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Best tote Bags for Work this Year

Paul H. |

best tote bags for work

Everybody knows tote bags are some of the most versatile and fashionable accessories of late. Perfect for shopping and leisure, such bags became a crowd favorite when it comes to going to the office or work on your freelance projects. Available in a wide diversity of sizes and shapes, featuring sturdy, yet stylish fabrics and offering comfort, tote bags for work took the world by the storm.

You can carry your laptop or notebooks, phone, personal belongings, and some of your favorite gadgets while looking casual, relaxed, and laid back. Today, we will show you our favorite best tote bags for work to get your hands on this year. In addition, if you want some celebrity-style inspiration, look no further, because you have come to the right place!

1. White Large Heavy Canvas Tote Bag

Kerri Russel carrying large tote bag

This tote bag is so versatile and functional, it has become a staple of laid back women who are always on the run. If Kerri Russel is an example, then you know what we mean. A large canvas tote bag can host everything from your laptop to your favorite books if you wear it to work, school, or other freelance projects.

A sunny day, a summer dress, comfortable shoes, a nice purse and your tote and you will always be good to go and conquer the world or close on some important contracts.

Of course, you can get wholesale canvas tote bags in a sturdy material in all the colors you want. This way, you can match each tote to your favorite outfits and personal styles.

If you want to follow Kerri’s example, you can personalize your plain canvas bag with designs, drawings, and prints that speak of your personality and tastes.

2. Non-Woven Polypropylene Zippered Tote Bag

assortment of two toned tote bags

If you always wanted a two-tone zippered tote bag for work, this model is one of the best money can buy. This zippered tote keeps your cargo safe and secluded while offering easy access. The choice of colors make it a fan favorite, as it matches all outfits and personal styles.

It works great with casual, street-smart clothes – if you pick the joyful contrasting tones – or with demure, office-style attire – if you pick the black & white stylish combinations. Of course, you can purchase a whole pack of such tote bags in all color mixes to make sure you look fresh and cool every day of the year.

3. Large Natural Canvas Tote Bag

wafah dufour carrying large tote bag

Wafah Dufour has quite the reputation – but not because of her family ties. She is a well-loved American singer-songwriter, socialite, and model who loves to attend social events wearing oversized neutral canvas totes.

At the at Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, Wafah displayed a toned-down leather outfit and a jumbo canvas neutral tote bag to complete her casual, yet stylish look.

We know, Wafah was attending a high-life event, but she seems to carry quite a load in her heavy canvas bag. This is a supplemental reason for you to consider that some of the best tote bags for work are the ones coming in plain and easy to match nuances that can carry your office cargo without a sweat.

4. Stylish Handbag-Style Poly Tote Bag

multiple cotton tote bags

If you want the best of the world of tote bags and the one of stylish designer-like handbags, you have to check out these poly tote bags with zippers. Their handle comes in a durable fabric.

The storage space of the bag lets you bring just about anything, and then some. Moreover, the opening of the main compartment offers easy access while keeping your cargo safe.

If you want a lightweight and versatile alternative to a classic handbag, you can be sure this type of bag will meet and exceed all of your expectations. You can wear it with a casual combo with slim leather pants, sneakers, a fitted leather jacket, and a cute top.

For a more formal look, pick slim office trousers, some comfortable heels, and a fancy cardigan. By far some of the best tote bags for work, these ones mix style with utility to a tee.

5. Cotton Canvas Bags with Contrast Handles

Christie brinkley wearing tote bag

Christie Brinkley’s cotton tote bag with colored handles is an inspiration for all of us, especially when she displays such a simple and powerful message.

Following in her footsteps has never been easier: our collection of contrasting handles cotton bags features reinforced stress points, heavy canvas, and durable fabric.

These are some of the best tote bags for work because they are large enough to carry all your necessary things. Moreover, the reinforcements allow you to carry the bags for years without them suffering from the usual wear and tear.

Given the contrasting handles, you can also pick more than one and match them to your daily work outfits, no matter if they are casual or elegant.

6. Heavy Cotton Denim Convention Tote Bag

assortment of denim tote bags

For the women who prefer a fresher look, we have the heavy denim convention tote bag. Its reputation as one of the most useful, stylish, and versatile handbags for leisure or office has been long established by celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon. 

As you know, our denim bags come in heavy 10-ounce denim, 100% cotton twill fabric that offers a unique and cool look, not to mention the sturdiness you need when you carry your laptop and stuff at work.

7. Vividly Colored Cotton Tote Bag with Gusset

Sadie Frost wearing bright yellow tote bag

Last but not least on our top best tote bags for work we have an eye-catching yellow cotton tote bag with gusset that can make you look like a celebrity without any effort.

Sadie Frost knows how to draw attention with one single accessory, mixed with an otherwise low-key demure outfit. If you want to follow her example, you can screen-print your colored cotton tote bag with a design of your choice as well.

The important thing here is that you can get a handful of such vivid, versatile, large, and sturdy bags at wholesale prices and wear them with all the outfits you can think of.

These products are the best tote bags for work because they can carry quite the cargo, as the 100% cotton sheeting makes it durable and last for years of usage.

Wrapping up…

Which are your favorite tote bags for work? Do you prefer them to classic handbags or do you save them for more casual activities? Which of these products would you wear tomorrow to your office or to finish your freelance project?