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What does the weight (e.g. 6-oz, 12-oz canvas) of a cotton tote bag mean?

Priscilla Greene |

You will note that the majority of the blank tote bags that are available for you to use for your printing or embroidery projects or for everyday usage come with a certain amount of weight attached to them when you shop for these bags. In addition, these measures shift quite a bit depending on the kind of bag being used. Cotton tote bags can weigh between 6 and 8 ounces, whereas canvas tote bags can weigh between 10 and 12 ounces.

We are willing to guess that you have undoubtedly asked yourself, "Well, what exactly does this mean?" Today, we are going to have an in-depth discussion on the weight of cotton tote bags (as well as canvas bags). The next time you come across such measures, you will be prepared with the knowledge necessary to act appropriately and select the appropriate tote bag for your requirements.

The Magical Land of Oz

When you see measurements written in ounces (oz), you know that people are discussing ounces, which are units of weight measurement in the Imperial system. When you're in the kitchen, you measure the components of your recipes using ounces. In the same way, the weight of fabric products such as t-shirts, bed linen, and cotton/canvas tote bags are measured in ounces by industry professionals who specialize in the production and sale of textile goods.

We need to take into account the weight of one square yard of material if we are going to have a better understanding of what the weight indicates. It doesn't matter if it's a small tote bag or a jumbo-sized laundry bag; the process remains the same. This makes it a rather straightforward endeavor. One square yard continues to be the standard unit of measurement for a variety of materials.

The complexity here lies in the fact that this weight (the total number of ounces) is dependent on the weight that is averaged out across all of the hues. Because dark colors require more dye than, for example, light colors or white material, darker colors typically weigh a little bit more than lighter hues (the more color, the more weight is added to the fabric). So, while the weight of a bag piece may be described as 6 oz, the item with a dark color may be as much as 6.5 oz, and the item with a white color may be as little as 5.8 oz.

However, you should be aware that the weight of the fabric will increase in direct proportion to the number of ounces it contains.

The second issue is one that is not as straightforward; normally, you would imagine that the material would be thicker and stronger in proportion to how significant it is. It's not always the case, unfortunately. Cotton fibers can be made by a variety of procedures, and depending on those processes, an article of clothing with a lower total weight might be able to withstand wear and tear better than an article of clothing with a higher total weight.

Oz per Square or Linear?

Some manufacturers will mark their cotton tote bags with the measurements for a square yard if they are available. On the other hand, some people utilize the linear yard measurement to determine the weight of a tote bag. This is how everything shakes out.

  • A linear yard is a section of material that is a yard long, but can vary in width;
  • In this case, the manufacturer measures in ounces per linear yard, or oz/yd;
  • In other words, the fabric you see that measures 6.1 ounces per linear yard usually feels much lighter than a material that weighs 1 ounces per square yard, because it is much less dense.

Nonetheless, the ounces per square yard technique is used for the majority of measures. If you are unsure that you will be able to find a cotton tote bag for work that is thick, tough, and durable enough to hold all of your bulky stuff, you should ask the manufacturer to directly explain the weight that is printed on the bag to you.

The Metric System

The ounce is the standard unit of measurement for weight in the imperial system. What should you do if you wish to buy tote bags from websites or stores that use the metric system instead of standard units?

The metric system of measuring is utilized in the great majority of the countries throughout the world. The gram per square meter, abbreviated as GSM, is the standard unit that's used to measure the weight of cloth in the metric system. The density of the tote bag increases proportionately with the GSM number.

There are two approaches of converting imperial measurements to their metric equivalents:

Use a measurement converter that you find online; it is one of the safest ways to convert ounces into grams and vice versa. Keep in mind that 1 gram is equal to 0.04 ounces; in other words, if you want to convert a GSM weight into ounces to understand what you want to buy, multiply the grams by 0.04.

    Why is a Cotton Tote Bag’s Weight Important in Your Shopping Decision?

    As we said, more massive (in ounces) cotton tote bags may give you a good idea on how resilient, durable, and strong your cotton tote bag will be.

    Cotton tote bag manufacturers and sellers use the following measurements and associate them with the following products:

    • Cotton tote bag weighing 2 ounces; this is a very flimsy bag that you can use to hold your newspapers or other extremely light goods.
    • Cotton tote bag weighing 4 ounces; despite the fact that it is thin, you can use cotton tote bags for a variety of things, including promotional cotton tote bags, inventive corporate gift baskets, bridal and wedding cotton twill gift bags, and more; cotton twill gift bags for weddings and bridal showers.
    • 6 oz. Cotton tote bag - the most typical application of cotton on tote bags, the weight difference between 4 oz. Cotton and 6 oz. Cotton being the main distinction. Cotton tote bags are significant; therefore, you should go for the 6 oz. versions if you want to buy wholesale affordable cotton tote bags for promotional purposes or corporate gifts.

    Now that we've covered cotton tote bags, it's time to talk a little bit about canvas tote bags. Canvas tote bags are a bit more durable than cotton tote bags. Cotton is a common material used to make canvas bags; the primary difference is in the weaving process. Canvas is a more durable fabric than cotton because it is heavier and has a more uneven surface. However, this difference in the weight should be taken into consideration according to your purpose of use. If you are preparing a travel bag, for example, you should choose light fabrics for easy carry and mobility. On the other hand, a durable bag would be more appropriate for camping or rough contexts where the bag might have damage. Of course, there are several other daily uses concerning tote bags.

    8 ounce canvas tote bags can be used for grocery shopping and other day-to-day activities; however, they are not as popular as the following sort of tote bag on this list, which is 10 ounce canvas tote bags.

    Read our guide on how to clean canvas tote bags to keep their qualities and features for a lifetime; canvas tote bags are the standard of quality when it comes to durable shopping canvas totes, able to resist wear and tear for years.

    The most prevalent application of canvas on tote bags is in the form of 12 ounce canvas tote bags. You may discover canvas tote bags made of 12 ounces of material that are more completed and fashionable than those made of 10 ounces of material; 14, 16, and 18 ounces of material are also available. Canvas tote bags – we have now entered the realm of high fashion; these canvas tote bags do not look like bags that you would take shopping; rather, they seem like sophisticated office purses and sumptuous high-end party accessories.

    The topic of the distinction between cotton tote bags and canvas tote bags is one that has been discussed in the past on this blog. The weight is also a key factor; fashion experts recommend using canvas tote bags for office days or for teachers who are getting ready for the new school year in a smart manner. Not only does the fabric itself make significant distinctions, but the weight is also a factor.

    Weight versus Thread Count

    The thread count and the weight of the fabric are not exactly the same thing. For instance, when a manufacturer tells you the thread count of a product, such as the bed sheets, towels, dresses, and tote bags they sell, they are informing you of the number of threads that can be found in one square inch of fabric.

    If the fabric weight of a tote bag indicates how dense the material is, then the thread count reveals whether or not the material is smooth or coarse. Consequently, the product will be sleeker, cozier, and more trendy if it has a greater thread count. This is because more threads equals a higher count.

    When it comes to tote bags made of cotton or canvas, thread count is not as important, but it is quite important when it comes to tote bags made of jute or burlap. Tote bags made of jute, for instance, can sometimes be purchased with grades that indicate the thread count (and some manufacturers usually associate with ounces measurements).

    • 13/13 strands per one inch (12 oz.) jute tote bag is the most popular type of jute tote bag found in stores and is utilized for the production of lightweight burlap tote bags for use in advertising;
    • 14/15 strands per one inch (16 oz.) jute tote bags — these jute tote bags are of a high quality and are sturdy, and they are ideal for manufacturing gift/party favor tote bags that are both attractive and resistant to the weight of their contents;
    • Jute tote bags with 17/17 strands per inch and a weight of 20 ounces are utilized for the production of high design tote bags.

    When shopping for cotton, canvas, or even reusable grocery bags for day-to-day usage, fashion use, promotional purposes, or gift-wrapping, paying attention to the weight of the fabric might provide some insight into the quality of the products you intend to purchase.

    Even though the equivalents and the measures are not completely accurate, you are aware that you cannot use a cotton tote that weighs only 2 ounces to transport your instructor's books, laptop, and other personal belongings. In a similar vein, if you are looking for a fashionable purse for the office that not only looks great but also has enough space to carry everything you need, the trendy burlap tote would be a better option than the 10 oz. canvas one.

    We sincerely hope that the information that we provided was of some value to you and that it assisted you in making more informed decisions regarding your go-to tote bags. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further inquiries concerning the weights of fabrics and the thread counts.