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Customizations: Screen Printing, Iron On, Heat Transfer, and Embroidery

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        Customized tote bags are one of the most popular promotional products. There is almost no business that does not have customized tote bags. However, many employers are concerned about how difficult to have their company's logo or name on a promotional tote bag. It is absolutely so easy to do any type of customization to promotional tote bags. It is also the cheapest and the most effective way to promote a company. There are various ways to get a tote bag customized. The most commonly known techniques are screen printing, iron on, heat transfer, and embroidery. These techniques require heat resistance except embroidery. Canvas, cotton, non-woven, burlap jute, and polyester tote bags are all heat resistant, so they are customizable tote bags. Canvas, cotton, and burlap jute tote bags are resistant to about 350 Fahrenheit; polyester is resistant about 300 Fahrenheit, and non-Woven about 250 Fahrenheit (All temperatures are approximate, and they vary depends on the product and the duration of the heat.) All of our bags are all perfect for personalizations. Embroidery process does not require heat resistance; it is done by sowing. However, the best tote bags are canvas, cotton, burlap jute tote bags for embroidery process. Polyester and non-woven totes can also be embroidered. 

          Compared to promotional products such as pens, mugs, sticky notes etc., promotional tote bags are the best to print a logo or names because they have a larger surface and they can be used daily in everywhere. Moreover, promotional tote bags' material allows any complicated logos to be customized.