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40+ Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a Unique Christmas

Priscilla Greene |

Are you looking for those rare unicorns that go by the name of “Christmas stocking stuffers that people will genuinely enjoy and actually get to use for more than once”?

Here’s our ultimate list of the best Christmas stocking ideas for this year to help you get out of the seasonal gift giving rut and start taking delight in the traditional gift hunting period once more.



1. Embossed Rolling Pin



This one makes a great gift for that baking enthusiast in your life. The rolling pin is made of eco-friendly materials, will last for ages, and make a great prop when baking with kids. Not to mention that every cookie made with it will bring the ‘wow’ factor to the table… guaranteed!

Related item: You will need a larger Christmas stocking for this one. Try any of our XL products, like this 24” jute/burlap Christmas stocking.


2. Festive Hydrating Lip Balm



Because winter is the season of chapped lips and those are not cool. This is one of those classic Christmas stocking ideas that never fail, and your recipient will likely use it too.

Go for classic scents like pumpkin spice, cinnamon, orange, coffee, pomegranate, honey and vanilla of pick something bolder like smore’s or ice cream.


3. Soothing Nightlight for Your Kid



A soothing nightlight for your baby or toddler is one of those things that ensures that your little bundle of joy gets a good night sleep.

Look for a device that generates white noise as well and sports features that will help you successfully sleep train your toddler. You’ll so thank yourself later.


4. Stylish Holiday Themed Tote


 Tote Bag Factory

One can never have too many tote bags and adding a Christmas-themed tote to your collection is one of the most sensible things to do over the holiday season.

You can pick one (or several) of our Heavy canvas Merry Christmas tote bags (pictured above) or add a personal touch to this stocking stuffer by customizing it yourself.


 5. Hungover Games Flask



The Hungover Games Flask, aka the ‘Liquid Courage’ Flask, and that Hunger Games fanatic in your life that might have a slight drinking problem which will surely get worse over the holidays go hand in hand.

The message might seem a bit passive aggressive but it’s a sobering reminder (pun intended), “No One Wins in a Hungover Game.”


 6. Ugly Christmas T-Shirt



Adorn this one with a funny message to show your hubby, wife or significant person in your life how much you love them. You can’t go wrong with an ugly T-shirt this holiday season unless central heating is broken.

Related: You can either buy a ready-made ugly T-shirt stocking stuffer or make it truly special by tapping our customization services at We’ll be more than glad to help you out with this one.


7. Bananagrams



Bananagrams are all the rage now but for those us who can proudly call themselves pre-Internet-era dinosaurs, these are a just a rehash of the classic game of Scrabble.

Nevertheless, the Bananagrams game is fun to play, everyone loves it, and you’ll be gently encouraging literacy in children of all ages.


8. DIY Crochet Cat Coasters



A handmade crochet cat coaster set is one of those Christmas stocking ideas best suitable for the cat ladies or cat gents in your life.

It is a practical and yet thoughtful gift, especially if you take the time of crocheting it yourself. Thankfully, the Internet abounds in crochet cat coaster patterns.


9. Hand Stamped Vintage Spoon



A hand stamped spoon with an inspiring or funny message, like ‘Cereal Killer’ or ‘Never Trust a Skinny Cook,’ will be a constant reminder to your loved ones of how special they are to you.

And you can make the gift even more personal by hand stamping the spoon yourself.


10. DIY Play Jar


The 'Unique Gifts in a Jar' topic is a trending issue among the online DIY community this year. Surprise your little angels with a thoughtful play jar entirely made by you.

Add small toys, colorful pencils and crayons, action figurines, and everything you know they might enjoy playing with.


11. Collapsible Water Bottle



This collapsible water bottle made of food-grade silicone folds down into a compact disc that can be tossed in your work tote, backpack, and even your pocket. It comes with extra bonus points in the practical department.


12. Christ-centered Christmas Books



On Christmas Day, everyone is partying but very few of us remember to congratulate the world's most ignored birthday gent, Baby Jesus Christ.

Try gifiting something special to your kids or yourself this year that will rekindle the lost Christmas spirit in your hearts and home.  


13. Pocket-sized Toolkit



Because you never know when you need a pocket-sized screwdriver that snuggly fits in your wallet... MacGyver would be proud.


14. Edible S'more Keyboard



Yep, ‘technofood’ is a thing (thanks Internet!) and it makes a great Christmas stocking stuffer for the techie foodie in your life. Just pair it with the right (funny) stocking and you’re set. 


 15. Tin of Witty Shakespearean Insult Bandages



A tin of funny band aids is that Christmas stocking stuffer you didn’t know you needed in your life. The Shakespeare-themed one is best for literature buffs and the Bard’s enthusiasts overall.

But for those who think Shakespeare is too passé, there’s also a funny pickle or a cringey bacon bandage variant.


16. Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty



Here’s another Christmas stocking idea that will likely become a huge hit among both kids and adults. Stressed-out adults can use this flexible lump of goo to destress or find inspiration at work, while kids will have something crazy fun to play with.

The best part is that Aaron’s thinking putty does not dry out and steadily returns to its original shape while not in use.


17. Homesick Scented Candle



Once lit, a Homesick Scented Candle will infuse your home with fragrances that bring back old but good memories like your ‘Grandma Kitchen,’ a ‘Library,’ and even your home state.


18. Fancy Noise-Cancelling Ear Buds



If you have extra $$ to spare, the AirPods Pro wireless ear buds make a great stocking stuffer for every audiophile in your life that needs a pair of good noise-cancelling earphones while on the go.

The AirPods Pro currently retail for a ‘paltry’ $250.


19. Heartwarming Scrapbook for Your BF



Christmas is a time to reflect on what went well in our relationships over the year that’s about to end and what we’d like to improve.

What better way to celebrate happy memories with your SO and to build a stronger bond together than a one-year anniversary scrap book?


20. Shampoo Bars



Shampoo bars are insanely practical but so horrendously underrated. Toss one of these in your loved ones’ Christmas stockings (for petite gifts, we recommend our cute 6" MINI Christmas Jute Stocking) with a note showing the X reasons they need one.

Include phrases like ‘lower carbon footprint’ and ‘less likely to strip natural oils from your hair’ in your note. We were sold.


21. Unique Gift Card Holder


Make a gift card in a Christmas stocking less boring with this unique double mason jar gift card holder. Use candies in a festive colors for maximum impact.


22. Luxurious Bath Bomb Kit



And because we’re in the bathroom department, one of our surefire Christmas stocking ideas is the festive bath bomb kit.

Pick a holiday-themed one and you’ve made friends for life with the pampering-loving population.


 23. Beard Care Kit



Talking about pampering. The men in your life need something special to tend to their favorite mark of manhood: a beard care kit.

There are dozens of products to choose from, just read the packaging carefully.


24. Fancy Smartphone Case



Turn your iPhone into a wallet with this flashy case and credit card holder or (even better) turn it into a mock mini-book and wallet with this other fancy phone case here. iPhone users will greatly appreciate this stocking stuffer.


25. DIY Holiday-themed Knits


Offer your loved ones Christmas-themed knits you’ve made yourself for them. Hand-knit items are not just classic tokens of affection, but they also look amazing in family photos.


26. Enticing Jerky Gift Box



This Jerky gift box is like a candy box for overly manly grownups. Just make sure that it won’t accidentally land in your vegan friend’s stocking.

We don't think any friendship could survive such a degree of recklessness.


 27. A Quality 'Spork' 


The 'spork' is the love child of a spoon and a fork. It is a strange looking camping utensil that can be used as both a spoon and a fork while on the go.

For ultralight backpacking enthusiasts, we recommend shelling out the extra $$$ and get a titanium one. Titanium sporks are the world’s lightest pieces of camping cutlery that won’t melt in a hot pot and they’ll last a lifetime.


28. World’s Strongest Coffee



Another great Christmas stocking idea is the self-proclaimed “world’s strongest ground coffee.” With an insane 28mg of caffeine per 12 ounces, it will surely wake the dead. 

So, if your gift recipient likes his or her coffee strong, they will surely enjoy the extra punch of the world’s strongest coffee.


29. Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder



When it comes to natural oral hygiene, activated charcoal is on everyone’s lips. The pitch black ingredient, paradoxically, makes your teeth whiter while keeping the nasty bacteria in your mouth at bay in an all-natural way.

So, do someone a world of good and add this item to their Christmas stocking.



 30. Ionic Hairbrush


Have you been constantly battling frizz and flyaway hair since time immemorial? An ionic hairbrush might be the surprising answer to all your hair woes.


31. Winter Survival Kit in a Jar


Fill this up to the brim with everything you believe your loved one will need to survive the cold season. Colorful vitamin C sachets, samples of organic honey, lip balm, citrus fruit, scented candles, Kleenex tissue, you name it.

Just line the bottom of the jar with shredded paper filler in neutral color and add an oversized tulle bow to the final masterpiece.


32. Battery-powered Lint Remover



This is a lifesaver. Do you have an old hoodie or favorite sweater you can no longer wear because of the unsightly buildup of fuzz balls? Give old apparel items a new life with this device.

Add a couple of batteries to the Christmas stocking if they're not included for a forever grateful gift recipient.


33. Curling Flat Iron


With this 2-in-1 no-fuss hair styling tool, you can straighten your hair or curl it depending on the occasion or your mood with just a switch of a button.

Look for a device with multiple heat settings to keep the risk of hair damage to a minimum.


34. Reindeer Poop (& Noses)


Kids love these.


35. Camera Lens Coffee Mug


Get your morning dose of liquid energy in this cool camera lens-shaped coffee mug.

This particular mug copies the EF 24-105mm f/4L USM lens to near perfection and even comes with a lid opening, which makes it great for commuting too.


36. Natural Bamboo Toothbrush


Add one of the world’s eco-friendliest toothbrushes to your family Christmas stockings to introduce your loved ones to the concept of sustainability. Bamboo toothbrushes are lightweight, anti-microbial, and biodegradable.

What’s more, you don't not have to worry about bamboos being cut down to make these toothbrushes. They grow at a stunning rate of grow 36 in per day, which makes them some of the fastest growing plants in the world.


37. Beard Wash and Beard Conditioner Set



Here’s another beard grooming kit because a manly man can never have too many.


38. Dry Shampoo



Dry shampoos are great for those lazy (or cold) mornings when you're not in the mood of washing your hair. Just spray this onto your locks, wait a few seconds for it to do its thing, brush everything off... and voila!... your hair looks squeaky clean again.

This great but grossly underrated hair care product is perfect for the cold season when our manes tend to get greasier faster than usual. Your oily-haired family member will perpetually thank you for it.


39. Gingerbread cookies



These will be an instant hit especially if they’re homemade. Strategically place them in all Christmas stockings as no Christmas celebration is complete without gingerbread.


40. Oddly Shaped USB Stick


There are dozens of oddly shaped USB drives out there that you can choose from. We’ve seen cupcakes-shaped USB sticks, bacon-shaped drives, and the cringe-inducing thumb-shaped flash drives (aka the ‘Literal Thumb Drives’).

Just get one that is spacious enough to fulfill your gift recipient’s backup needs.


41. Hand Cream



You can never go wrong with this one. Just pick something all-natural or festive.


42. Hidden-Gift Jar



Surprise your loved ones with a unique way of giving them money as a gift. This DIY hidden gift jar is easy to make and has a huge impact. You'll just need a mason jar, gift wrap, candy, a paper towel tube, and string. 

Watch your recipient jump with glee when they realize there's more in their gift beside candy.


To Wrap It Up


We hope you liked our selection of Christmas stocking ideas and found at least one interesting stuffer that could make a unique gift for that special someone that has everything. 

For more cool gift ideas, keep a watchful eye on our blog. And don’t forget to pair the stuffers of your choice with one of our special Christmas stockings.

Happy holiday shopping!

The TBF team