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20 Reasons Why Gyms Should Hand Out Promotional Drawstring Bags

Priscilla Greene |

reasons why gyms should hand out promotional drawstring bags

There are only so many ways in which a gym can attract new customers. Direct advertising is one, but it feels a little too impersonal sometimes, especially if we’re not talking about a large chain of gyms. This is where giveaways come in. A personalized object that your already faithful clients can flaunt on various occasions can determine the people they meet to look you up and maybe give your services a go. Therefore, in this article we will be presenting you a list of 20 reasons why gyms should hand out promotional drawstring bags.

1. Word of Mouth

Offering promotional drawstring bags is like initiating a word-of-mouth campaign. When a member of your gym wears the bag, he/she recommends your gym by accepting to wear an item that contains its logo.

You may personalize them depending on the member’s experience in the gym like, for example Expert level achieved or Fitness pro in becoming. This will motivate your client while passers-by will see both the results of working out at your gym and trainers’ guidance.

2. Brand Awareness

branded drawstring backpack

When they see a sport cotton drawstring bag that contains your logo, passers-by will perceive your gym as a local business they have access to. Quantity speaks, so more bags mean more brand ambassadors.

More bags reach a larger audience, which will begin to be curious and research for your gym. The simpler and familiar your gym name sounds, the more people will remember it until researching. The more gym members wear the bag, the wider visibility you gain every day.

3. Increased Website Traffic

The next stop on your new customer journey map is their attention - focused on your website. Such a promotional campaign (and the results you expect) pushes you to cover all aspects of your marketing strategy - your website being one large part of it.

However, if you expect plenty of traffic to pour in from the people wearing your brand logo and details on their backpacks, you have to make sure that you have a flawless, friendly and up-to-date website and attractive social media pages.

You have the chance to research and review your online presence and improve it, if necessary. Many entrepreneurs neglect their websites, but such a promotion will keep you on your toes to make everything perfect for the new visitors you target with your promotional drawstrings bags.

4. Loyal Members

drawstring backpack with nylon mesh

Promotional drawstring bags are ultimately meant for your gym members. They are the ones who fully benefit from them and might prefer them for daily use. These bags are genderless, so can be worn by both men and women. Also, their strings are comfortable, and the storage space is generous.

A high quality nylon mesh bag also includes a front pocket, which is incredibly useful. Once you’ve gained loyalty, gym members will be more motivated to recommend your gym to their friends.

5. Online Presence

A bag that its owner likes will soon become a daily accessory. Eventually, the bag will appear in pictures on social media, as the gym member takes trips, goes to the pool or even shopping.

You can boost your online presence by researching for those pictures on your members’ profiles and monitoring tags. You can start a discussion about gym and fitness by thanking the members for posting. This way, you will get an upper hand as an attentive customer service provider.

6. Fresh Community

personalized blue tote bags

Besides keeping your already loyal community even closer, you can increase the interest of fresh new clients. Though it’s difficult to measure, you can develop a marketing strategy – maybe with some expended stylish poly promotional drawstring bags – for newcomers. If you ask them where they heard about your gym and they mention a drawstring bag, you can offer them a personalized one too. By catching their eye, you also add a positive and caring image to your gym.

7. Niche Enlargement

There are 36,180 million people affiliated to a sports gym in the USA. This makes it the leading country in the field, according to the 2016 IHRSA Global Report. Many of the over 180,000 gym clubs now follow the trend of specializing and choosing a niche target audience.

By successfully offering promotional drawstring bags, you may gain fresh relevant information on your audience or see which audience is easier to reach, if you decide to enlarge your niche. You get to enjoy a market study, based on the results.

8. Appealing Design

camouflage drawstring bag

Promotional drawstring bags can be personalized depending on your design. You can choose a model that you would wear and distribute it among your clients. The camouflage-patterned drawstring backpack has a front-zippered pocket and is easy to carry. Your clients are more eager to wear a bag with a design they like and relate to. Meanwhile, they associate the appealing bag to your gym’s positive image.

9. Timing Coverage

Handing out promotional drawstring bags could be an efficient marketing strategy for the times when you have less clients than usual. By embracing this initiative before this period, you have the chance to gain new clients specifically when your schedule begins to show empty spots. Also, your gym members will be motivated to continue their workout by having a bag that suits their needs.

10. Versatility

drawstring backpacks with two colors

The drawstring bag is versatile and easy to carry while leaving your hands free. Weight distributes between shoulders, without adding pressure due to the strings. The two-tone canvas backpack is popular due to its durability, adjustable quality strings and ease of use. It is helpful for daily activities and fit for both men and women.

11. Increased Engagement

Initiating a hand out for your gym members will increase their opening towards your business’s culture. This engages them in participating in your gym’s initiatives and to pay more attention to what you communicate. Free items engage clients and generate discussion topics about your gym club.

You may receive feedback about the bags on social media networks or even requests from other members. This is what professional marketers call “business storytelling” and it is a winning horse for all brands big and small.

12. Encouraging Sports

assortment of colorful polypropylene tote bags

Promotional drawstring bags come in plenty of sizes and designs. The colorful and fun small-sized bag for kids can be given to clients that are parents and encourage them in pursuing sports.

Adults will have a chance to consider other sports too and a healthy lifestyle due to this accessory. Consequently, the freebie motivates them and redirects them to your gym. The kids will have fun, the parents will get in shape, and your brand will become something everybody speaks about fondly.

13. Product Reputation

Drawstring bags were invented in 1984. However, in the last 20 years they spread and gained the reputation of accessible products that come in handy on any occasion. They are used by persons of all ages and preferred by employees who take them to work. When choosing them, you benefit from this reputation of trustworthy, highly practical, versatile products.

14. Specialized Advertising

purple drawstring backpack

By developing a unique design for the drawstring bags, you can promote a specific service or equipment from your gym. However, take note that you cannot control the duration of this campaign and you might end up, in one year, with a new client that asks about old equipment. By developing a relevant design, you can decide specifically what to show to passers-by about your business.

While some models are universally recognized and loved, you can step a little outside the box and consider a nylon mesh bag with front pocket so everybody can take a sneak-peek at the wearer’s gym outfit and get in the mood for exercise.

15. Review Visibility

Some of the first information that a new audience will search for, while documenting about your gym business, is reputation. They will research for opinions, reviews, recommendations, and comments. You can also search for these before handing out the drawstring bags and have a clear view of clients’ feedback. After the campaign begins, you may even notice positive review based on your hand out.

16. They Fit a Small Budget

assortment of colorful drawstring backpacks on floor

The promotional drawstring bags can be bought on wholesale and have low prices. The more bags you buy, the bigger the discount. You can choose budget monochrome large bags and benefit from a generous area to print your logo on. Also, you don’t need further investment in support campaigns for the hand out or printing equipment.

17. Influencer Marketing

Among your gym members you might find influencers with strong communities who pay attention to and consider their choices and opinions. Handing out drawstring bags to influencers might turn into visibility on social media networks with a large public. If the influencer recommends your gym, then you might gain a new audience that already has a positive image about your business.

18. Effortless Advertising

personalized laundry bags

Clients are attracted to giveaways, as they involve no effort. They don’t need to participate in a contest, subscribe, or share content. The hand out is a reward that will motivate them to be more attentive to your campaigns and advertising initiatives. You can create a database of those active gym members and develop future campaigns.

19. Content Generators

You can generate content on your website or social media pages based on the promotional drawstring bags and create appealing mini-campaigns. The pictures you find with the bags you already offered may inspire you to try new creative ideas, besides re-sharing them. You may even write content some time after the campaign begins and develop statistics based on the new members you welcome.

Keeping the conversation going on your website or social media network about those entertaining two-tone canvas sports bags with funky calls-to-action is a reputable marketing strategy.

20. Brand Emphasizing

personalized laundry bag

By giving away promotional drawstring bags, you choose products that fit your target and the specific of your gym. You can find features of the bag that match your niche or the specific message you want to send. This way, you promote your brand to prospects, while you make it even clearer to those who already are your gym members.

Promotional Drawstring Bags vs. Regular Bags

  • Drawstring bags are comfortable to wear. Unlike regular hand bags, drawstrings help people have their hands free while carrying your bag or backpack. Owners can use their phones or carry other bags while comfortably enjoying their giveaway.
  • They complete a casual or sporty look. Promotional drawstring bags are fit for an everyday look with jeans, not to mention how suitable they are for sporty outfits and shoes. They can be worn anytime during the day and can replace a sports bag or a regular backpack and cover all needs from running errands to accessorizing an urban look.
  • You can choose eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly drawstring bags are made without color chemicals and are reusable. These products are washable and can successfully replace plastic bags for all types of usage.
  • Promotional drawstring bags are lightweight. Yet, they are also strong and able to carry people's’ daily weight. Here’s an explanation to the amount of material used for the bags. They support heavy items without causing discomfort. People can also carry them in their hands, if necessary.
  • A drawstring bag offers more visibility. Due to the cotton-canvas, polyester, or nylon materials they are made of, drawstring bags don’t fold during the time they are worn. Also, the customized message is more visible when carried on the back and not by hand.
  • There is no budget difference. Drawstring backpacks are extremely budget friendly in bulk. They also get shipped through a high quality and affordable company that has an insignificant impact on the products’ final price. Due to being washable, the drawstring bags are also investments in long-term usage. The fabrics and the sowing make them durable and resilient in time and to wear-and-tear.
  • Large and small businesses can choose them. Regular bags are usually associated with shops, supermarkets, or home design stores. Promotional drawstring bags are suitable for all businesses, regardless of their audience or products. You can print your company logo and send a message through a universally loved product.

Wrapping Up

Promotional drawstring bags are versatile, comfortable and appealing to both their user and those who see them. By using these bags, you might even create a trend among active, workout-passionate people. The right design does half of the job of handing out a daily-use item, together with the fabric it comes in. The other half of the job is the colors and messages you choose.

You can use promotional drawstring bags for promoting your gym, an event, specific equipment or subscriptions, or even to support an already existing campaign. Drawstrings provide you the quality support you need to improve your brand’s image even more. Also, they increase your brand awareness and reinforce word-of-mouth recommendations.