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Guide to Cooler Bags - 6-Pack, 12-Pack, 24-Pack

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Picture this: You wake up early in the morning, your culinary creativity in full swing. You prepare a piping hot, delicious meal, carefully wrap it up, and envision the satisfaction it will bring during your lunch break. But as the hours pass and hunger strikes, you excitedly unveil your creation, only to find it transformed into something akin to hardtack bread or meat jerky. Yes, we've all been there, and it's a feeling that culinary enthusiasts like us dread the most.

In a world filled with technological marvels like the iPod and practical wonders like the vacuum cleaner, it might sound peculiar to attribute such significance to an insulated cooler bag. However, for those who appreciate the art of savoring a perfectly warm meal, cooler bags are nothing short of a culinary savior.

Insulated cooler bags are, in our opinion, one of the greatest innovations that have occurred in the world since the advent of Wonder Bread. You should know that there are a lot of other inventions that are much more useful and applicable, such as the all-encompassing iPod or, well, the hoover cleaner. However, they do not quite excite your gustatory sensations in the same way that other foods do.

When deciding on a cooler bag, there are  a number of considerations to take into account. It's not true that all cooler bags are produced from the same materials, but as a general rule, the more costly ones typically survive longer and 'perform' better than their cheaper counterparts. We’ve dedicated this article to briefing you on the world of cooler bags and helping you find your “soulmodel.”

But before we get into it, let's satisfy your natural curiosity about the beginning and development of cooler bags.

How Do Cooler Bags Work?

A cooler bag, also known as a thermal bag or an insulated bag, is a type of container that is lined with materials that provide thermal insulation. The purpose of this lining is to maintain the same temperature within the container as it was when it was initially kept.

Although cooler bags offer a great deal of portability, one should not expect them to perform miracles. Depending on the type of appliance you have, hot food should stay warm for approximately two to four hours, while cold food should maintain its temperature for approximately three to six hours at the very best. This is mostly dependent on the materials that were utilised in the manufacturing process.

What Materials Are Cooler Bags Made From?

The majority of cooler bags currently available on the market feature many layers of insulation. This indicates that it does not contain a single layer of insulating material, but rather multiple layers, which are normally distributed in the form of an outside layer, a liner, and a central layer that is responsible for the majority of the work.

To keep things as straightforward as possible, the insulating properties of the cooler bag are provided by the layer that is located in the centre of the bag. The purpose of the remaining two layers is to serve as buffers between the temperature on the interior of the container and the temperature on the outside. If they weren't there, the energy that was supposed to be contained within the cooler bag would leak out and the bag would become nothing more than a beautiful shopping bag.

It is common practise to make the liner from of tin foil or plastic, and its primary function is to deflect heat. In addition to that, it ensures that the container is watertight. If any of your food were to spill, you would not end up with a leaking mess on your hands because the liquid would not be able to seep through the cloth.

When Were Cooler Bags Invented?

The genesis of cooler bags may be traced back far further in time than the typical individual would believe. It is said that the "ice chest," a container carved from solid ice that existed during the glacial epoch when humans had just begun to learn how to live beyond the limitations of their cave complexes, is the ancestor of the modern cooler bag. This theory refers back to the time when humans had just begun to learn how to live outside the constraints of their cave complexes.

Our scientists, historians, and archaeologists are still putting forth a lot of effort to figure out how they have progressed over time.

We are merely attempting to be humorous. The Shijing, an ancient collection of poetry from China that dates back to the time period of approximately 1000 BC, makes reference to religious events that involve "ice cellars." This is the first documented account of refrigeration. In essence, they were rooms in which snow and ice were accumulated for the sake of later usage, such as in the chilling of beverages or the preservation of food.

In addition, ancient people had an understanding of insulation. For instance, the Greeks and Romans insulated their "snow pits" by covering them with grass or weaving thin tree branches together. However, it wasn't until a significant amount of time had passed that we found and developed insulating materials that were significantly more effective than those that were previously utilised.

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Although it is possible that refrigeration technology dates back as far as 1755, when Scottish physician and chemist William Cullen invented an early kind of artificial refrigeration, the method was not polished and properly developed until much later, when a number of people worked on it.

Oliver Evans, an American inventor, made a contribution to the development of the idea by substituting a kind of vapour for liquid. This provided mechanical engineer Jacob Perkins with an opportunity to gain a patent for a vapor-compression refrigeration cycle, which would go on to revolutionise the refrigeration industry. Due to this fact, Perkins is often referred to as "the Father of Refrigeration."

Last but not least, an American physician John Gorrie employed a one-of-a-kind refrigerator model that he had designed to assist in bringing down the temperature of his patients who were suffering from yellow fever. He had no idea that he would be the one to start a trend that would change the way that preservation is done all over the world!

These days, a refrigerator can be found in an extremely high percentage of homes across the United States.

Our Unique Assortment of Cooler Bags

What you need from a cooler bag wholly depends on what you expect from it. For example, if you’d like to have a great big picnic with dozens of guests, then your cooler bag will need to be large enough to accommodate all the food.

Conversely, if you intend to simply have a bag that can keep your food warm before you eat it, then you can easily opt for a smaller model. Carrying lunch for a picnic or a fishing, camping, or school trip doesn’t have to be a hassle!

6-Pack, 12-Pack, 24-Pack Cooler Bags

At, we have everything from 6-Pack, 12-Pack, and 24-Pack lunch cooler bags to serve as the perfect solution to your packaging problem.

Need a guarantee for easy transportation and convenient eating? Try our 12-Pack lunch bags that are bigger than our less spacious models and therefore ideal for surprising your friends or family with a cold sandwich - or several!

If you’re looking for more specialized tactical operations equipment, then the heat-sealed, water-resistant 12-Pack lunch cooler is the companion you need. Regardless of whether you’re trudging through swampy waterways or simply running through heavy rain, the water-resistant cooler bag is nothing short of a bonafide food protector.

All of our cooler bag models are sourced from the most reputable and trustworthy vendors, meaning that their material and stitching are always premium-quality. The bag straps, for example, are designed to have enough tensile strength so as to easily allow you to carry your food without exertion or discomfort.

We also offer promotional cooler bags that you can use to advertise your business. The people you will gift these bags to will appreciate their amazing utility and be reminded of your company brand every time they gleefully retrieve hot coffee from their cooler! And is there anything more heart-warming than coffee?

Promo Wholesale Lunch Cooler Bags

ToteBagFactory Cooler Bags


Whether you prefer them for daily use or as a promotional gift, promo wholesale lunch cooler bags are great products in terms of usability with their large volume capacity. In addition to its 600D Polyeseter texture and different color variations, the front pocket provides extra usage space for the product. 

Deluxe Polyester 6-Pack Cooler Lunch Bags

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If you want durability to be at the forefront of the products you use, Deluxe Polyester Cooler Bag is for you. This cool bag, which is produced especially for its durability and longevity, is covered with internal insulation material that helps to keep both your food and drinks cold for a long time. Its medium-sized volume, which is not too large, makes it ideal for everyday use.  In addition, the mesh pocket on the front of the bag provides a separate space for carrying horizontal materials.  

Stylish Affordable Cooler Lunch Bag

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With this cool bag, which will become indispensable for your picnics or beach trips, you will be able to carry a large number of food products and provide a sytlistic look. The material used for the bottom of the bag prevents wear and tear, while the numerous pockets allow you to categorize your products.

Your Best Friend, the Cooler Bag

Why stress about your food reaching the wrong temperature when you can opt for a cooler bag? They’re easy to carry, highly effective, and quite fashionable as well! Best of all is that they allow you to enjoy piping hot lasagna in the middle of a snow patch in December.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of tote bags, cooler bags, or plastic bags - we’re fans of all things bags. Check out our collection and see if you find anything you like!