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Embroidery on Tote Bags

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The embroidery process of decorating canvas bag is one of the oldest technique used to imprint logos and messages on tote bags. The process involves strands of threads of various colors sewn on the fabric to create a text, design or an image. The threads can be used to create various patterns and lengths to produce arrays of various visual effects.   

The Artwork-

The process involves the creation of custom embroidery designs. The first step in the embroidery process is to prepare a flat proof which includes the basic details of the colors to be used in the process. A lot of work needs to be done to capture the details which need to be imprinted on the fabric of the tote bags. As embroidery has a very low resolution, many images, ideas and fonts need to be simplified to make sure that the design looks good upon sewing. Tints, fades and blends are very easy to be done to with the aid of ink, but very difficult to be done with segments of threads in embroidery process.   

Digitizing Process-

This step involves the conversion of images to a series of instructions in the computer for the machines to sew.  This is done with the aid of both computer software and the relevant experience to estimate the direction of the stitches, the size and the color choices in the design. Once this step is complete, the designs are sewn out on scrap fabric.   

The Thread-

Polyester threads are used in this process of decorating tote bags for maintaining color consistency and for fade resistance.

The embroidery process-

The machine used in embroidery process is an automated machine which comes with a threaded needle for each color thread. The sewing head acts similar to a home straight sewing machine. The patterns are created by moving the fabric between the stitches. The sewing rate of embroidery machines is 1,000 stitches per minute. The tote bag is held by a hoop in the machine. Multiple embroidery heads are present in the embroidery machine. Once the patterns are created on the bags, the excess stiffener is cut away and a trimmer is used to trim the extra threads caught by the machine.   

Tote bags for embroidery offers hundreds of tote bags that you can apply embroidery on. Canvas tote bags, Heavy Cotton tote bags and Polyester tote bags are the best choices for the embroidery.