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Most Affordable Initial Tote Bags as Wine Bags 

Robyn Wike |

You can be a casual sipper or a wine connoisseur, and it does not matter. It is always essential to keep one of your bottles ready for any occasion. Imagine a dining party, a simple birthday celebration, a picnic, or a trip by plane. A bottle of wine is the best friend you can carry with you; moreover a fantastic gift! However, even though your wine is elegant, it would not always be appropriate to bring it bare-handed. This is where wine bags come in to save the day!

With their practical use and durability to carry even more than one wine bottle, they are the perfect need for taking bottles with you. Especially when you are giving them away as gifts, they can be present wrapped by just a simple printing. If you are interested in buying some, we created the ultimate list of the most affordable initial tote bags as wine bags!

Eco-Friendly Jute Wine Bags with Drawstring

These burlap tote bags are perfect for carrying your precious and delicious wine. They are made of durable fabric and stitched to reinforced stress points. Which actually makes them the quality option they are. You can transport your wine bottles safely and securely in these eco-friendly bags.

They are not only affordable but also reusable and recyclable. But don’t worry, this doesn’t affect the quality of them at all. With the bottom gusset, they can carry and secure the wine bag with the drawstring closure.

Want to hear a better deal? They are perfect for printing! So if you have an organization, you can print your initials or a simple logo on them. Therefore they are great for rustic weddings, bachelorette parties, birthdays, giveaways, and promotional events. 

Classic Canvas Wine Bag

Wine? The usual. Bag? The classic.

These amazingly designed canvas tote bags are hard to believe to be this affordable. With the round bottom they have, you can carry your wine or champagne bottle in them secured. The drawstring closure with the same fabric as the body creates a rustic look for this wine bag. 

This is your go-to product if you are looking for a classic and natural-looking wine bag to customize. You can print out anything on them and use them as gifts to your guests. With these initial tote bags as wine bags, you will definitely have a lovely memory gift.

 Luxury Burlap Initial Tote Bag for Gifts

Now it is time for some chic and luxurious initial tote bags. This luxury wine gift bags have the quality and the looks. However, do not let the elegant design fool you about the price; they are way more affordable than you think. This tote bag with a clear window and wooden handles shouts luxury. You are able to see the wine bottle from the outside, and the bag is still able to secure and protect it with durable fabric. 

With the reinforced stress points at the handles and corners, you can use them safely. But let’s say anyhow, the bottle was open and spilled a little bit. Do not worry! With the laminated interior of the bag, there won’t be any dramatic harm to the fabric. You can just wash it and reuse it as you like. 

In showcases, this bag is the perfect cover to go with. The transparent PVC window lets the others see what is inside the bag. So you can use it when carrying a wine bottle, champagne, flowers, candles and the like. Moreover, you can use the other sides of the bag to print your artwork or initials according to your occasion. Believe us, and your guests are going to love it!


Single Bottle Burlap Tote Bag

We got you if you are looking for a more straightforward bag. The initial tote bag doesn’t have to be complex with drawstring closures, windows, and the like. We have all sorts of options that can match your taste. 

Our burlap bag with handles is the definition of simplicity and durability. The interior of the bag is fully laminated, which means the spilling accidents are not a problem for this one. You can simply wash it and use it again for your next occasion. They can protect the bottle or the carrying item from humidity as well. 

With the simple and elegant handles of sturdy rope, you can take them with you to any sort of occasion. Them being totally printable, you can customize them with your initials. Therefore they are great for rustic and country weddings, arts & crafts, decorations, DIY, bachelorette parties, bridal or baby showers, birthdays, dinner parties, and the like. Just grab your wine bottle, flowers, candles, thermos, or whatever you want, and they are good to go.

Divided Initial Tote Bag

We get it. Some parties just do not end, and you want to be prepared for them. You bring the bottles, and we provide the ultimate party bag for carrying wine bottles. 

This simple burlap wine tote bag comes with dividers to carry multiple wine bottles or beer. The interior is again fully laminated to prevent any dramatic spillage stain or keep the bottles away from humidity. They have a fabric-made divider for the bottles not constantly to hit each other. This way, they will be carried in silence and more secure. Our burlap wine bag is also eco-friendly and can be reused/recycled. So if you support sustainable consumption instead of a plastic bag, these quality fabric wine bags are just for you.

Moreover, they are perfect for promotional uses and gifts. If you want to print your artwork or design, you can always customize them. Let’s say you have a wine tasting event coming up. This initial tote bag model is just perfect for you to give away to customers when they are shopping from your store. This way, you will not only be letting them taste your delicious wines but also letting their friends learn about your company through endless marketing of the bags. Therefore, these bags are just the go-to for birthday parties, weddings, promotional events, graduation parties, and bachelorette parties.

Rustic Cotton-Jute Wine Bag

Back to classics! Do you have a rustic or country-style wedding coming up? Have you found your wedding favor yet? Do not worry, and we got you. These cotton-jute wine bags are one of the perfect wedding gift options for your guests. They have a durable fabric with reinforced stress points to keep the bottle or any carried item safe and secured. The simple look of the material and the chic form it gives with the drawstring closure are going to match your beautiful event.

This %100 cotton tote bag is perfect for customizing and giving it a unique look. You can print, do embroidery or stitch on their initials to give to your guests at the wedding. Moreover, if you love the bags but are not sure to go with a wine bottle, they can carry flowers, jars, candles, or any round-based product. Our personal favorite choice for these bags would be giving sunflowers at your wedding with a small sunflower printed on the bag. 

Also, it is essential to remind you that these bags come at a wholesale price, just like our other initial tote bag options. Therefore we are sure this affordable wine bag will win a seat on the gift options list.

Recycled Cotton Canvas Wine Bag

Last but definitely not least on our list is the recycled cotton fabric tote bag. This option is perfect for eco-lovers. If you want a reusable, recycled, and again recyclable initial tote bag, we are here to help.

Our recycled cotton canvas wine bag is durable and can be used last year. With the reinforced stress points of edges and handles, they can safely carry heavy wine or champagne bottles. The simple natural handles give it a minimal yet elegant look. Therefore they are great for giveaways, simple events, or daily use. 

This bag is the actual proof to argue with the rumor of recycled fabrics being low quality. You can carry and transport any item you want safely and securely. Also, the empty area of the material can be used for promotional printing, embroidery, and patches. To catch this great deal, you do not have to pay a big amount of money, and these recycled bags are just as affordable as our list. So, when you are planning your event, we hope you can also consider this eco-friendly option.