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Push Your Brand Awareness to the Next Level with Our Rolling Duffel Bags

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We at have first-hand experience with the importance of locating the very greatest marketing accessories to assist you in constructing a name for your brand. We are of the opinion that a branded, customised rolling travel bag with your company's logo printed on it is all that your prospective clients or supporters require in order to remember your company or sports team for an extended period of time.

This kind of marketing strategy is not only more effective than the majority of online and offline advertising efforts, but it also costs far less money. You will be able to keep your business on people's thoughts far more effectively than they would be able to remember an advertisement, which is easy to forget. Additionally, a travel bag has the benefit of being very practical, which is an additional bonus. For example, each of our travel bags comes with a sufficient number of compartments to ensure that the user's clothing and other belongings are kept secure.

In certain bags, the wearer is able to store their garments in one compartment, their footwear in another, and their accessories in the more compact pockets. For instance, they can put their wallet, phone, and other critical documents in the zippered pockets on the interior of the bag, while goods like bus tickets, which they require quick access to, can be stored in the side pockets.

As each of our rolling travel duffel bags has a zipper, we can guarantee that the possessions of your customers will remain safe and secure. As a result, people do not need to be concerned about their belongings being lost while they are traveling. They have the option of selecting either a large or a small bag, depending on whether they are going to be traveling lightly or if they will have a lot of stuff with them. We have bags in a range of sizes, from miniature to medium to giant.

There is a wide variety of patterns and hues available for the bags. You have the option, for the sake of promotion, of selecting either a black bag or a two-toned bag in the colors of your choice. Our inexpensive duffel bags are available in a variety of fashionable and high-quality designs, so you can choose whether to let other people wheel their luggage or to carry only your own.

Since we sell at the wholesale price, most of them also have prices that are to the buyer's advantage. You need to go to our website in order to make your selection of the purse that works best for you. If you want to give them a more personal touch, you may ask our staff to embroider your company logo or a custom design onto the bag of your choosing. Because we are a one-stop store, you won't have to pay any additional fees or worry about variations in the product's quality.


Our Personalization Services

All our bags can be personalized by adding your favorite design or your company's or your sports team' logo to them. At Tote Bag Factory, we offer three types of bag personalization services:

  • Screen PrintThis service is for simple designs, such as company logos, as it can best match the colors of your logo for an accurate final result, unlike DTG, and it costs more the more colors you request for a design. It is also more suitable for high quantity orders than digital printing or embroidery. Screen printing has also more vibrant colors and it is more suitable for darker fabrics than digital print.
  • Digital (DTG) PrintDTG is best option for more complex designs as the colors blend smoother than with screen printing. This allows us to create outstanding gradients. It is also better at rendering small details correctly as a DTG machine comes with a higher maximum resolution than screen printing (1,200 dots per inch vs 65 lines per inch). so, if you want sharper designs go for DTG.
  • Embroidery. Unlike screen printing, embroidery is best for heavy garments and smaller logos and designs. An automatic embroidery machine stitches threads into fabric, with minimum human input. More than a dozen items can be personalized at the same time through this method. One of the major upsides of embroidery is that you won’t be charged based on the number of colors like with screen printing. Also, embroidery brings a somewhat professional look, which makes it great for companies and organizations with an increased standing in the eyes of the public.

Before placing an order, check the minimum order quantity for each service (DTG is the only one that doesn’t have a minimum order quantity). None of our personalization services comes with an extra setup fee or other hidden fees.

A project should be ready for shipment between 7 and 10 days, depending on its complexity and order quantity. Bags are not included in the price.

Why Custom Travel Bags Are Critical for Your Brand's Success

Offline marketing campaigns tend to be more successful than their online counterparts and it also encompasses a variety of low-cost strategies that enable new companies and groups to increase their profile in the community. Increasing one's familiarity with a brand is another name for this practice. For example, having your corporate brand or your sports emblem attractively printed on a travel bag is an excellent method to obtain free promotion whenever the owner of the bag decides to take the bag for a stroll in order to use the bag.

A business or sports team may really stand out from the competition with the help of a memorable logo that people can't get out of their heads. It demonstrates that the firm is completely committed to the undertaking and intends to maintain its presence in the market for as long as it possibly can. This will aid in the development of trust. When someone appears trustworthy, other people are more likely to want to conduct business with them.

In addition to this, a personalized duffel bag emblazoned with your company's emblem will serve as a continual reminder to the person who uses it of your company. And if you were successful in leaving a favourable impression on the user, he is more likely to become a repeat customer and even brings his family and friends with him the next time. This is one method via which a company can experience quick expansion.

The vast majority of businesses have a tendency to concentrate their efforts largely on acquiring new clients, rather than providing adequate attention and care to their existing regular customers. However, it takes five times the amount of resources and effort to acquire a new customer than it does to maintain engagement with an existing one. A personalized duffel bag will be helpful in covering both bases, especially if it is also free.

Sponsoring an event is an excellent approach to get the attention of prospective clients and customers. People will remember your company or sports team for a very long time after the event simply by looking at the duffel bag that you supplied them if you choose an activity that you would like to be closely affiliated with and participate in. It is important to make sure that the duffel bag is of at least a medium quality because you do not want customers to link your brand with a product that is of low quality.

Here Are Our Top-Selling Rolling Duffel Bags 

Designed in order to serve during travelling and appeal your style, our rolling duffel bags come with numerous advantages, extra space and pocket, and efficient closure systems. These exceptional features add to the practicality of the bags while maintaining its affordable price.


Stylish 22-Inch Wheeled Duffel


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This rolling travel duffel that is not only reasonably priced but also stylish has the potential to become your recipients' go-to travel bag for weekend vacations and other kinds of short-term travel activities. This padded travel bag, just like any other rolling duffel, combines the ease of use of a duffel bag with the convenience of a roller suitcase.

The clamshell opening has been proven to be one of the most efficient closure system in a luggage as it allows users to easily pack, unpack, and keep everything inside in one place. For more details, on this popular rolling duffel, check the link above.

Cheap Rolling Duffel Bag Wholesale

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Your offline promotional activities could benefit from the usage of an additional economical rolling duffel bag. It features a large imprint area, a top aperture in the shape of a U, and high-quality skate wheels to ensure a smooth ride every time.

In addition to that, the main compartment has a hand mesh pocket, the top and side handles can be connected together, and it has several compartments for multiple storage options. When potential buyers use or observe the bag, all of these nuances are intended to make both the bag and your brand more easily recognizable and remembered.

30-Inch Deluxe Wheeled Duffel

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Users who travel frequently with large families or users who just need to pack the entirety of their clothes when going on vacation will find that the 30" Deluxe wheeled duffel is the ideal alternative for them. The sturdy telescopic handle and practical wheels will help to make the fully loaded bag easier to carry than it would be otherwise. In addition, this big travel bag features many imprint spaces, giving your business the best possible opportunity for exposure. Therefore, the traveling customer and your company both come out ahead in this transaction.

Stylish Wheeled Jungle Camo Duffel Affordable


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Travel enthusiasts will find the wholesale duffel bags with a 30 inch opening to be an excellent choice. The cheap wheeled jungle camo duffel bag is made easier to move and spin thanks to the sturdy telescopic handle. The use of polyester as the material makes it suitable for use in demanding traveling situations. The accessory storage options include front pockets with zippers and additional room within the lightweight bag.

The considerably strengthened handles of this new product are increased in number with the additional padded side grab handles that provide more sides available for carriage.


Discount 42-Inch Deluxe Wheeled Duffel Bag

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This wholesale 42-inch Deluxe Wheeled Duffel bag features three rubberized wheels, which make it easy to transport through uneven terrain. Additionally, the hook-and-loop secured closure padded grab handles allow a proper grip while transporting the bag. These affordable 42-inch Deluxe Wheeled Duffel Bags come with front zipped pockets that make it much simpler to sort through your most important belongings and accessories. Durability and resistance to wear and tear are both benefits provided by telescopic clothing.

Yet even more importantly, this product is particularly designed to meet your extra space needs and therefore comes in considerably large sizes. You can easily carry winter equipment or heavy stuff without an additional bag.


Wholesale Wheeled Digital Camo Duffel

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These wholesale duffel bags are the best option for you since they provide a rare blend of long-lasting construction and stylish design. The affordable Wheeled Digital Camo Duffel Bag, which features a fashionable print of digital camouflage, helps you to stand out from the crowd. You will have more movement and comfort due to the skate wheels while you roll around on the floor. The main section of the 30 inch bag offers plenty of room for you to store all of your items.