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7 Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts to Bring this Season

Priscilla Greene |

Thanksgiving is about being grateful for everything beautiful happening in your life. It includes, of course, the Thanksgiving feast hostess, who deserves a thoughtful appreciation gift – after all, turning that turkey into a culinary work of art is even harder than preparing Christmas dinner. Say a heartfelt thank you for the feast and lovely atmosphere by bringing something unique to the party and make the hostess feel cherished. Do you lack inspiration? No worries! We have 7 Thanksgiving hostess gifts to consider this season for exquisite surprises!

1. Thank You Wine Bag

They invented the expression “in vino veritas” probably for these types of occasions. Nothing says “thank you” better and more stylish than a carefully selected wine bottle. When you want to make a long-lasting impression, pick a classy cotton muslin wine bag and personalize it with a message.

Cotton is one of the most versatile fabrics out there, so you can print it with a cute “Thank you” in nice printing/embroidery letters and fonts to express your feelings and gratitude for the hosts.

We recommend you buy wholesale high-quality muslin wine bags now and keep them close for the entire holiday season, as you will have plenty of opportunities to make distinct gifts for your special people.

Keep one for yourself, though, as your favorite brand of wine deserves a high-end “coat.”

Still in the wine bag department, we have two more suggestions for you. Remember that when you consider the best Thanksgiving hostess gifts, you should focus on your hostess’ wishes, preferences, and tastes.

  • If your hostess is a friend or family member who cares about the environment and makes constant efforts to protect it, be mindful about this and pick a recycled cotton canvas wine bag. Its design ensures it will endure years of usage with its reinforced stress points and durable material. Moreover, any person who wants to live a more sustainable life will enjoy reusing this bag for other chores and errands, such as small shopping or carrying bottles to picnics.
  • People who are also mindful about the environment and sustainable fabrics might enjoy a burlap/jute wine gift bag. It has a rustic look, perfect for gift giving, as it jute wrapping and bags make everything look warm, cozy, friendly, and down to Earth. As we all know, jute is an eco-friendly material. Moreover, if your host loves to reuse and recycle gift bags, she can use them for food storage in the pantry. Jute bags are excellent for preserving coffee, plenty of beans, nuts, seeds, rice, etc. Alternatively, all gift bags – paper or fabric – can become sensational materials for kids’ recycling projects for home use, school, or arts & crafts skill development.

2. A Goodie Bag with All the Trimmings


Thanksgiving goodie bags usually contain specialty gourmet treats. Think about a thoughtful selection of handmade chocolates, artisanal sweets or appetizer spreads, specialty coffee, cheeses, crackers, and cured meats. Also, you can consider sauces and high-end pantry provisions, bio and eco foods, cookies, and oils.

Such treats make the best Thanksgiving hostess gifts ever. You can buy an already-made gift basket, but there is no personal touch to it. Instead, spoil your host and become the guest who adds value and refinement to the Thanksgiving dinner. Hand pick a stylish large and heavy canvas tote bag and fill it with all the delights you know will please the hostess and the guests (if she decides to share the goodies with you all).

Don’t forget that you can fully personalize your gift tote bag. You can use embroidery or screen printing to add a touch of personality to your chosen goodie bag. Since this year was as it was, you can also try some inspirational and motivational quotes to print on the gift bag this Thanksgiving.

If you want to stand out of the crowd this year – as many other guests might think about goodie bags as the best Thanksgiving hostess gifts – you can check out our collection of sublimation tote bags you can decorate with anything you imagine for a terrific holiday present!

In case you also consider Christmas gifts this year, keep in mind that a refined selection of gourmet delights together with a nice tote bag the receiver can then later reuse as a day purse or shopping bag make a unique and memorable Christmas gift!

3. A Spa Bag for the Ultimate Spoil



Do you know what a hostess wants after preparing the Thanksgiving dinner and tending to all her guests’ needs throughout the party? To rest, relax, and enjoy some well-deserved “her” time.

You can meet and exceed her wishes and expectations by preparing a spa goodies bag instead of a foodie-type one. The difference between a store-bought spa set and a hand-picked one is that the latter shows you care and you know her well enough to select items that you are confident she will love and use.

A red cotton tote bag is the perfect idea to reflect the holiday cheer. Fill it up with self-pampering treats from beautiful nail polish to bath salts and from natural handmade soaps to refined skin care products. Be smart about it and get your hands on a set of such tote bags – they replace plastic and wrappings and make long-lasting and reusable items.

Buying affordable gift bags in bulk for countless presents ensures that you save a budget large enough for the actual gifts and that you do not have to worry about any holiday, anniversary, celebrations, or birthdays throughout the year. Keep the bags neatly in a drawer and use them whenever you need them for personal and even business needs.

If you want more ideas on bags for Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holidays, don’t forget to check out our collections of gift bags, totes, and more! As we all know, the wrapping is quite important and can make a memorable impression! In case you need even more inspiration, take a look at our collection of promotional gift bags to get some ideas about bags’ personalization and customization!  

4. A Set of Special Cheese Knives


When you pair specialty cheese knives featuring a feathery motif with a marble cheese board, you can be sure you just entered the Thanksgiving hostess gifts championship.

Add a nice selection of gourmet cheeses and win the Olympics. We love these knives because they add just the necessary touch of shine and sparkle to any Thanksgiving dinner. Moreover, nothing says Turkey Day better than the feather-inspired handles.

A marble cheese board and an assortment of tasty cheeses complete the gift and add luxury to the Thanksgiving party table.

Usually, we rarely bother re-packaging or re-wrapping gifts that come in their own boxes, but we firmly believe you can make an exception with this one. Pick a nice cotton or jute gift bag with a rustic look and offer multiple gifts in one. Your Thanksgiving hostess will surely appreciate the knives, the board, the cheese selection and the reusable jute tote bag she can later take out to shopping. Just make sure you prep the gifts beforehand and keep the cheese selection safe from spoiling according to the instructions.

5. A Set of Story-Telling Scented Candles


No holiday dinner is complete without some candles to brighten up the atmosphere and make it cozy, intimate, and warm. If your hostess loves scented candles, you can pick some coming with a story or beautiful mood-lifting message.

Scented candles will also help your hostess unwind after all her hard work, while the message/story will fill her heart with joy every time she lays eyes on the candles. Such Thanksgiving hostess gifts work best when you offer them to family members and close friends – you can pick up not only their favorite scent but also the warmest candle note that will directly speak to their hearts.

One of the best gift packaging ideas that goes great with scented candles is the small jute favor bag with square bottom or a jute pouch if you offer just one large scented and decorated holiday candle.

Buy small jute favor bags or jute gift pouches in bulk and stop worrying about gift wrapping, no matter what and who you have to celebrate this year or the next!

6. Engraved Wood Coasters


A set of personalized coasters does not break your bank but makes one of the most elegantly simple, and refined Thanksgiving hostess gifts. You can pick wood coasters and ask an engraving service to “carve” them with messages, a thank you note, maybe some compliments, and more.

Wood coasters last for years and become a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness. If you want to go the full ten yards, place the coasters inside a cute mini rustic favor burlap bag with a clear window. The clear window may display a Thank You card or the gift itself for a memorable impression.

Such present works well with all types of Thanksgiving hostesses – for close family and friends you can personalize the coasters with funny inside jokes or messages, while you can always pick a more formal approach in the engraving for hostesses you know less.

In any case, personalized coasters make some of the best Thanksgiving gifts for hostess and family members this year. They will keep your good wishes and loving thoughts in front of their eyes every day!

7. Adopt an Olive Tree Certificate and Gift Box


It is a somewhat new idea that blends a person’s love for nature and high-end olive oil. Adopt an Olive Tree is more of a movement and a statement, started by a family of olive tree growers in Calabria, Italy.

The adoption certificate states that the receiver becomes the proud parent of an olive tree in the region. Together with the document, the new parent also receives an elegant gift box containing selected olive oil from the same grove.

The Olive Tree Adoption initiative has as primary goal the preservation of quality and artistry in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Calabria region of southern Italy. Worried about some unethical practices of big companies – the dilution of high-end olive oil with lesser-quality oils from uncontrolled areas, this Italian family wants to keep their trees and oils above quality standards and far from all sorts of corporate shenanigans.

If your Thanksgiving hostess appreciates artisanal gourmet foods and inclines towards eco-farming and eating, such an olive tree adoption certificate together with the selection of gift oils can brighten her holidays for the ages.

Final Thoughts

Tell us in the comments section below if you enjoyed our selection of Thanksgiving hostess gifts ideas! If you have your suggestions, please feel free to share them with us! We are always happy to learn more ways of making people happy! We wish you a fabulous holiday and lots of fun with your family and friends!