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Best Tote Bags for Your Pet's Toys and Accessories

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For 2017 - 2018, APPA's National Pet Owners Survey revealed that 84.6 million American households had a pet, with over 60 million owning at least one dog, and around 47 million owning at least one cat.

Also in 2017, pet “parents” as many of them prefer to be called, spent a whopping US$69.51 billion on pet products alone, without counting veterinary care (according to the American Pet Products Association). This means that the cats and dogs of today “own” a lot of items.

In addition to toys, they have hygiene products (brushes, shampoos, flea treatments, etc.), safety items (collars, leashes, etc.), vitamins and medicines, food, treats, and even clothes. We don’t forget all the other animal companions, from rabbits and hamsters to reptiles and ferrets, kept by doting humans.

So, a responsible pet owner needs to organize and store all the items belonging to the “non-human’ members of the family. For instance, a simple canvas tote bag for pet accessories can do a good job at keeping everything in one place. Large tote bags, on the other hand, are durable and have lots of space, even for bigger items.

If you don’t have much space in your home, or even if you do, tote bags make it easy to store your pet’s belongings. And if you are travelling with your pet, everything is ready to go.

Think large tote bags are just for pets? Not so! They come in many styles, colors, and fabrics. Teachers, students, daycare workers, and home support workers find they make great carry-alls. They are perfect for a trip to the beach or for an overnight visit.

Totes are made out of various fabrics. The growing concern for the environment means more organic products are now available on (check them all here). Our washable, organic tote bags make it easy for you to reduce waste when shopping, and help you feel good about the products you are (re)using.

Whether you need a large tote bag for yourself or your pet, or whether you are looking for a sturdy organic tote bag, you’ll find what you need on Tote Bag Factory. To make things a bit easier for you we have handpicked the best tote bags to carry pet toys and accessories. Here’s our list.


Medium Size Heavy Canvas Deluxe Tote Bag


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When going for a walk or taking your pet to the vet, you’ll need a spacious bag that can accommodate all your four-legged friend’s toys and accessories and keep them organized. The Heavy Canvas Deluxe Tote Bag is a good fit for the job as it is roomy, it comes with a zippered main compartment to keep both your and your pet’s stuff secure, and it is made of thick canvas fabric to be able to carry heavy loads.

As a bonus, this bag is extremely attractive, and there are 10 colors for the bottom and straps to choose from, from the low-profile natural and the stylish red to the classic black and the vibrant neon lime. And for the price, this bag is a steal.

Heavy Canvas Multipurpose Shopping Tote


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What makes this sturdy Heavy Canvas Multipurpose Shopping Tote a great tote bag for hauling around your pet’s accessories is its thick material and ability to retain shape so that your stuff doesn’t end up on the floor when bag is left unattended.

Dozens of our happy customers can confirm that this tote is well-made, strong, and durable, and that it comes with no flaws despite its incredible low price. The bag is available in 9 colors, so you can have one for every occasion or mood. The Heavy Canvas Multipurpose Shopping Tote is guaranteed to last you a long time.


100% Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag


Check It Out

If you are looking for an eco-friendly bag that is large enough to fit all your pet’s toys, accessories, and treats when leaving house, check out our Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag.  This tote is made of 100% certified organic cotton, which means that the cotton was grown with no pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

This tote also comes with reinforced stress point stitching and self-fabric handles to be able to hold heavier loads. The beauty of this bag is that it can easily fold up and fit in your pocket, which is a handy feature for all those unplanned grocery purchases, because… life happens. 

100% Organic Cotton Durable Twill Grocery Tote Bag


Check It Out

For all eco-conscious pet owners out there who need a sturdier bag for pet supplies, this 100% Organic Cotton Durable Twill Grocery Tote Bag was made just for you.

This sturdy eco-tote is made of durable 12-ounce certified organic cotton, it comes with a boxed bottom so that your pet’s items can be easily placed inside, and has reinforced organic cotton web handles for extra sturdiness. Give this sturdy eco-friendly bag a try. You won’t be disappointed. 

Heavy Canvas Zipper Tote Bag with Long Handles


Check It Out

This Zipper Tote Bag with Long Handles offers enough room for all your pet’s toys and supplies without bruising your fashion sense. It is a stylish bag with a squared off bottom to easily organize your four-legged friend’s stuff in it.

The zippered main compartment is designed to keep everything in place so that you won’t have to worry about losing your stuff while having fun with your pet outdoors. The bag can double as a shopping bag, work bag, laptop bag, or beach bag, so that both you and your pet fully benefit from it.

What’s more, there are 10 cute colors to choose from and a generous imprint area if you plan to customize this bag. 

On-the-Go Cotton Canvas Tote Bag with Magnet Snaps Closure


Check It Out

Our On-the-Go Cotton Canvas Tote with Magnet Snaps Closure stands out through its unique design. With this bag you can spruce up just about any outfit while having enough room to toss in all the supplies your pet may need.

This bag is made of sturdy cotton canvas, has a handy magnet snaps closure and is available in 4 dashing color combos guaranteed to turn some heads around.


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