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Best Christmas Gifts for Couples: Our top 10 Picks

Priscilla Greene |

We have so many people to think about around Christmas when it comes to gifts, that we should hurry and get each of them something memorable. But we also have many friends who are a couple. Instead of offering individual gifts, you should buy with the couple in mind. One of the best plans is to focus on their hobbies and the things they love to do together. Also, you should consider gifts for the home or gifts that offer them the chance of having a new experience together. Today, we will present you with our best Christmas gifts for couples, so you stay ahead of your presents’ shopping game this year!

1. Date Night Idea Box for Romantic Couples


You can shop for this Date Night Idea Box for couples who keep the romantic spark bright. No matter their age, some couples love to share fun, magic, and whimsical moments. You can help them plan their next date night with this cute little idea box of wonders.

Of course, if you want to spice things up, you can turn this idea into a DIY project: pick a beautiful wooden or cardboard box, adorn it with crafty Christmas decorations, and fill it with notes you write yourself.

Offer your friends as many fun and inspiring date night ideas as you can muster from your imagination and make them the surprise of the year!

2. A Pair of Rolling Duffle Bags for Couples Sharing the Wanderlust

As we said above, focusing on a couple’s shared passions and hobbies is the best way to approach the winter season presents’ rush.

Some of the best Christmas gifts for couples who love to travel and have adventures together are stylish rolling duffle bags. They mix the comfort and space of duffle bags with the easiness of rolling suitcases.

Pick one for the couple or get each of your friends an individual rolling duffle bag. If you go for the pair, make sure they match. This gift works excellent not only for couples who love to spend time together while traveling but also for new couples getting ready for their honeymoon.

Married pairs will too adore such a gift – a reason more to stop postponing that getaway-in-two they have been planning for a long time.

If you want to spice things up, you can add a few accessories to such a wonderful gift for people you love:

• A pair of luxury personalized leather luggage tags;

• A couple of canvas zippered toiletry bags/travel kits, because a stylish bag needs an accompanying new cosmetic package.

• A travel album or travel agency’s brochure to help them pick their next adventure destination.

3. A Huge Goodie Christmas Bag for Sloths

Do you know those friends of yours who prefer spending the winter holidays under a thick blanket, binging on goodies and TV shows while refusing to go out of the house when it is cold? We all know such a couple. We call them “The Sloths” because they are lazy around all winter long, loving to spend time with each other in the comfort of their home.

You can surprise your favorite pair of couch potatoes by indulging their self-pampering winter addiction with one of the best Christmas gifts for couples in the whole world: the ultimate Sloth Bag!

Pick an extra-large jute Christmas stocking or a heavy Santa sack (if Santa feels generous with sloths this year) and fill it with all the goodies that will please your favorite couple and turn their special holiday together into a corner of Heaven:

• A luxurious box of handmade and crafted chocolates;

• A bottle of rich wine you know they love;

• A couple of scented candles to light up and spice up the atmosphere;

• A fuzzy fleece blanket for two so they can build their winter fort with it;

• A set of Christmas decorations for the home so they don’t have to go out to buy them themselves;

• A handful of nicely wrapped snacks, sweets, and delights they will munch during the holidays while enjoying peace, quiet, and each other;

• Batteries for the remote control.

You can tweak the content of the Christmas sock or sack depending on your friends’ tastes, wishes, hobbies, and guilty pleasures, but you get the idea: help your favorite couch potatoes enjoy a magical Christmas together!

4. Dinner for Two Cookbook


Some couples have no idea how to cook, while other couples love to cook together. Either way, a cookbook featuring healthy, delicious, and perfectly portioned dinner for two recipes is one of the best Christmas gifts for couples this year.

They may enter an entirely new realm of culinary wonders or discover gastronomy secrets they did not know. Put the book in a nicely picked small burlap gift bag you can further personalize with a happy Christmas wish, the couples’ monogram, or other stylish decorations (look at this guide for inspiration) and throw in a Christmas card as well.

As an alternative, for couples loving to throw parties, buy them a cocktail recipe book instead of a cooking one. If everything goes according to your plot, you will enjoy those innovative cocktails soon enough!

5. Funky Board games for Geeks


The young generation loves to play board games, tabletop games, video games, charades, and everything in between. When you are young and love to spend time with your friends, few things bring people together better and stronger than games do.

Luckily, in this department, your possibilities are endless. You can buy them a game they can play only together in the couple, but where is the fun in that?

• You can get them a board game inspired by a well-known pop culture or literary figure, trope, or story;

• You can get them a funny board game or card game to engage the whole bunch in a cooperative adventure or, on the contrary, in an intense conflict;

• You can go for the more formal side of thing and get your favorite couple an elegant chess set;

• You can go for the less serious side of things and explore games like Cards against Humanity or Exploding Kittens;

• Do we have to mention that your geek friends will love anything related to their fandom or gaming style?

When a person or a couple receives a game from its pack, they have to try it, test it, and see how things go. In other words, prepare for a fun winter holiday with your bunch of smart geeks playing the latest game some of you have received.

6. Light-Blocking Sleeping Masks for the Sleepless


Do you know those couples who bicker about their havoc sleeping patterns? One wants to sleep while the other – the reading night owl – loves to spend the night with an awesome book, does it sound familiar? And sometimes things happen right the other way around?

To solve this couple issue this year, we recommend you to get them a pair of light-blocking sleeping masks. Some masks block light from all angles, allowing your friends to enjoy a good night’s sleep if they are the dynamic types that work a lot and get too little rest.

Moreover, you can get them some sound-blocking earmuffs for the winter weekends when they want to sleep in without a care in the world.

7. Books for the Bookworms

Did you know in some countries – such as Iceland for instance – gifting books for Christmas is a national sport? And did you know some people want nothing more for the winter holidays than sitting in their favorite armchair with a book and a cup of hot tea or cocoa?

If you have book warms among you, books are the best Christmas gifts for couples – and all people in general.

• Pick a beautiful Merry Christmas canvas tote bag;

• Go to your friends’ favorite bookstore and fill the bag with books you know they love and would like to read this season. From poetry to technical publications, and from fantasy novels to weird stories, the world of literature is yours and soon will be theirs too.

• Add a pair of seasonal bookmarks or, if you want to add a personal touch to the gift, create some crafty handmade bookmarks of your design and build.

• Do you want to spice things up for your reading aficionados? Insert a box of instant hot chocolate or gourmet cocoa powder so they can live the dream in the comfort of their home.

8. Event Tickets for the Ones with a Penchant for Culture


We all have some couple in our group or family that loves a high-class Christmas. It means they always reserve tickets to the philharmonic, the opera, the theater, or Christmas concerts, galas, shows, art gallery exhibitions, and more.

Offer them the surprise of their life and buy such tickets for them. No matter if they are your parents or in-laws, your best friends, colleagues from work, or other couples you know and love, such gifts will always put a smile on their faces, mainly if they are into cultural events and happenings.

Well, some may want to attend a rock concert, so you should better hurry and check for available tickets this time of year!

9. Home for the Holidays Gift Basket for Gourmands


In comparison to Sloths, who love to stay in for reading, chilling and TV binging, taking naps, and idling around, the Gourmands see the Christmas holidays as the perfect opportunity to indulge in the testing and tasting of delicacies. They are the people praising their family for lavish Christmas dinners and emptying the supermarkets of everything sweet.

• Consider specialty cheeses, sausages, and cured meats, cakes, chocolates, wine, foie gras, and other luxury spreads, crackers, and all possible types of snacks you know they love.

If you have to pick the best Christmas gifts for couples this year and you have culinary aficionados in the family or the gang, a gourmet basket with all the trimmings may be the best idea you had this season.

• Don’t forget to adorn the basket with Christmas decorations and fir branches, tinsel, and so on.

10. Memberships and Subscriptions for those with a Boredom Threat


You can make some people very happy this year – and even contribute to the rekindling of their relationship – by offering the couple a membership or a class to learn/do something together.

Some couples have been together for so long, routines and everyday life menaces them with boredom, fixed patterns, and lack of joy. While this is normal, shaking off the rust and finding new quirky things to do together may help them rediscover each other and the pure joy of being together.

Other couples, while young, act like old married couples, succumbing to daily stress and habits. Put a stop to this madness by offering the couple a new path: the one of going together to a class or a club or doing something together.

Simply put, you can buy them all sorts of membership cards, subscriptions, and vouchers for some of these activities:

• Ballroom dance subscription – to remind your parents, perhaps, the fun they had back in their wild disco days;

• A gym and spa membership for two – as they both need to unwind, no matter their age;

• One year subscription to their neighborhood cinema for movie lovers; same goes for theatre, museums, opera, and so on;

• A full city-break tourist package to send them away in a quest for a romantic rediscovery;

• Book vouchers from their favorite bookstore to fill their lives with all the reading they want;

• Some extreme sports memberships – for the young couple willing to try something crazy and different but not having the time or the energy to follow such project;

• Arts and crafts lessons/photography class subscriptions for those who have tried most things and had art on their bucket list, and so on.

You get our point: offer your favorite couple or couples the chance of doing something new together – or something they love – with little investment from your part but with outstanding results for both of them! There are dozens of things for couples to do besides watching TV and you can help them discover them!

Final Thoughts

Finding the best Christmas gifts for couples this year is not hard. It will not ruin you either if you put your mind to it and allow your heart to take the wheel. Don't forget that no awesome gift is complete without gorgeous gift bags you can customize! We are always here to offer you the best ideas and the best gifts – and personalized to boot – for your most favorite people in the world