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Gift Ideas for Office Staff: 20+ Impressive Gifts Under $50

Priscilla Greene |

Show your appreciation to your hardworking employees this Christmas with one of the special gifts on our list below. We have nearly everything, from items they surely need and not even know it to impressive things that scream appreciation.

And everything is under $50. 


Gift Ideas for Office Staff on the Cheap

Here are some practical gift ideas for your staff under $20.


1.  Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug ($12)




You can’t go wrong with a quality insulated travel mug that can keep liquids pipping hot even in some of the lowest temperatures while fitting snuggly in a standard car cupholder.

Look for a quality travel mug made of quality stainless steel with a leak proof lid.


2.  Hot Water Bottle with Gorgeous Faux Fur ($15)


This one if from the series ‘Our employee that is always cold.’ No, that’s not a popular show on Netflix but a common occurrence in the nation’s offices. A stylish hot water bottle can be a great hit with the ladies at the office for many reasons. The luxurious fluffiness is one of them.


 3. Cute Dog Silicone Tea Infuser ($10) + Tea sampler ($15)

For tea lovers in your office this set will make a great the best gift. If the gift recipient is not a dog person, there are six other cute animals that you can choose from (including a cat, hedgie, and a sloth).

Pair the silicone infuser with an assorted organic loose leaf tea sampler and you’re set. 


4. Fun Desk Organizer ($15)


A fun desk organizer that can fulfill multiple (unexpected) functions is always a great gift idea for office staff. The Notester is a mock mini toaster that can double as a note holder, electric pencil sharpener, paperclip magnet, and docking station for your employee’s phone.

Plus, the Notester slots can act as business card holders too. Let’s hope that your clients have a good sense of humor too. 

Related: You can pair the Notester with our elegant 6" MINI Cotton Tote Bag.



5. Oversized Canvas Tote ($3,68)


You can buy this heavy canvas tote here at TBF

One can never have too many oversized tote bags. Check out our full collection of canvas totes and pick the one your female staff members will surely like. You can also customize the bag with a personal message, the company’s logo, or inspirational corporate slogan. Toss one of these in your female employees’ gift bags and they'll love you forever. 


 6. USB-heated Laptop Mitts ($5.39)

These USB-heated laptop mittens will keep the hands toasty of that employee with awfully poor blood circulation. The gloves can be used in the office, in a vehicle and anyplace with an USB port. You could also pair these with a portable charger and turn them into a personal hand heater everywhere you go.


7. Beard Grooming Kit ($14.99)

This one is for that facial hair-donning employee that may be called a hipster only behind his back. The kit packs an organic bamboo boar bristle brush, conditioning beard oil, a pair of professional trimming scissors, a comb for both the mustache and beard, and a handy beard shaping template tool.

With this all-encompassing grooming set, looking overly manly with a day job has never been easier.


8. Touchscreen Winter Gloves ($8.99)

Let’s not overlook the tech aficionados in your office. There are at least a couple of them. In the cold season, a pair of gloves with touchscreen compatibility will be a great hit, as the wearer will be able to reply to any of your company’s urgent e-mails even in brass monkey weather. 

9. Deluxe Toiletry Bag ($12.45)

You can buy the Polka Dot Deluxe Toiletry Bag here at TBF

Surprise the makeup enthusiasts with a versatile and high quality toiletry bag. Help them keep their makeup and skin care products organized with a product that will keep your company on their minds for years to come.


Medium Budget Office Gift Ideas (from $20 to $30)

10. High Capacity Portable Charger ($24)


This one is the perfect gift for those workers who keep borrowing other people’s chargers and sometimes forget to give them back, until the next day. Get a high capacity phone charger that can charge a smartphone at least twice before running out of juice (a 10,000 mAh unit should be fine.) 


11. Insulated Lunch Jar ($25)

An insulated lunch jar that can keep a meal hot from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 in a modern office climate is a nice gift that employees who insist on bringing their lunch to the workplace will greatly appreciate (and use). Look for a product that has a large capacity, zero heat loss, and great insulation on both the interior and exterior.


 12. Bubble Wrap Calendar ($24)


This is the ideal gift for those overly stressed employees that need a better sense of control over their lives.

With this calendar, they’ll have a greater perspective over how many days there are in a year (or until the next deadline) and where they’re currently standing, as each day is marked with a tension-releasing pop. The only downside is that you can only pop a single bubble per day.


13. Festive Merino Wool Socks ($30)


Merino wool is all the rage now among outdoor sports enthusiasts. This wool keeps you toasty and dry in the freezing cold and cool and fresh in the hot season. It can also be washed on the go as it dries super-fast and doesn’t lose shape after multiple washes.


Impressive Office Staff Gifts (under $50)

14. Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier ($28)

For a little under $30, you can buy this 5-in-1 essential oil diffuser and humidifier with 7 LED color changing lights and other neat features. Your favorite employee will greatly appreciate it as the device will reduce the symptoms of dry air in your office while keeping everything smelling great in the process.


15. Portable Espresso Maker (Ground Coffee Compatible) $49

This 2-in-1 portable mini espresso that is compatible with ground coffee too is every coffee junkie’s wet dream. With it, your coffee-loving employees will be able to give in to a quick coffee carving while on the go or camping. The device can produce a single espresso shot or a full coffee cup at a time.


16. Glamorous Spa Gift Basket ($26.99)


This luxurious spa gift set is dressed to impress. It comes with everything a hard-working female employee needs for a home SPA session: shower Gel, bubble Bath, body Lotion, bath salt and a bath puff. Everything looks amazing and smells glorious. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Related: You can toss this beautiful employee appreciation gift into one of our small favor gift bags 


17. Smart Coffee Mug Warmer ($39.99)


Another great corporate gift for your hard-working employees is a smart coffee mug warmer with wireless charging capability, because no one should have to drink their coffee cold. Even if that Excel spreadsheet or client e-mail cannot wait, your gift recipient will no longer have to worry about their favorite brew getting cold.


18. Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray ($43)



Treat those high-achieving staff members like royalty with this luxury bathtub caddy tray and bonus natural bamboo soap holder. It remains unclear whether they’ll be able to enjoy it (as surely they’re agenda is jam-packed), but it makes an impressive gift.


19. Smartphone Sanitizer ($39.99)


Everyone needs this. The smartphone sanitizer uses ultraviolet light to kill off all the nasty bacteria on your phone, jewelry, toothbrush, cutlery, and anything in between.

Look for a product that is iPhone and Android compatible, has USB charging, and packs some extra features for a really impressive gift. The one pictured above doubles as an aromatherapy infuser.


20. Bamboo Cutting Board for Cheese and Appetizer Lovers ($45)

This one is for those employees that seem to cannot stop talking about food or their latest culinary adventures while at work. This stylish bamboo cutting board is superbly crafted for an extraordinary presentation of your favorite appetizers. This set includes four elegant  cheese and charcuterie knives.


21. Christmas Gourmet Gift Basket ($37)

Offer your employees this unforgettable festive gourmet gift basket for all their families to enjoy. It includes handmade gourmet chocolate and caramel corn, assorted dark and caramel real chocolate squares from a famed SF chocolatier, and delicious chocolate-covered cashews and pretzels among many more.

Toss the gift basket in a festive tote and you’ve just unlocked the Perfect Corporate Gift Achievement of the year.