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Wholesale gift bags prove to be an impeccable choice for various stakeholders, particularly for retailers engaged in selling to outlet stores, fostering B2B partnerships, or even reaching end customers directly. As the calendar unfurls before us, revealing a multitude of upcoming holidays, the acquisition of economical gift bags becomes a prudent consideration. These versatile tokens of thoughtfulness are consistently well-received and cherished. It's important to note, however, that the realm of affordable gift bags extends beyond the realm of retailers alone. Should the intention be to extend Thanksgiving or Christmas tokens to dedicated employees and valuable collaborators, the option to procure dozens, if not hundreds, of these bags at exceptionally reasonable prices stands open for discerning companies to embrace.

Where to Buy Cheap Gift Bags and How to Choose Them?

Wholesale gift bags are available to retailers and C-suite executives. One of the main selling points of wholesale tote bags is that you can stock up on them well in advance of any gift-giving season. Think of the smiles on the faces of your employees, clients, stakeholders, and partners when they receive thoughtful corporate gifts in stylish and useful gift bags.

Bags come in many sizes, colors, and styles from wholesalers. Bags may be purchased in bulk at The line has tote bags made from sustainable materials, displaying your dedication to environmental responsibility and reflecting the ideals of today's youth. This goes beyond mere "P.R. tactics"; more and more companies are really reorienting their business models to be more in line with ecological principles.

If you're looking to impress your esteemed clientele, hardworking employees, and devoted partners with beautiful gift bags, go no farther than The Tote Bag Factory.

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Why Should You Choose Tote Bag Factory for Your Cheap Gift Bags at Wholesale Prices?

Embarking on the virtual journey of wholesale shopping through platforms such as mirrors the possession of an everlasting discount emporium within the confines of your home, accessible for exploration around the clock.

This diversity characterizes every gift bag enterprise, and is no exception.

Should your inclination lean towards bestowing a personalized touch upon your gift bags this year, be it for retail clienteles, cherished employees, or esteemed corporate affiliations, a multitude of avenues lie open before you. At, we extend an array of options for personalization. The purchase of economical custom gift bags can be transformed through the artistry of screen-printing, embroidery, and sublimation.

Irrespective of the genre of wholesale gift bags you seek, rest assured that harbors the comprehensive inventory to cater to your every requirement. Gift bags of all sizes, colors, and styles fill our online collection, making window shopping with us an aesthetic delight. stands out above other online tote bag retailers because to the incredible selection it provides at reasonable prices. Online shopping provides several long-term advantages, including the ability to save money and time by making bulk purchases and facilitating easy customization of orders to meet specific requirements. The very essence of procuring discounted gift bags in wholesale quantities revolves around maximizing value for your investment.

In the universe of online shopping, the realization dawns that the expanse of options available to you, the discerning customer, is virtually limitless, accommodating a myriad of requisites. Your journey through guarantees a personalized shopping experience, underscored by our commitment to ensuring unwavering satisfaction.

Our Top Selling Wholesale Gift Bags: Overview

Delve into the following snapshot, a succinct glimpse into the world of the most sought-after wholesale gift bags offered exclusively on The products in this collection have been hand-picked for their ability to meet a wide range of needs in the corporate and non-profit sectors. Since your requirements, goals, and ambitions are unique, we aim to provide you with a set of tools that is both powerful and flexible.

We have faith that among these options you will find the best possible fit with the values of your company, the tastes of your clientele, and the character of your business. These wholesale gift bags are ready to become a vehicle for meaningful relationships and lasting impressions in a variety of contexts, including but not limited to: creating a lasting impression with customers, honoring major milestones, and developing a feeling of belonging within your team.

In the dynamic landscape of today's market, where the ability to resonate with your audience holds paramount significance, these meticulously curated selections transcend mere bags and emerge as emissaries of your vision.

1. The 6" MINI Cotton Tote Bag

Tote Bag Factory Gift Bags

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This petite reusable gift bag is a top seller on our site for multiple reasons. It comes in thick natural fabric, it comes in numerous vibrant colors, and it makes a great gift bag for party favors or small (Christmas) gifts.

At, you can purchase this bag for $ 0.59 and go as low as $0.45, depending on your order's size. For more info on the 6" by 6" MINI Cotton Tote Bag, see our promotional video below or contact our customer service.


2. The Colorful Wedding Favor Gift Bag

Gift Bags Tote Bag Factory

(Product Here)

This reusable gift bag is perfect for high attendance events, such as weddings, giveaways, and promotional events. It comes in soft non-woven polypropylene; it comes in ten cute colors.

The bag's white scalloped details around the sewed top border give it a very delicate and feminine look. It's a small gift bag, particularly for young girls and female recipients.

3. The Drawstring Canvas Gift Bag

ToteBagFactory Christmas Gift Bags

(Product Here)

This small canvas cinch 16" h x 14" w is an unconventional gift bag for favors or giveaways that comes with a guaranteed wow factor. This Drawstring Canvas Gift Bag is made of sturdy natural canvas fabric, coming with a generous imprint area where you can screen print your organization or company's logo, and your gift stays ultra secured as the bag can be tied shut with its cute drawstring cords.

If you need to personalize this tote, you can ask our professionals to do it. Our comprehensive nature means you won't need to hunt around for several companies to meet your needs.

To learn more about Tote Bag Factory's high-quality customizing options, visit their site at this link. It's a huge hit with our clients.

4. Small Book Bag 

Tote Bag Factory Blog Post Image

The small book bag is another hugely popular reusable gift bag among our wholesale customers. With a perfect size for a gift bag (8" x 10"), this mini tote can accommodate a wide variety and products and gifts for just as many purposes, from gift bags for conferences and promotional events to welcome bags for welcome centers and private events.

The bag is available in 16 vibrant colors, has a generous imprint area (6" x 7"), and comes at one of the industry's lowest prices. The hundreds of happy wholesale customers are the living proof of the value of this product.

5. The Heavy Canvas Book Bag

ToteBagFactory Canvas Gift Bags

(Product Here)

When contemplating larger and more substantial gifts, our resounding recommendation turns towards the robust heavy canvas book bag. Within its design, you'll discover an amalgamation of practicality and durability that speaks volumes. Imbued with reinforced handles and a reinforced bottom gusset, this bag has been ingeniously crafted from heavy-duty fabric, all with a singular aim – to secure its position as a steadfast companion that your gift recipient will enthusiastically repurpose time and time again. What sets this bag apart is not just its utility, but the inherent ability to keep your business emblazoned in their thoughts for an extended span, ensuring that your brand's resonance endures.

The hallmark of this bag is the expansive imprint area it offers – a grand expanse measuring 10 inches in width, 12 inches in height, and a substantial 3 inches in depth. This large area for personalization opens us a world of artistic possibilities, begging to be stamped with your company's own logo, colors, patterns, and phrases. The finished product is a unique masterpiece that reflects your personality in every detail.

Let us now reveal the secret behind the success and popularity of this wholesale gift bag unlike any other. This best-selling canvas bag embodies the spirit of gifting in a way that not only elevates the present but also etches the presence of your brand in the hearts and minds of those who are fortunate enough to receive one in a world that is constantly evolving.

6. Promotional Jute Totes

Jute Gift Bag Tote Bag Factory

(Product Here)

We strongly recommend these high-quality jute bags for use in health food stores, hotels, SPAs, and attractive boutiques. These promotional jute bags are crafted from 100% jute and have a (color) soft cotton handle for a touch of class while the vinyl lining inside keeps your belongings safe from the occasional shed.

These bags are already attractive, but the addition of a clear front pocket makes them stand out. This pocket may be imprinted with your company's name or logo, or any other meaningful statement. Because to this smart design, you can save a lot of money on customization and branding without sacrificing quality.

The finished result is a thoughtful and lovely gift bag that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your most treasured clients, VIP visitors, and hardworking employees. It's an easy way to show your gratitude and make an impact that will endure a long time.

7. The 6" MINI Non-Woven Tote Bag

ToteBagFactory Small Gift Bag

(Product Here)

This little gift tote bag, which has a versatile design, performs brilliantly across a variety of functions, from extending warm greetings and delivering promotional items to performing the role of appealing party favors and handouts, and much more besides. This teeny-tiny tote bag is made from a durable non-woven material and displays amazing workmanship. It also has a color palette that includes more than twelve vibrant colours. It is an excellent choice for a gift bag since it combines a fantastic level of craftsmanship with affordable cost, making it a difficult product to beat in terms of bulk value.

8. Large Burlap Favor Gift Pouch with Jute Drawstring Cord

ToteBagFactory Christmas Gift Bags

(Product Here)

When contemplating Christmas presents for your workforce, collaborators, and business associates, the presentation of such offerings within striking gift bags becomes imperative. Enter these Christmas gift bags – not only do they exude a sense of style and utility, but they also embody sustainability, thanks to the eco-friendly nature of burlap fabric. Procuring these budget-friendly gift bags in substantial quantities yields a twofold advantage, essentially providing a gift within a gift, owing to their reusable quality. This practicality extends beyond the initial gifting, as recipients can readily repurpose them to safeguard jewelry and accessories within their abodes.

Of greater significance, however, is the inherent versatility of jute, a material characterized by both breathability and durability. These qualities render the pouches suitable for a multitude of purposes, including pantry storage. Coffee beans, farm-fresh vegetables, assorted nuts, seeds, finely ground ingredients, and confections, among others, can all find their designated spaces within your cupboards, all neatly arranged in a rustic, organized fashion.

9. Merry Christmas Canvas Tote Bags

Tote Bag Factory Christmas Gift Bags

(Product Here)

Those people who enjoy and share the holidays' cheer will love receiving these Merry Christmas Gift bags. For one, they can wear it as it is, a gorgeous accessory to accompany them while running errands and put a smile on everyone's face. Secondly, as a gift bag, this heavy canvas tote bag can hold quite a heavy load, so you can fill it with all the goodies you can think of putting inside.

10. Natural Cotton Drawstring Pouches

ToteBagFactory Blog Post Image

(Product Here)

These pouches, which are made from 100% unadulterated cotton fabric, show themselves as excellent prospects for the bestowal of corporate gifts or as packaging solutions catering to your retail customers. They are crafted in the United States. Consider the wide variety of items that may be stored in one of these bags, such as soap, scented herbs, enticing spices, healthy almonds, ambient candles, stimulating coffee, exquisite jewelry, cherished coins, scrumptious chocolates, and more. These reusable gift bags take on a second duty as utility containers, repurposed for the purpose of storing pantry basics, fresh produce, and other consumables such as fruits and vegetables in an effort to reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability.

Bottom Line

What you have shown here barely touches the surface of the extensive selection of cost-effective gift bags that are available for purchase in bulk on the website If you are looking for further ideas about wholesale gift bags that can be customized for customers, workers, and business partners, we welcome you to browse our collection and choose the gift bags that correspond most effortlessly with the specifications you have outlined for yourself. From our point of view, you should also investigate the customised promotional drawstring bags and tote bags that we have available in our selection. These things provide a canvas on which you may print the emblem of your company, phrases, or even humorous comments that are relevant to the holiday in question.

We encourage you to communicate with us using the Live Chat tool that is featured below. During this conversation, we may provide you with full information about our goods, services, and wholesale offerings. You also have the option of sending us an email at or filling out our simple Contact Form to get in touch with us. Please don't hesitate to call us at this number if you need prompt and quick assistance: (888) 868-3224.