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Convention Tote Bags: A Win-Win Giveaway

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Be in the spotlight at the next convention, fair, or conference by handing out customized tote bags that represent your brand! Lately, personalized bags have become the most popular swag item that companies hand out to visitors in the hopes of converting them into clients. 

However, why does everybody seem to be so into these promotional gifts? If you are interested in why convention tote bags are such an asset  - not only for companies but for attendees too - you are in the perfect place. Moreover, we will present to you our customization service and all the details you need to create your perfect promotional tote bag for the coming convention.

Convention Tote Bags: Benefits for Companies

two woman at a fair stand with their products


When it comes to conventions or fairs, one of the most low-cost advertising for your brand remains the promotional tote bag. As a company, you will get plenty of logo exposure as your visitors walk around the floor with your attractive totes. 

The passersby who struggle carrying their gear and all the flyers handed out at the event will be pleased to receive your useful printed conference bags. They are also more likely to stop for long enough to hear your message.

A stack of custom tote bags is easy to ship and does not take up much space in a booth. These will serve as really valuable giveaways on the day of the convention. Also, we offer fast shipping so that the bags will arrive at your location just in time. Everyone is always looking for a booth that is ready to share a nice piece of fashion accessory along with the brand's message - and that booth can be yours! 

Referring to convention tote bags from another perspective, offering reusable bags to your visitors and customers is a huge step in the right environmental direction. It encourages more people to use these types of bags when shopping, rather than relying on plastic bags that only contribute to the environmental problem globally. Also, keep in mind that organic cotton canvas tote bags represent only the first step in a sustainable marketing strategy

Convention Tote Bags: Benefits for Visitors

woman holding a white printed tote bag


Participating at a convention or fair will be a win-win situation only if the visitors are having such a pleasant time that they would be ready to listen to brands' messages for hours. This can happen if you find a way to help them out by offering something useful, like a customized tote bag

They will be able to store all their essentials and other promotional products they received at the event. On the contrary, all the paper brand offers and memos will sadly likely end up in a nearby dumpster. 

Tote bags are always welcome gifts because they are practical, easy-care, and have many uses. Moreover, if the visitors are concerned about environmental changes, they would be even more pleased with the thought of receiving a reusable tote bag. According to sustainability specialists, sustainable items “provide environmental, social, and economic benefits," and this is such a comforting thought for eco-lovers. 

Last but not least, after the event, you can continue to use the convention tote can, since it is not only practical and spacious but fashionable as well. Its versatility makes the tote a functional and fashionable handbag option, and its uses are not few.

Our Custom Bags Offer

tote bag factory customization service options

Conventions and fairs attract hundreds of visitors and, within a short time, all of them will be looking for a bag to fill with the items they buy or get a tote for free at the display booths. Not only are these bags such a nice gift for the attendees, but they are also an intelligent way to advertise your brand. 

Our wholesale tote bags can be printed with the brand name and logo, event date and name, and any other info you would prefer. Moreover, our products come in cotton, polyester, and non-woven fabrics. Some styles are zippered, and others have pockets on the inside or outside. 

Our line of durable cotton denim convention tote bags come in several solid colors. In addition, we offer a wide selection of cheap promotional bags for conventions, so be sure to find something that fits your budget.

Keep in mind that even if you spend some extra money to design the best tote for the next fair, each visitor will become a promoter of your company even after the event. Tote bags make it easy for your clients — and for you, too.

Screen Print Service

color paint for screen printing


Besides the list of prices that you can check here, it’s important to know that there will be no extra fee, screen fee, flash curing fee, or any other hidden fee. You will just need to purchase the minimum quantity of 24 tote bags and pay for the screen printing process. Your order will be shipped in 7 to 10 days. 

We can print up to five different colors on our cotton tote bags and drawstring bags. Then, after you send us your design (the acceptable formats are JPG, TIF, PSD, AI, BITMAP), we create the virtual sample for you to approve. Depending on your preference, you can opt for the design to be featured on a single side or both sides of the bag.

No worries: you can always cancel your order and get a refund before you approve the mock-up. On the other hand, we cannot accept returns, cancellations, or exchanges on personalized products, once the mock-up is approved.

Furthermore, considering you are free to make any changes to your design before you approve the mock-up, we will only take your "APPROVED" virtual sample as a reference, and your final product will be the same as shown in this version. 

DTG - Digital Printing Service

digital printing device


The main advantage of digital printing is that it does not require a minimum order quantity. As for the fees and the shipping service, the same rules apply. Another benefit of choosing this printing process is that the number of colors that can be used for a single design is unlimited. 

Digital print service is also offered on a single side or both sides of the bag. However, you must double the number to accurately reflect the print order for a two-sided application. For instance, if you want your image on both sides of 12 bags, you will need to choose 24 as your print quantity. 

The preferred image formats are EPS, AI, CDR, PDF, and PNG with transparent/white background. You should email us your image as large as possible after you place the order. For that, you can use Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer. 

Also, remember that the larger the file, the better the print quality. So, considering you want us to print a design that is 10" in height, the image you send us must be at least this size. Otherwise, print quality might go down. For more information on how to care for your printed tote bag, read our previous article.

Embroidery Service

colorful embroidery samples


As for the Embroidery service, the list of prices does not include the tote bags’ price. So, don't forget to add your choice of bags to the cart to complete your order. Also, there will be no extra setup fee or any other hidden fee, and our orders will be shipped in 7 to 10 days.

Like the other printing services we offer, embroidery is also available on a single side or both sides of the bag. However, the quantity must be doubled to benefit from the two-sided application. In addition, for the embroidery service, the minimum order quantity is 12 totes, and the design formats we work with are JPG, TIF, PSD, AI, and BITMAP.

However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind no matter which customization process you’ll choose: all artwork must be designed and/or provided by our customers. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that their artwork is within all legal parameters. We hold no liability regarding trademarks, copyrights, or IP rights while printing any artwork provided to us. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the benefits of tote bags for conventions or fairs are numerous, and so are the market offers. The attendees will always be more than pleased to receive a fashionable and spacious tote bag to carry their belongings and all other promotional gifts. 

At the same time, the brands would save a lot of money, help take care of the planet, and put themselves in the spotlight. Therefore, the promotional tote bag remains a win-win solution for both sides.