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40+ Christmas Stocking Ideas for a Fairy Tale Christmas

Priscilla Greene |

You don't need to have Scrooge's money to offer your loved ones a fairy-tale Christmas. With minimal materials and plenty of imagination, you can make yourself a set of matching stockings everyone will love.

From plaid cuffs and festive stitches to over-sized rosettes and cute pom poms, the sky is the limit when decorating a handmade Christmas stocking.

For extra inspiration, we have handpicked some Christmas stocking ideas to help you get started. Enjoy!


1. Elegant Burlap Christmas Stocking



This one is for the helplessly romantic ladies in your life. To make this extremely elegant burlap Christmas stocking you'll need a simple burlap stocking (our 17" burlap stocking is perfect for this project), an old broach, lace, braided border, and white pearl garland.

You can get most of the materials from older projects or an antique/ thrift store. For the investment, this stocking is surely a showstopper.


2. Classic Christmas Stocking with a Modern Twist



A burlap stocking reminds us of the warmth of a home, Christmas in the family, simpler times, and the coziness of a fireplace. Fortunately, you can give burlap a modern vibe by adding a contrasting texture to its cuff: felt, plaid, pom poms, and even faux fur.

Sprinkle everything with some oversized Christmas ornaments and you're good to go. 


3. Rustic Burlap Coffee Sack Stocking


You can buy this stocking here at Tote Bag Factory

Here's a Christmas stocking idea for those of us that love rustic things. You can elevate a bit this basic burlap stocking by putting a handful of fresh Christmas tree sprigs in it while stuffing it with the goodies. Some of the prettiest things don't have to be complicated.


4. Monogrammed Christmas Stocking with Plaid Cuff



Embellish this burlap stocking with plaid, matching faux suede borders, contrasting buttons, and stocking monogram pins, so that recipients know which one is theirs.


5. Rustic Chic Burlap Stocking



This one is more elaborate as it involves multiple layers and plenty of sewing, but the final product looks clean and premium. These stockings will surely get plenty of use over the years to come.


6. Burlap Stocking with Festive Red Tones



This stocking is a variation of the previous one, but with oversized ribbons and contrasting festive accents. Sky is the limit when customizing this classic Christmas stocking idea.


7. Burlap Stockings with Buffalo Check Cuffs



The buffalo check pattern can greatly elevate plain fabrics, including the good old burlap. Use it for the cuffs and well-placed ornaments, and you'll create some festive stockings everyone will simply adore.


8. French Country-style Burlap Stockings



Use linen burlap stockings for this project, like our 16" Linen Christmas Stocking. This stocking idea is simple but powerful, without unnecessary bells and whistles. Just use contrasting but festive colors, and don't forget about the buttons and your recipients' embroidered names.


9. 'Can't Get Simpler than This' Burlap Stocking




Just sew a subtle tag in contrasting color and simple red stitching onto this classic stocking, and you'll create a Christmas stocking that matches any decor and has a beautiful retro vibe to it.

You can personalize the item with your gift recipients' names but use red stitching for it too. For this project, we recommend using a fairly large burlap stocking, like our Extra Large 24" Burlap Christmas Stocking in natural color.


10. Cute Festive Stockings Kids Will Love



Choose a stocking in red and neutral color and embellish it with funny decor elements (if they're 3D all the better), pom-poms, and an elegant border. Our red/neutral Deluxe Jute/Burlap Christmas Stocking is a good place to start.


11. Rustic Burlap Stocking for Boys and Girls



Customize these burlap stockings with decor elements that are the best match for each gender. Use ribbons, ruffles, and oversized rosettes for the ladies and plain patterns, layers and discrete buttons for the gents.


12. Basic Pom Pom Burlap Stocking 



Natural pom-poms add warmth and a hint of delicateness to jute or burlap. Hand stitch a pom-poms border around the cuffs and embroider an over sized monogram in matching color in a high visibility area. 

You can safely use our 16" Burlap Christmas Stockings in this project. Watch our guide below to adding pom-poms to a Christmas stocking. It's not rocket science.

13. More Pom-Poms



Here's another way to rock pom-poms on Christmas stocking cuffs. Just pick a stocking made of a rough fabric with unfinished look, like the Burlap Coffee Sack Stocking, and a smooth material for the cuffs, toes, and heel. Adorn the finished product with a white pom-pom border (the bigger the pom-poms, the better), and you're all set.


14. Shabby Chic Christmas Stocking



Obtain this shabby chic look with patterns, textures, and colors that offer either a contrasting or a complementary matching. Just don't overdo it with the ornaments.


15. Burlap and Lace Christmas Stocking



Lace and burlap are a match made in heaven apparently. Lace manages to tame the natural roughness of burlap, while burlap makes lace more accessible and easily to accessorize with everyday pieces.

Surprisingly, this beautiful burlap and lace Christmas stocking is made mostly of burlap but it looks exquisitely elegant thanks to that strip of lace added to just the right area.


16. Patriot Girl's Ruffled Stocking



Do you have a girly girl in your family who is also a staunch patriot. This ruffled stocking with U.S. flag accents will knock her socks off. Even though the stocking looks elaborate, adding all those layers is not as daunting as it looks. Just don't start crocheting the patriot Santa from scratch yourself. 

17. Shimmery Christmas Stockings



Turn your Christmas celebration into something more glamorous this year with sequined cuffs and matching monogram pins. But to prevent things from turning into something distasteful, temper everything down by using stockings made of a low-profile fabric, such as our budget-friendly 17" Canvas Christmas Stockings.

18. His and Hers Cream Lace/Muslin Burlap Stockings



This pair of stockings is elegant but down-to-earth. Just like we've already said, lace can greatly elevate burlap (just look at the stocking for the lady). Use cream lace in this project and some jute twine for a finishing touch. Reinforce 'His' stocking with cream muslin strategically placed on the cuffs, and around heel and toe.


19. 'Her' Burlap and Cream Lace Stocking 



Here's a close-up of the beautiful cream lace and burlap stocking for 'Her' showed above. Temper everything down with a subtle cream muslin strip around the cuff and jute twine. 


20. Classic DIY Christmas Stockings



Use plenty of stripes and pom-poms for this Christmas stocking idea. Some oversized elements of decor are also welcome. You'll create a classic Christmas stocking with a cozy and cushy vibe.


21. Cute Stockings with Pom Pom Cuffs



If we were to describe these stockings in two words, it would be "cuteness overload". Add several pom-pom ball fringe trims around the stocking in bright and happy colors. This design works best on wool, felt, or knit stockings as they have more volume. 


22. Cute Mini Stockings



For this project, use our Mini 6" Christmas Stockings. Decorate them with lace, cotton pom-poms of various sizes, and plenty of fringes. Make sure that everything is in neutral colors.


23. Classic White Christmas Stockings




The white Christmas stocking is a classic but it can be rather balnd without the right ornaments. Spruce a white stocking up with contrasting decor elements, Christmas tree sprigs, interesting monograms, or all of these together.


24. Pine Cone Stockings



Give a pair of linen Christmas stockings, like these ones here, an interesting twist by adding some interesting felt decorations to them. You can pick a pine cone theme, and adorn the stockings with lovely red Christmas berry branches and pine cones made of felt. Just don't stray too much from red and green, as white, red, and green are the traditional colors. 


25. Snowflake Burlap Stocking



An oversized plastic snowflake ornament can work wonders for a dull burlap stocking. Choose a red or green snowflake with glittery details and make sure that the stocking cuffs are reinforced with cream muslin for the perfect background.


26. Vintage Chic Stockings



These adorable vintage chic stockings are perfect for the delicate ladies in your life. Use plenty of girly ornaments such as rosettes, jewelry, ribbons, and ribbon tape in pink and cream colors. Top it all off with some strategically placed Christmas ornaments in matching colors.


27. Basic DIY Stocking



You can't get simpler than that. Use a linen stocking with contrasting white cuffs and embellish everything with basic embroidery stitches. The project will be even more cozy if you manage to sew everything manually. But that's up to you.


28. Royal Christmas Stocking



This stunningly decorated Christmas stocking is a pain to make, but the final product is breathtaking. We believe that your beautiful princess is worth the effort, though.


29. His and Hers Red Checkered Cuff Stocking



These rustic burlap stockings for him and for her have been lined with additional white material for extra volume, and the beige and plaid combination makes a special stocking that will be used with pleasure for many years to come.


30. Really Basic Vintage Stockings

These simple vintage stockings will help you feel like home wherever you are. They have no extra layers for added volume but they're adorned with some beautiful 3 dimensional rosettes in matching hues. 


31. Another Elegant Lace & Burlap Stocking

Here we have another beautiful Christmas stocking pattern ladies simply adore. Line any of our burlap stockings with white fabric for extra dimension and shape and embellish the stocking with white lace, burlap ruffles, and over sized burlap and lace rosettes.


32. Funny Pom Pom Stocking



Do you love pom-poms and bright colors? Adorn a white or cream stocking (best fabric is felt or thick linen) with cute cotton pom-pom balls in a rainbow palette of colors. Kids will love it.


33. Buffalo Check Stocking



These stockings are great for the boys. Just match regular beige burlap stockings, like our 16" Burlap / Jute Christmas Stocking, with cute buffalo check cuffs. It is a simple but stylish design that looks great in any home. You can personalize them yourself with vinyl heat transfer or ask our professionals to do it.


34. Another Shabby Chic Burlap Stocking



Here's another beautiful shabby chic Christmas stocking fully lined for extra volume and adorned with a cute shabby ribbon and rustic wooden button. Simple and pretty.


35. Elegant Farmhouse-style Burlap Stocking



Here's a rugged coffee sack burlap stocking that has received an elegant touch thanks to the cream muslin lining and cuffs, elegant buttons and rosette, and plaid ruffles. For this project, use our 16" Burlap/Jute Christmas Stocking in natural color. 


36. Burlap Stockings with Tree Skirt Cuffs



Tree skirt looks amazing paired with burlap stockings. Just pick white or cream tree skirt, and embellish everything with ribbons, pom poms, and delicate Christmas ornaments.


37. His and Hers Burlap & Plaid Stockings



These rustic burlap stockings look great side by side. They're just simple tan burlap stockings lined with cotton flannel fabric for maximum dimensions, and adorned with delicate buttons, trims, and red, green, and cream plaid.


38. Linen Stockings with Faux Fur Cuff



Try something different by adding some faux fur to your Christmas stockings. Linen works great in this project, but thick canvas and burlap would do too.


39. No Fuss Pom-Pom Stockings



Add a playful pom-pom trim in contrasting festive colors (red or green) to a white Christmas stocking for  a simple but elegant stocking everyone will love. Use s stocking with volume (like felt) or line it beforehand.


40. Christmas Stocking with Funny Prints 


Children love these paws stockings we sell here at Tote Bag Factory. We have two variants: the Canvas Christmas Stocking with Paws Design (for a neat look) and the Burlap Christmas Stocking with Paws Design (for a more rustic look).


41. Burlap Stockings with Pom Poms & Tassels



Pair a dark tan linen stocking with light cream pom pom balls and delicate tassels for the ultimate shabby chic look. Personalize the stockings with monograms in matching colors. This is a simple project to pull off but the wow factor is guaranteed.


42. Striped Cuff Christmas Stocking



This bland linen stocking is brought back to life with matching and festive striped cuffs. Just make sure that everything is made of natural fabrics for a true cozy and cushy look. 



Has any of these Christmas stocking ideas stuck to your mind? Check out our selection of natural fabric Christmas stockings and kick off the project.

And one more thing. Burlap is an all-natural, minimally processed fabric which is known for its inconsistent threading, color, and rugged look. These details are what enables a burlap stocking to pull off that shabby fairy tale look we are all earning for at this time of year.