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Are you tired of doing your shopping or carrying items with paper bags that you have to keep on replacing every now and then? To make matters worse, they always break during critical moments, let alone a light rain. With our wholesale tote bags under a dollar, you can enjoy your shopping while doing it in style!

What Makes Our Tote Bags Special?

Our tote bags are sourced from the most reputable global vendors in the business. We have a passion for tote bags, which is why we want to offer the best service to people like us. Our tote bags are durable, fashionable, and exceedingly cheap when compared to other brands - not to mention of a much higher quality!

“Just how cheap are your tote bags?” you might ask, and we’re glad you are. Our bags can reach as low as a single dollar! To put things into perspective, a single dollar can typically get you a small handful of holiday decor, a greeting card, or a print magazine. While you’re unlikely to reuse any of these, our tote bag will remain by your side for as long as it can.

Talk about cheap. Don’t delay any longer - find tote bags under $1 here!

The Tote Bag Revolution

The world has been going crazy about tote bags as of the past few years, and unsurprisingly so. The planet is going through drastic climate changes, and humankind is still struggling to adapt. One of the best ways we can make a difference is by adopting reusable bags so that we stop polluting our environment with discarded plastic.

While a single tote bag isn’t going to make a huge difference, reusing your tote bag more than 11 times will leave less of a carbon footprint than a plastic bag. If every person in the world did this, then our future would look significantly brighter than it currently does.

Tote bags haven’t just become popular because they’re the solution to climate change, though. They are also very fashionable, being typically worn by people who prefer casual and practical attire. Our tote bags, for example, can make your shopping experience more enjoyable due to their ergonomic design, which makes it easier to haul them around.

Besides, if you live in a metropolis such as New York City, then odds are you’re forced to use tote bags in the first place. The plastic ban was first enacted on the 1st of March, 2020, and was intended to drastically cut down on plastic usage in the city.

In New York, the situation is especially dire, with the city’s streets being littered with bags that get stuck on tree branches or float down rivers. This is another reason why tote bags went through a surge of popularity as of the past few years, as many New Yorkers now have to find more eco-friendly alternatives.

Fortunately, we have them right here. In droves, very cheap, and of great quality. Find a wholesale $5 tote bag today!

Best Quality Tote Bags From Fine Materials

Our tote bag collection is very diverse. We have everything from fashionable canvas tote bags with colored strips that allow you to express your character to cotton tote bags that feel softer and smoother to the touch.

If that isn’t up your alley, then we also have burlap jute bags for when you need an extra decree of tote protection. Easily carry around groceries without your bag spilling all over the ground! The edges of meat packaging also tend to be sharp, for example, which more often than not cut straight through a plastic bag. Tote bags are much more durable.

The fact that our tote bags run for as low as $3 just seals the deal.

When Tote Bags Get Crazy

Practicality isn’t the only name of the tote bag game, however. Famous designer brands such as Hermès are known for their Birkin (tote) bags, which can sell for as much as $382,000. Other luxury brands such as Gucci or Balenciaga also have their own tote bag designs that are supposed to make people’s eyes glaze over.

The best part? Ours are just as cool, and significantly more affordable! Not to mention practical… is it a tote bag any longer if it’s made from crocodile skin? What are you even supposed to do if you get it dirty? You can’t discard a bag that’s worth half a million dollars. And is it even biodegradable?

Ha! Got you there, designer brands.

In Business? Spread the Word!

If you happen to be part of a company that would benefit from “company swag,” then you’ll find that wholesale tote bags are a perfect choice! Sure, you can gift them a stereotypical coffee mug with your company logo branded on it, but that’s anything but original - and arguably, even soulless.

Your employees or coworkers bring a lot of their belongings to work, whether it’s their laptops, food, spare clothes, or cosmetic products. A tote bag can help them carry all of those with ease, and the best part is that you can advertise your brand during people’s everyday commutes.

Gifting your customers is also sure to make a superb impression on them. People like feeling appreciated, and a tote bag doesn’t really cost you much. Besides, even if they don’t use the bag and throw it in the corner of their house, at one point they’re going to find it, and that’s going to be a nice reminder you exist.

We can print tote bags for you for under the price of two dollars a piece. Our direct factory deals with high-quality suppliers from all over the world as well as local workshops allows us to source and finalize our products before they reach you, ensuring that they’re in perfect shape and condition by the time they become part of your repertoire.

The best part besides advertising your business is that you’ll be crusading for the fight against environmental change. Not only will your bags attract attention, but they will also help make a difference for Mother Earth.

And besides… our tote bags are as low as $3!

She Totes Me, She Totes Me Not

We’re calling it, right now: tote bags are the best bags you could ever have. They’re trusty when shopping, look hip and fashionable, take care of the environment, support small and independent businesses, can easily bear branded logos, have a lot of soul, and are a throwback to older times!

What more could you want from a bag? Check out the rest of our website for our awesome models!