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10 Great Valentine's Day Gifts

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Have a special someone in your life? If not, then would you like to? Perhaps you can win over their heart with the perfect gift that’s going to make them swoon right into your arms! And if you aren’t quite ready for romance yet, then don’t worry: I love you unconditionally and don’t expect anything in return.

But your significant other might, which is why I’ve prepared a list of convenient Valentine’s Gifts so that you don’t have to tediously scour the internet and tire your brain with how many (awkward) suggestions you’ll come across.

With that being said, let’s stop wasting time. You’re a busy person, and although I like fawning over you, I also want you to find what you need in a speedy manner.

So I’ll shut up. If you stop being so attractive!

Couples Bucket List


When is the last time you did anything nice with your significant other? If you’ve just gotten together, then you’ve probably had a date sometime soon. But if you’ve been together for a really long time, your idea of a date night might consist of slouching on the couch, getting filled up with wine (or Mountain Dew), watching a movie, and then going to sleep.

That might be why a lot of people aim for romance in their lives, but it can get boring after a while. So why not buy (or create, rather) a couples bucket list for yourselves?

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy: just filled with ideas you’d both like to engage in. Do you like traveling together? Then add “visit [nearby town]” in there! It might not be anything exciting by itself - “Wait, you just want us to drive over there?” - but adding it to a bucket list makes it officially romantic.

Furry Slippers


Is there any gift idea that’s been more overdone? And conversely, is there any Valentine’s day gift idea that is more practical? Unless your lover doesn’t wear slippers, a pair of high-quality furry slippers depicting their favorite animal could be an awesome choice to show how much you care about them.

Besides, it’ll mean fewer foot massages in the long run.

Portrait or Painting


Want to immortalize your love and dedication? Why not gift your significant other a portrait, painting, or drawing of yourselves? The possibilities are endless: you could be shown embracing under a bush of roses, spreading your arms on a yacht as the wind blows through your hair, or frantically trying to complete Dance Dance Revolution at your local arcade.

Funnily enough, this gift will be enjoyed by both of you. If you live together, then it’s not like it can be said any one of you owns the portrait more than the other. It’s not like your lover is going to take it with them if you break up! But that’s a sad thought that has no place here, especially because the portrait is more than likely to reinforce your love every time you look at it.

Chocolate or Confectionery


We all know heart-shaped chocolates are a Valentine’s Day trademark. The thing is that they’ll probably never go out of style. Who doesn’t like chocolate? And if your lover isn’t a fan of chocolate, then you could try experimenting with various types of confectionery. Sweets don’t just mean chocolate, after all.

For example, perhaps you might win over their taste buds with a good batch of sugar-sprinkled Turkish delight. Or perhaps try out some Indian milk-based sweets as well?

Valentine’s Day Bags

You already know it, baby! I mean, what did you expect? We’re the Tote Bag Factory! If you’ve read any other article on our blog, you already know how much we love bags, and also why we think they’re unironically one of the best gifts you could make to virtually anyone.

So…. Valentine’s Day bags, anyone?

I mean, seriously. A good quality bag made from organic materials and stamped with Valentine’s Day symbols and phrases? Even if your significant other isn’t too fond of it, at least they’ll be able to discard it without polluting their environment.

Protip: They won’t.

Hygiene and Cosmetic Products


If you’re a guy, then giving your significant other the ability to make themselves even prettier for you is a game-changer! For you, of course. The idea behind the gift is to help take care of their external health and to maintain their youthfulness, but when they’ll be looking so gorgeous after applying whatever face mask you’ve given them, how could you think of anything else?

Additionally, if your lover is a rugged man who doesn’t pay too much attention to their looks, then perhaps you might be able to change their mind with the right cosmetic kit. Something for their beard, maybe?

Weighted Blanket


The two of you are probably going to get cozy and snuggle up sometime soon, right? Why not feel as if you’re getting embraced by a gaggle of clouds while you’re holding your partner tight, then? The comfort behind a weighted blanket is hard to describe. Furthermore, they’re known for inducing good sleep since apparently, humans are most comfortable when they feel as if they’re still in their mother’s womb.

Talk about a fun fact!

Hand-Written Letter


We live in a materialistic world where you’re expected to give away some of your resources when gifting someone. But we’re talking about love here! Love shouldn’t care that much about money, which is why writing your partner a letter detailing what it is you love about them could be one of the most genuine shows of affection you could show.

If you want my advice on it, spray it with your perfume or cologne before you give it to them. They can keep it in their wallet and be reminded of you every time they take a whiff. A good trick to enthrall their hormones! You haven’t heard it from me, though.

Oh, yeah. You could put on some lipstick and give it a big old kiss, as well. Leave your mark on it!

Throwback Music CD


Do you miss the good old times? Maybe your significant other does as well. If they have a car they commute with, then why not make their traveling easier by gifting them a CD, cassette, or playlist of the songs that will always put them in the right mindset? Gifts don’t need to be complex, you know. As long as you know what moves their heartstrings, then you could do a lot with so little.

Gorgeous Flower Bouquet


Gifting flowers will never get old. You could go for any bouquet, though giving your partner the flowers they’re most fond of is best. If they’re not really a fan of flowers, then you could opt for a bouquet that displays their favorite color instead.

And if your significant other is a guy, then that’s more of a reason to give them flowers. I mean, when is that last time a guy got flowers?!

Thanks For Stopping By


I’m always glad to have you here. And if we haven’t met before, then I must be getting ahead of myself: I guess I just want to spend more time with you.

Let me know what you think about the list that I’ve made: it’s not anything too out there, but I don’t think it’s going to let you down. These gifts are eternal and are unlikely to disappoint your partner. But in the end, only you know what they like most, so don’t take my suggestions as gospel.

Finally, feel free to read a couple of more articles from our blog! I’m hoping you’ll find something to entertain yourself there while you’re having a quick breakfast bite or trying not to doze off while on the bus.