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Denim Tote Bags Are Making a Strong Comeback

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While denim is an evergreen fashion trend, how we wear it changes with each season. Details that were in one year might become outdated the next. The latest denim fashion trends seem to revolve around ethical and eco-friendly considerations, like upcycling, raw textiles, and neutral tones. Denim tote bags are a crucial part of this movement, partly because they are so DIY friendly. Check out our designated lookbook for some fashionable ideas on integrating these totes into a strikingly stylish outfit.

Latest Denim Trends

Many of the fashion trends are circular, which means that they periodically resurface. This year is all about comfort and an attempt to close the gap between fashion and nature. Also, a more neutral color palette washed over the denim world, making accessories and clothing items more easily blend with each other and virtually any outfit.

Raw Denim



Raw denim is the freshest trend right now. This means textile that has not been treated or washed with any chemicals. Basically, it is fashionable to wear virgin fabric fresh from the loom. The only downside to this is that the textile might be stiff at first. However, with wear, it expands and molds to the body. 

One of the great things about this trend is that it is driven by eco-friendly and ethical considerations. Over the past decades, denim has been subjected to many chemicals and customization processes. 

Experts continue to raise the issue of the health hazards to which workers are exposed during the bleaching process. One way to minimize this problem is by decreasing demand. While raw denim is not a sure-fire fix to this issue, at least it draws awareness and lowers the interest in bleached items.

Neutral and Natural



Pretty much along the same lines, natural and neutral fabric is both fashionable and ethical. Denim can be light, layer-able, and a perfect cross-seasonal textile. To fit this category, a garment must be made out of undyed or naturally dyed fabric. 

You can easily pair a neutral denim tote bag with a matching outfit for a monochrome look. Any neutral denim garment is a staple piece that can easily complement and elevate any outfit. If you prefer more color, feel free to color block or mix different elements (e.g. textiles, prints).

Upcycled Denim



In line with the environmental awakening, upcycled denim is also on the rise. It is now not only ethical but also fashionable to refurbish old clothing items. You can easily turn an old pair of jeans into a stylish denim tote bag. Click here to find out how. Proudly wear your DIY tote bags with a matching outfit. If you want to highlight the bag, tone down your ensemble and go for something simple.

Denim Tote Bags Lookbook

Denim tote bags are a cross-seasonal fashion accessory. The durability of the material makes it withstand any weather conditions, and they easily adapt to a wide range of outfits. Still, a denim bag is a fresh alternative to the traditional jean or jacket.




Athleisure became a leading fashion style during the lockdown. On account of social restrictions implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, people have spent the majority of their time at home. Thus, comfort became the main consideration when choosing an outfit. Many took this as an opportunity to catch up on physical exercise. Athleisure is a perfect blend of sportswear, comfort, and style. After all, you can still be fashionable, even if you don’t go out.

An oversized denim tote bag is a perfect accessory to compliment an athleisure outfit, as it encompasses all the main traits of the style. It offers plenty of space to store any and all belongings one might need when going out. The width of the shoulder straps makes the bag comfortable to wear and offers a firm grip. While the neutral color can easily blend with any color palette. 




Denim is a highly versatile fabric, and depending on your stylistic choices, you can wear it with a street or elegant look. The above image is a perfect example of how to sport a denim tote bag as part of a classy outfit. Another great advantage of the fabric is that it is unisex. Depending on the wearer and the look, it can be either feminine, masculine or both.  

Street Style



Generally associated with youth culture and movements, street fashion is a dynamic style that still reigns over major urban centers. This faded denim bag featuring a patchwork gives off a nonconformist vibe. The color tone makes it easily match anything. Also, on account of the fabric manipulation and overall design, the tote bag has a youngish look that can freshen up any outfit.

Trendy Office Style



If you like going to the office in fashion, a denim tote bag is a must-have statement piece. Besides being esthetically appealing, it is also very resistant. The fabric is known for its durability and longevity. Therefore, feel free to pack it with any item you might need for the workday.

Festival Look



An upcycled denim bag is a cool fashion accessory that can make you stand out in the crowd of a summer festival. The straps equally disperse the weight on your shoulders to prevent (or at least postpone) backache. This item featuring a geometric patchwork is surely an eye-catcher. The color blocking makes it easy to pair with both a dark and light-colored outfit. If you love the fabric, do not shy away from it. A festival is a perfect opportunity for an all-denim look. 

Too Cool for School



Whether you are going to classes or your local library, a denim tote bag can be your faithful and reliable companion. Due to the fabric’s strength, the tote can withstand great weights and will live up to the challenge of holding all your books. Furthermore, the textile is resistant to tear and wear. Also, you do not have to worry a lot about any coffee stains, as it is very easy to clean.



This bohemian combination is a show-stopper. Keep things simple, elegant, and comfortable. All these elements perfectly blend in harmony to create a striking look. Pair a long white dress with a floral straw hat, a pair of simple white sports shoes, and a denim tote bag.

The Advantages of Denim



The reason that denim became omnipresent is due to the amazing characteristics of the fabric. Although nowadays it is the aspect that draws people in the most, denim was first and foremost appreciated for its durability and resistance.


Denim garments can be easily worn in any condition, as they are designed to last. The sturdiness of the fabric is given by the weaving technique used for its creation. The blue yarn comprises the warp thread, and white-colored yarn runs across the width of the textile (weft threads). The method is known as twill weaving.

Easy Manipulation

The fabric is easy to manipulate into different shapes. This is also aided by the fact that the characteristics of the material can be easily altered. Denim can be made more elastic or stiff, based on preference. It is no wonder that the textile served in the creation of such an eclectic collection of items, including:

  • Jeans
  • Jackets
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Jumpers
  • Bags 
  • Caps
  • Shoes

Customization Friendly

Denim offers a sturdy base for a wide range of fabric manipulation techniques. This means that customization opens up a whole new world of possibilities, turning blank clothing items into unique statement pieces. Here are some methods that are commonly used on the textile:

  • Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Painting
  • Bleaching
  • Patchwork


Last but not least, esthetics is a big selling point for denim. The unique aspect of the material makes it easily recognizable and stand out among other textiles. What is more, being so easy to manipulate and customize, it offers seemingly endless design options.

How Denim Became a Fashion Icon



Denim had a long and winding road until it became the fashion icon that it is today. Nowadays, everybody has several denim garments, be that jeans, jackets, skirts, tote bags, or other items. Denim can be turned into virtually anything and is everywhere. However, that was not always the case.

The fabric is a relatively new one, being first produced in the 18th century, in a period with an abundance of cotton. What made the material gain ground was more to do with its functionality than esthetics. Denim garments were proven to be durable and not easy to tear. 

People were happy to invest in clothes that they could wear for a long time. The fabric caught on, particularly among the working class. In the following century, the material was made more popular by Levi Strauss and denim became the go-to fabric for miners. 

It was only in the 20th century that jeans became a pop culture icon. An important role for the denim entering mass culture belonged to Westerns, which often portrayed cowboys wearing jeans. In the ’50s the teens took over the fabric as a means of self-expression. During this period, many new textile manipulation techniques were introduced, including patchwork, embroidery, and brand new colors. 

Fashion designers started turning their attention to the fabric in the 80s, and they seized the opportunity to introduce this new element on runways around the world. Since then, denim is a recurrent element on runways, with designers always seeking new ways to elevate or re-invent the fabric.

The Evergreen Denim

Denim is here to stay. Each season brings a fresh take on the fabric, revealing its great versatility. Also, previous trends are continually rediscovered and reinterpreted. While the denim tote bag might have been previously overlooked, it has now found its place under the spotlight. It easily incorporates the leading trends based on sustainability, making it a must-have item.