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Can I wash a Tote Bag?

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How to wash Tote Bags!
Tote bags come in different sizes, styles, colors and fabrics. Due to this reason, we suggest to always 
check the guidelines of your purchased bag before you wash it, a quick check could possibly safe the 
life of your newly purchased or favorite tote bag!
You bought your wholesale tote bags from or not, If your bag did not came with guidelines or you simply can't find it, feel free to contact our live support for help. We are not only happy to help you with your purchase, but also after your purchase. Be it for washing instructions, a return or exchange!
Normally it's safe to wash reusable tote bags, however, there is a chance that your tote bag will shrink 
a little. Hand wash is always a safe possibility to carefully wash your tote bag, but always follow the 
guidelines for your specific tote bag, backpack or drawstring bag