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30+ DIY Easter Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

Lidia Bertesteanu |

Easter is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to get together with your loved ones. Instead of getting them the same drab greeting cards like last year, why not try something a little more original?

We’ve prepared a list of more than 30 Easter gift ideas that will surely impress your family and friends this upcoming holiday.


1.    Snoopy Easter pajamas

snoopy pajamas


If you’re looking to give kids something that they’ll absolutely adore, you can’t go wrong with good old Snoopy. The adorable little dog looks so cute along his new-found friend, the Easter Bunny. The joyful print is a surefire way to make your little ones want to get ready for bed, so it’s basically a 2-in-1 deal: an Easter gift and a method of putting your children to sleep.


2. Easter bunny mason jars

Easter bunny mason jars


Speaking of kids, what do they love even more than cute pajamas and cartoons? Sweets, of course. But why give them the same boring packaging that they see every single time? Craft your own Bunny-shaped mason jar which you can fill with delicious treats. Don’t forget to put into it an adorable gift bag for an extra-sweet effect.


3.    Pasta Easter eggs

Pasta Easter eggs


What kid doesn’t love arts and crafts? Feel free to spend some time with them and create cute ornaments together. All you need is pasta, a cereal or thin cardboard box, some non-toxic glue, and a little dash of that special Easter spirit.

4.    Wine cork Easter egg stamp

Wine cork Easter egg stamp


Since we’re on the topic of crafting, here’s yet another great idea to spend some time with your kids. If you have wine corks laying around, the rest of the materials aren’t hard to procure. All you need is a black marker, paint, and a piece of paper to make this craft. Stick the corks into the paint and bam! You’ve got yourself a home-made Easter egg stamp.

5.    Easter goodies for your boyfriend

Easter goodies for your boyfriend


If you’re unsure what to get for your boyfriend this Easter, you can always rely on buying him some goodies that he likes. Be it snacks, video games, blu-rays, or whatever else you’ve seen him hype over, and place them all inside a personalized tote bag that will make him remember you forever. 

6.    A fine wine for your girlfriend

A fine wine for your girlfriend


Any girl loves a bottle of good wine. What’ll make the occasion even more special is if you take some time to personalize the bottle to her liking. Grab some crafting tools and start decorating the bottle with a cute design that she’ll fall in love with. While you’re at it, you might also want to get a personalized wine bag that fits the occasion properly.

7.    A Mario Easter pixel art decoration for your gamer friend

A Mario Easter pixel art decoration for your gamer friend


We all know that one gamer who could swear spends more time on their console than anything else. Joking aside, maybe they might not necessarily be into Nintendo, but Mario is definitely one of the most recognizable gaming icons. So if you’re not sure what games they like, you can always choose him as your Player 2 this Easter Holiday. 

8.    Batman Easter bonnet

Batman Easter bonnet


How many Batman fans are out there? Way too many to count, that’s for sure. And what’s a party without a hat? No, it wasn’t the Riddler who asked that question. We don’t know what answer we were expecting, really. Anyway, you’re very likely to have encountered at least one Batman fan throughout your life, so here you go – one more idea for those pop-culture fans. 

9.    Superhero Easter eggs

superhero easter eggs


Speaking of Batman, you’re even more likely to know someone who loves the entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Be it kids or adults, when you watch Marvel’s box office track record, it’s safe to assume that designing your own Avengers Easter eggs is a good idea. Grab yourself some organic Easter egg paint along with a paintbrush and start painting right away. For an even greater effect, you can try out personalizing the gift bag as well.

10. A fabulous tote bag for your slay queen

A fabulous tote bag for your slay queen

The internet is full of fabulous designs that will make your bestie stand our from the crowd. Seek the designs out and use our personalization tool to give your gal a ravishing eco-friendly bag in which to carry her awesomeness. 

11. Have some anarchy

Have some anarchy

Punk’s not dead, as the saying goes. You could always surprise your rebel friend with this customized spiked rubber Easter egg. It may not be edible, but it sure look like it goes against the system. And if you really want to make it stand out, you can pair it with a Non-woven Mini Tote Bag. Why? Because screw the rules.

12. LEGO BrickHeadz Easter Bunny

Have some anarchy

Who doesn’t love Lego? Although this toy is made for children, we’re pretty sure there are also plenty of adults out there who would love to relive their childhood memories with this brand.

13. Easter and Christmas combo socks

Easter and Christmas combo socks


Did you forget what season it is again? We too. We get it, it’s the changing weather outside. Whatever the case, you can use these socks for two completely separate holidays. Hooray!

14. Easter B… Easter Claus?

easter claus


Ok, this is getting out of hand. Now Santa came early and it looks like he can’t see a thing. It’s good that he’s none the wiser, otherwise he would give you coal for taking him out of his bed so early. 

15. Easter cocktails

Easter cocktails


If you’re the type who likes to party, surprise your guests with custom-made Easter cocktails. The recipe is simple. Make any cocktail you want and pour the contents inside a chocolate bunny.

16. Wu Tang Vinyl Clock

Wu Tang Vinyl Clock


Do you know someone who has all of Wu Tang’s albums on Vinyl? Maybe you do. But do they have a vinyl clock with the entire band’s faces on it? We didn’t think so. While you’re at it, you could also print their logo on one of our tote bags instead of getting a gift wrap that doesn’t have anything to do with the actual gift. Having the logo on the bag might be a slight spoiler, but it will get their blood pumping.

17. Laptop stickers

Laptop stickers


They say “less is more”, but with so much minimalism these days, we kind of miss having tons of graphics and icons on our laptops. You might also have a friend who thinks the same, so get some stickers for them. 

18. Rabbit slippers

Rabbit slippers


Fact no. 1: Rabbits are an Easter symbol.

Fact no. 2: Rabbits are cute. So you can be sure that the person who gets these slippers will wear them whenever they get the chance. 

19. Rabbit mask

Rabbit mask


Ok, so a mask is not something that you would wear all the time. However, it makes for a good Easter and Halloween gimmick. That’s two holidays marked off with one gift. 

20. Easter-themed golf set

Easter-themed golf set


If you have a friend who likes golf, you could try to put a new twist into this sport this holiday season. Subsequently, it’s also a fun game for children because it’s a little easier and more fun for them. All you have to do is replace classic golf balls with plastic Easter eggs, and then get a cardboard box and make it look like the one in the picture above. The process is fairly simple, because you only have to make a cut-out for the hole and the rest of the box can be painted however you want.

21. Whiskey samples in transparent Easter eggs

Whiskey samples in transparent Easter eggs


Do you have a friend who likes whiskey? Then they’ll absolutely like this type of gift. Make sure to get sample bottles either of whiskeys you already know they love or of whiskeys that they haven’t tried and might like. Try to ask them subtle questions first, such as if they prefer single malt or blended, or if they like bourbon or scotch. For an even greater effect, you could customize a mini tote bag with a logo or custom design, and then put the whiskey eggs inside.

22. Cosmetic bag

Cosmetic bag


If you have a friend who loves traveling as much as they love make-up, then this gift will surely make their life easier. It will helps them keep all their items organized and provide them easy access to any of the products stored inside. On top of that, the fabric of this cosmetic bag is guaranteed to last for years.

23. Make a custom Easter wreath

Make a custom Easter wreath


Wreaths are one of the most common things you’ll see around Easter throughout the US. So why not add a little personality to them? If your friend or relative already has a wreath of their own, we’re pretty sure they won’t mind another one that fits their personality better. Think of what that person likes, and then search for ideas on how to make that wreath.

24. Paint some Easter nails

Paint some Easter nails


Do you have a salon or are you good at painting nails? Here’s yet another one of those wonderful Easter gift ideas that will put a smile on your girlfriend's face. There are many designs to choose from, and if you’ve already done this kind of thing in the past, it should be easy-peasy for you to do some of them.

25. Bake some Easter cookies

Bake some Easter cookies


Who doesn’t love cookies? You can find online tons of designs that are almost too cute to eat. But if you’re a good baker, you can be pretty sure that your friends will eat them without any hesitation. And if you plan on gifting them to a friend who lives far away from you, you might want to consider storing them in a cooler lunch bag so that they don’t spoil on the road. 

26. Do a photoshoot

Do a photoshoot


If you’re a photographer, or if you simply have a DSLR camera and some decorations, a good gift idea might be a photoshoot. People love framing their memories in HD quality, and since you have to power to offer them just that, it’s a gift that suits absolutely anyone. You simply can’t go wrong with it.

27. Vinyl records from your friends’ favorite artists

Vinyl records from your friends’ favorite artists


Not everyone might have a record player lying around these days. However, collecting vinyl discs is still trendy, especially among teens and young adults. It’s a way of showing off your musical taste in a fashionable manner. And to make it even more fashionable and personal, you could try customizing the bag that you’ll gift them in.

28. Flower bouquets

Flower bouquets


If all else fails, you can always impress your female friends with a fantastic flower bouquet. They’re great for absolutely any occasion, so if you’ve got nothing else this also doubles as one of those great Easter gift ideas.

29. Military alphabet

Military alphabet


Got any friends who are veterans or simply fans of military items? Then they’ll love this blackboard with the international Morse code alphabet. It may not be specifically an Easter gift idea, but it’s good to give to your military fans no matter the time of the year. Make sure to deliver it in a camo duffel bag to achieve the full effect.

30. Creative decorations

creative Easter decorations


Does your friend’s home look a little bland? It might be a good idea to get them something to decorate their house. Search for decorations that will turn their house into a treat to look at. If you find something that suits their taste, you can be sure they’ll be hanging those decorations on their walls in no time.

31. Easter veggie tray

Easter veggie tray


Got any vegan friends? Help them make proper cruelty-free Easter dishes that will bring a smile on their face and satisfy their cravings. It’s a great way to bond even more with them.

32. Easter Bunny Mug

Easter bunny mug


Mugs are pretty nice gifts all year round. Well, at least the creative ones. It’s an ideal gift for when you don’t know much about the person in question because it’s Easter-themed and it’s useful regardless of the time of the year.

Wrapping up

Did you find any of these ideas interesting? Hopefully, you’ve found at least one thing in this article that will put a smile on the face of anyone you’re planning on giving a gift to. We encourage you to get creative and add things of your own to any of the gifts shown above.