also use this font to personalize the bag with a cute message or statement.

Canvas bags and cotton tote bags make some of greatest accessories you can decorate with large, visible embroideries. Book Antiqua offers a scholar feel to your book bags, school bags, and even work bags. It is thin, subtle, and feminine, allowing you to create a multitude of embroidery designs.

3. Segoe Script

segoe script

Segoe Script is a font imitating handwriting and spreading good cheer at the first sight. It is a fun, curvy, a bit intricate font, perfect for young women loving to make fun statements with their tote bags. Usually, such messages make the task of screen print studios, but you can have some fun with embroideries as well.

This font should come in significant sizes, so people are able to read it from a medium distance. The Segoe Script makes one of the cutest embroidery letters you can choose for your bags, as it brings something lighthearted and childish to the table.

4. Prestige Elite

prestige elite

This type of font imitates an old typewriter and it is perfect for embroidering your bag with famous quotes and sayings. The visual effect is stunning, as it would make your canvas tote bag (preferably in a neutral, natural color) look like the aged paper of a writer.

Whenever you need a boost in morale, a joyful message to carry you through the day, an inspirational quote, or a funky saying to put a smile on your face, picking up a message and embroidering it on your favorite canvas bag is priceless. Play with ideas, colors, amazing pearls of wisdom we have at your fingertips and your days will be brighter and happier.

5. Rage Italic

rage italic

Do not let the name of this font fool you – it has nothing to do with rage or anger. On the contrary, this curvy, extremely elegant font is perfect for embroideries with an aristocratic flair to them. It works great for monograms or full names’ displays and is preferred for bridesmaids’ tote bags, wedding favors canvas or burlap bags, and, of course, for stylish casual bags with your name on them.

As embroidery is concerned, you need to pay attention, as the font is small in its default state. If you want it to cover a larger area of your canvas bag you need to make sure you pick the correct (large) font size. While the font imitates handwriting (something you would read on love letters exchanged by royalty and famous writers), it is also easy to read.

For a dashing effect, try using colored threads and even sparkly ones (golden or silver) to make the bag truly stand out of the crowd!

6. Kristen ITC

Kristen ITC

Since Comic Sans isn’t anybody’s favorite font – just ask graphic designers – you can go for Kristen ITC if you want to inject some geek humor into your bag. Of course, you can pick any geek-infused message and quote. Moreover, if you do really have embroidery skills, you can also add the sketch of a famous geek culture figure, a meme face, and more.

The Kristen ITC font is one of the best embroidery letters choices because despite its funky summery shape, you can easily follow the lines. It is also an economic font, as you will not need plenty of materials, time, and effort to complete the project, since the letters are thin and large.

7. Maiandra


When you look closely at this font you cannot help but realize its curves and thin lines give any text a comical feel. However, the font is subtle enough to allow all sorts of messages, monograms, and hashtags to become part of the overall design. You can use the font for canvas bags embroideries, as the lines are thin and the letters round and generous enough to allow refined embroidery without much effort.

Given that this font is lighthearted and does not visually strike as “serious”, formal, or technical, you can use it to create embroidery projects such as: wedding party favors bags, bridesmaids’ bags, your own collection of funky and cute tote bags for work, school, and shopping, and many more.

It may not work great for monograms – an initial or two risking to look a bit too simple – but it is great for longer texts that visually capture the intrinsic fun side of the font itself.

Wrapping up…

These were our top seven favorite embroidery letters to use on canvas bags, no matter if you use them for groceries, school, office, or casual outings with your friends. Embroidery is both an art and a science and you need some skills.

Fortunately, with a bit of practice, you can adorn all your favorite canvas bags (and the ones you want to gift to your friends and loved ones) with amazing monograms, messages, quotes, or sketches.

Now tell us, which are your favorite embroidery letters and fonts? Have you used one of those mentioned above, or do you want to share some of your preferred ones with us and our community?