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Eat at Work in Style & Safety: 5 Cool Lunch Bags for the Office

Priscilla Greene |

affordable lunch bags

Our lives are busy and sometimes overwhelming, leaving us little time to enjoy the smallest things in life – such as going out for a relaxed meal in the middle of the day. Besides, the modern life conditions offer a standardized, monotone, and dull environment, to which we no longer feel ourselves belonging. However, if you have your lunch at the office in front of the computer or together with your other colleagues in the lunch-designated area, why don’t you do it in style?  You may think a simple change may not matter, but on the opposite, preparing a lunchbox helps you socialize and make you feel special. You begin considering every detail concerning your health, the taste, and even try experimental foods to make it more enjoyable! Moreover, given that all of us should follow some strict health rules, bringing our own food to work seems to be a wise idea to limit contact with crowds and surfaces particularly if you have to use public places, such as cafeterias. Along with its healthy portions and content, the food you prepare would be far cheaper than a simple meal you purchase outside. Of course, this does not mean a limitation for you, but if you have to have your lunc at your offie or outside every day, you have to make it economical as well. In this day and age, having the best lunch cooler bag is not a fad, but a necessity and a statement in style! For those who love packing their meals and bring them to work, we have the best list of cool lunch bags and lunch totes to consider!

Why Should You Get Cool Lunch Bags and Totes?

In the last years, we seem to carry our lunch in paper bags or plastic containers. It looks more comfortable to do it, somehow, although paper bags are vulnerable to damages (and uncomfortable), while plastic food trays and containers (despite their reusability) do not quite hit the mark when it comes to sustainability.

Speaking of sustainability, you should also take a look at our post-consumer recycled fabrics cooler bags. We will discuss more about recycled cotton and fabrics in a future article.

We indicated that a lunch bag is practical and quite useful if you eat outside frequently. However, not every lunch bag is qualified and healthy to serve long. There are also ecological issues that you may have to take into consideration, such as the material of the bag. So what must you do to lessen the use of paper and plastic when you have your daily lunch at the office? And how do you stand out in the crowd? The answer here can be only one: reusable, stylish, cool lunch bags and totes! Let’s see the fun bunch, shall we?

1. The Stylish Trapeze Lunch Bag

ToteBagFactory Cooler Lunch Bag

Coming in vivid colors and an unbeatable price, the trapeze-shaped lunch bag looks slim and fancy, while able to accommodate your (or the kids’) lunch and reusable water bottle. The 420D nylon insulated bag with deep front pocket, poly-web handle, and hook & loop closure makes it the ideal choice when you take small portions of foods, snacks, water, and unpeeled fruits.

If you want to make a true fashion statement, you can also personalize these trapeze lunch bags, as they come with ample room for customization. Either you print your initials on them, embroider them with the fun family logo, or adorn them with uplifting messages to help you through these troubled times. In addition, you may inscribe motivational signs, phrases, or any kind of triggerer to improve your health, as well as rising awareness around you. With these personalized and stylish touches, these trapeze cool and economical lunch bags for work are the best deal you can make!

2. The Square Foldable Office Lunch Box

Many people choose paper lunch bags for their daily meals because they are convenient: once you finish, you throw away the bag. Unfortunately, this is a direct attack on your environment since you only help with the accumulation of paper – and not all of it ends up in recycling plants.

As an alternative, we recommend you this black, discrete, and very executive-like lunch box made of 600D polyester with heavy vinyl backing. Its main feature (besides looking like a small and stylish briefcase) is that you can fold it and take it back home inside your office briefcase or bag. It is large and sturdy, able to host a wide variety of foods, snacks, and beverages to keep you energized all day!

Insulated lunch bags come with plenty of benefits, besides looking very cool! Yet more importantly, their main purpose is to provide you with healthy and hygienic food not contaminated with bacteria. According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agricultulre’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, microorganisms grow more rapidly at warmer temperatures, and reasearch shows that maintaining a stable refrigerator temperature of 40 F or below lenghtens the ideal duration of the food you want to keep away from harmful microbes. They keep your meals at balanced temperatures, protect your more delicate foods from crushing and smashing, help you live a plastic-free life, and more! With an isolating material developed for maintaining a constant temperature, you can keep your meal up to four hours without any spoil. Always remember that you can personalize your cool lunch bags to stand out from the crowd as well!

3. The Digi Camo Cooler Lunch Bag

ToteBagFactory Camo Cooler Bag

Do you feel rebellious at heart? Are you the professional always on the run that rarely gets to have lunch in an office? If that is the situation, then you will enjoy this piece! When it comes to cool lunch bags, the digital camo prints make you stand out of the crowd. While it is a fashion item – as you know camo prints are all the rage these days – the bag is impressively useful.

Wouldn't you love a camo printed lunch bag to match your camo tote bag for work?

The heavy vinyl backed cooler bag is large, accommodating all your prepared foods and snacks for a full day out there in the field. It can keep your lunch fresh and cold on the go at all times, due to its specific build. Moreover, it features a mesh side pocket for you to keep a beverage and the two additional zippered pockets to store cutlery, napkins, and other necessities.

A lunch bag for professionals active in the city more than inside of a building and ideal for freelancers, the camo cooler bag is your best friend, especially in the summer. And speaking about the summer, the temperatures are still high enough to warrant the use of cool lunch bags in early fall as well. Besides, if you are an adventurer that adores long trips in the middle of deserts or vast lands, such bag will be a necessity for you to provide cold beverage any time you need. In other words, consider lunch bags and lunch totes as summer bags that you can wear in the fall too!

4. Business Style Lunch Tote Bag

Insulated Lunch Bag Tote Bag Factory

There is no surprise anymore to see women carry a shoulder bag, a briefcase, and a tote bag or two when they go to work. In this vein, why shouldn’t you pick among our cool lunch bags collection the perfect office lunch tote?

First, you can get a black one to match any business suits you wear. This distinct color not only gives an elegant outlook to you but it is also a preferable and suitable color for a lunch bag. Secondly, the shape and size make this lunch tote bag indistinguishable from a casual purse or office bag. Thirdly, it features thermal insulation to keep all your foods and drinks at an ideal temperature. Are you taking your perfect fresh salad to work? No worries anymore!

The cooler bag will keep the greens fresh and your drinks cold. In winter, it will keep them warm, so you don’t have to worry about having a comforting lunch at the office in the cold season either. Just prepare your food in the morning, hot or cold, and then enjoy every bit of it during your lunch break.

The lunch tote also doubles as an excellent shopping partner. Do you want to buy super-fresh products? You can trust the large thermal bag to preserve your groceries in tip-top shape until you get home!

5. The Lunch Purse

Cooler Lunch Bag ToteBagFactory

Are you and your co-workers always under the pressure of deadlines that many of you forget even to have lunch during the day, let alone pack one for the next? If you play the fairy godmother role for your amazing team, then consider this big and comfortable lunch purse to bring snacks, sandwiches, and beverages for everyone in the office.

The heavy foil lined lunch bag allows you to carry your lunch and beverages, keeps them fresh and ready on the go, and fits nicely in your usual office briefcase once you finish sharing the food with the others. You can take it shopping as well after a hard day’s work to preserve some sensitive products fresh until you arrive home for the evening.

Do you also consider office potlucks for your weekly team building and socialization hour? It was never easier to bring fresh foods, desserts, and snacks to all those fantastic people working with you. Note that from ancient times to the contemporary, such gestures accompanied with home-made food have been the major means for socialization, establishing networks, and gaining more friends! To gather many unforgettable memories with such occasions, always keep a big lunch purse at your home.

When it comes to the best lunch bags to have this year, this particular purse is an excellent choice for picnics in the park with the family, as well. In this new world of social distancing and following health and safety rules, picnics are among the lowest-risk socializing activities you can engage in with the family in early fall as well. So pack up your goodies, bring in some board games or backyard games, and have some fun with the kids in open air while this large cool lunch bag keeps all your delights fresh and tasty!

Have You Considered Rolling Cool Lunch Bags Until Now?

ToteBagFactory Rolling Cooler Bag

It is hard to believe you would pack your lunch in a rolling cooler bag.

However, do not dismiss the possibility to keep one just for those days when the entire team works round the clock and you have to tend to their needs so they can finish and go home to their families. It is an item that works best for managers, project leaders, and people who bring lunch to work for an entire team of employees. You should consider it when you go for a family picnic or a short camping trip with the kids or your friends.

What Are Your Favorite Cool Lunch Bags and Totes?

Did you ever consider switching to reusable, sturdy, and versatile cool lunch bags and totes instead of plastic bags filled with plastic casseroles to bring to work? What if they are also personizable with many joyful prints, mottos, and memorials? What about paper bags? When you have to eat at your desk or – even more complicated – somewhere in the city on a bench, lunch bags can make all the difference in comfort, hygiene, and the taste/freshness of the foods you eat.

Many of the lunch totes also act as thermic shopping bags for fresh meats, dairy, and vegetables, so you should consider cool lunch bags as the answer to many of your daily conundrums. So tell us, which one would you take to work?

Even better, if you do use any of these cool lunch bags or lunch totes for work or for family activities, snap them a picture and show them to us together with your opinion on them in the comments section! Different ideas bring many people together, and your new lunch bag will become the loveliest focus of your lunchentertainment. We would love to see what cool lunch bags you use in your everyday life and how you feel about them!