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DIY Custom Laundry Bag: How to customize a Canvas Laundry Bag with Iron-on

Meghan Quinones |

I know there are some people out there who love doing laundry. They find all of the steps leading up to clean folded laundry therapeutic and they actually look forward to laundry day. I am not one of those people. I don't dislike it since I'm a huge fan of fresh, clean clothes, however, I don't love it. It's one of those tasks I always finding myself putting off to the very last minute.

There are many reasons I'm not on team I heart laundry. One reason is the laundry bag I've used the last few years is not that big, which means laundry day comes much quicker. Another reason is I have to walk down a flight of stairs to do my laundry. My laundry bag is a bit awkward, making it a pain to schlep down my stairs.

I figured it was time to update my laundry bag situation along with everyone else in my family. So, I grabbed a large heavy canvas laundry bag with handles from ToteBag Factory! Not only is this laundry tote super sturdy, but it also comes with a handle! I can really pack in my clothes making my laundry days not as frequent. I'm also obsessed with the handle on it. I can toss this baby over my shoulder and head down to my laundry room with no issues. This is such a major win in my book!

I also love that since it's a blank canvas it can totally be customized. Being the good mom that I am, I decided to make a custom laundry tote for my son, Thomas. Now, he's only 3, but I figure if I can start him young getting his clothes in the laundry basket I'll be winning! Check out the full video tutorial below to see how you can make your own DIY custom laundry tote bag!





Step 1: Wash and dry your laundry bag without fabric softener to removing any sizing.  Press with an iron if wrinkly.

Step 2: Add painter’s tape toward the middle of the bag. Then, add another piece of tape below it, creating a thin line.

Step 3: Go over the line with paint in a circular motion.  Be sure to add a little bit of paint at a time to the brush so it doesn’t bleed.

Step 4: After you add the paint, remove both pieces of tape.

Step 5: Once the paint is dry, add a piece of painter’s tape on top of the line you just stenciled. 

Step 6:  Then, add another piece of painter’s tape 2” down. Begin stenciling in the line with black paint.  Remove both pieces of tape when finished.

Step 7:  Once the paint is dry, add a piece of painter’s tape over the stencil lined about ¾” from the bottom of the line.

Step 8:  Add another piece of painter’s tape below, creating another thin line. Add paint and remove just the top piece of tape when finished.

Step 9: Place another piece of painter’s tape about a ½” below the other piece of tape, stencil the line, and then remove both pieces of tape.

Step 10: Either use a Cricut machine to cut out a name from the iron-on vinyl, or you can print out a name template from a computer, trace it onto the vinyl, and cut.

Step 11: Place the vinyl on top of the first line (with the matte side down) and iron it according to the instructions on the vinyl packaging.

Step 12: Slowly remove the vinyl liner.


That’s it! You now have a DIY custom laundry bag that can house all of your dirty laundry as well as be displayed since it’s so chic!