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Best Clear Stadium Bags to Let You Stroll Through Security No Questions Asked

Priscilla Greene |

Concerned with heightened security following multiple terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in recent years, many of the nation’s stadiums have adopted a clear bag policy under which sports fans are only allowed to store the personal items they cannot go without in a clear (tote) bag. However, since the bag should be “stadium-approved,” if sports fans want to steer clear of nasty surprises at the gates, they should look for a compliant bag. The now offers  several stadium-approved clear bags to get you past security no questions asked.

But before we briefly review those bags, let’s take a look at the so-called “clear bag policy” the SEC and NFL are so adamant about and see what it really means.

What Does the Clear Bag Policy Really Mean?

Football fans nationwide are aware of the relatively recent enhanced security measures limiting stadium access by setting a limit to the type and size of bag brought into the stadium. Watch Video ,According to both the SEC and the NFL, the public should be allowed in the stadium with a (single) bag that can be easily searched and is conveniently sized to cut the time spent in lines at the stadium gates.

The idea behind the policy is to prevent any potential ill-intentioned people from carrying firearms and explosive devices into the stadium. A clear bag of reasonable dimensions can be more easily searched at the entrance than a regular tote bag, drawstring back sack, or backpack, which means shorter wait times and fewer hassles. Under the bag policy for football games, football fans are allowed to bring with them just a clear bag (maximum 12” H x 12” L x 12” D) and a small clutch. The clear bag may be replaced by an (unclassy) one-gallon Ziploc/ plastic freezer bag made of clear material. The clear tote bag should be made of transparent plastic, vinyl or PVC.

Ticket holders can use a non-transparent clutch to store their smaller personal items like ID, car keys, phones and cash. The clutch should be no larger than 4.5” by 6.5”. Any extra small items that can’t fit in the clutch bag or your clear bag can be easily stored in your pockets or jacket (there’s no limit to that).

Blankets will be carried over the shoulder while cameras and binoculars can be carried around the neck, but without their own case. What’s more, conventional seat cushions, with pockets, zippers, and compartments are no longer permitted. The seat cushion should be “stadium-approved” too, namely to be see-through and not to have any visibility-reducing covers, pockets, and compartments.

It is worth noting that the restrictions set in place by football clubhouses apply only to the type of containers carried into the stadium, not to the items per se. But under the NFL stadium security rules, weapons, explosives, backpacks, fanny packs, and coolers are no longer allowed. Keep in mind that only a clear bag per person is permitted, while the league encourages football fans not to bring any bag into the stadium at all.

There are some exceptions, though. If the item is too large to fit the stadium-approved clear bag but it is a medically necessary item, it will be allowed in with its own case after careful inspection. Unfortunately, diapers are not considered medically necessary supplies so they should be tossed in the clear bag.

Ever since its introduction, the clear bag policy has been especially tough on women and families with small children (just like most NFL games to be honest). Women can no longer stow their prized possessions into their (oversized) totes to their heart’s content before lugging them into NFL stadiums, and a clutch the size of their hand just doesn’t make the cut. There have been multiple efforts by women to get rid of the bag ban, such as the MyPurseMyChoice 2013 campaign, but the NFL has so far turned a deaf ear to female football fans’ wishes and concerns.

To this day, the only elegant solution for a lady to the stadium-approved bag conundrum is a clear tote bag (check the link for our full selection). Fortunately, our see-through bags are approved for both NFL and PGA stadiums and meet all clear bag policy requirements for you to get past security hassle-free. Also, we have made sure that they are as roomy as they can be and sturdy enough for all your essentials to fit in.

Best Stadium Clear Bags for the Perfect Game Day

1. Transparent Stadium Approved Clear Tote Bag

The Transparent Stadium Approved Clear Tote Bag meets clear bag policy requirements when it comes to size (12”W x 12”H x 6”D) and material (clear vinyl). It has webbed handles for you to easily carry it either over the shoulder or by hand and comes in a clear design (with no logo on it) for you to customize it as you want.

At 8”W x 8”H, the imprint area is fairly generous but keep in mind that according to SEC rules, logos on clear bags should be no larger than 4.5" x 3.4" in order not to reduce visibility. Moreover, the logo should appear only on one side of the stadium-approved bag for the same reason.

2. Clear Stadium Tote Bag with Small Square Velcro Closure

Here’s another quality stadium-approved tote you can use on game day without worries. Unlike the previous clear bag, this clear stadium bags come with a subtle square Velcro closure to prevent your personal stuff from sliding out. At 12" x 12" x 6", it is both NFL and PGA stadium-compliant and so it is the material (clear PVC). The large imprint area allows for customization, but keep in mind SEC’s clear bag logo restrictions we have discussed above.

3. Clear Messenger Bag / Crossbody Stadium Bag


Need a bag to keep your personal items tightly secured while you’re strolling through stadium security? The Clear Messenger Bag is a stadium-approved crossbody bag that perfectly fits the bill. It has a zippered main compartment, a zippered exterior pocket for those really small personal items, like your keys and phone, and a practical interior mesh pocket for you to store your valuables, such as your cash, ID, and credit cards. This bag too is highly customizable and meets all clear bag requirements in both size (12”W x 12”H x 6”D) and materials (clear vinyl).

With us, you can shop with confidence. If any of these bags is not on your liking, you can always easily return it and get your money back. Happy shopping!