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We support our community!

Support Guidelines Please read in detail before applying.

Our Vision:
The ToteBagFactory mission is to “create a better everyday life for the many.” At ToteBagFactory, we are dedicated to giving back to the local community while being regarded by our customers and coworkers as a socially responsible company.

ToteBagFactory is proud to support selected organizations in the following areas:

  • Children
  • Environment
  • Animals
  • Homeless
  • Local Charities
  • Others (We will consider any nonprofit projects)

ToteBagFactory will consider all requests from any nonprofit organisations. But we only support organizations that operate in accordance with our nondiscriminatory policy regarding race, religion, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, marital or veteran status, ancestry, disability, medical condition, or any other classification protected by applicable law.

When evaluating proposals we will consider the following priorities:
• Does the program match well with our ToteBagFactory vision?
• Is the organization registered as nonprofit or charity?
• Does the program support many local children and encourage diversity?
• Does the program support the local community or environment?
• Does the program support the homeless's or animals?
• Can we involve our energetic TBF coworkers?

Because our resources are limited, ToteBagFactory has defined criteria for requests
that we do NOT fund. Traditionally, they include:
• For-profit organizations
• Individual requests (requests that directly benefit one person)
• Religious (or for religious purposes), political or labor/fraternal organizations
• Third party organizations raising funds for charitable purposes.
• Sports teams, leagues, and golf tournaments.
• Projects with a narrow focus: one student, one class, sponsorships or individuals seeking assistance or participating in contests and competitions.
• Organizations known to discriminate or operate in an unethical manner
• Organizations who are not open to all members of the community
• Conferences, seminars or table sponsorships of an event

How to Apply:
If your organization fits within the guidelines, please follow the following steps:
1. Email us and tell about your project, Let us know exactly how many of what bags you will need and if you need them printed or Blank.
2. If you prefer to mail the application, along with supporting documents,
Mailing Address:
Attn: Amy
10532 Trask Avenue
Garden Grove, California 91843

Please Note:
• You should receive notification about your request within 7 days.
• Please take this time frame into consideration when applying for a specific program or event.
• Due to the volume of requests, we ask that you NOT follow up with a phone call.
• Only those requests submitted with all the above criteria will receive a response.